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    1. NAP TIME = Lucid time. ★★★★☆

      by , 03-03-2013 at 01:01 AM (Zödra)
      So, I haven't been lucid in a few days... I was a little sad. I think it is because work has been making me work late, so I knew that my I was going to bed too tired to DILD. I just thought of it this afternoon though, that if I am physically tired from work, I should be better at WILDing! So my wife wanted to take a nap this afternoon and I joined. The way I WILD is a little weird. I feel like when the dream starts I do not have enough anchor in the dream to stay in it, so I just watch. I was trying over and over to WILD, but I would slip into a dream and when I tried to move, I would only move my real body. Also note, that when I was trying to WILD a huge pain came in my head and I imagined doing eternal backflips through space. Then a dreamscene would apear, but I would wait till my dream self would move around enough to stabilize me, then I would quickly stabilize.

      Date: 3/3/2013
      Total sleep: hour and a half
      Daytime Techniques: meditation (visual), ADA (my form)
      Lucid Techniques: WILD (I use my mantra as an anchor, so if I fail, I still have my mantra)
      Fell Asleep: 3:30 PM
      Dream Title: Workout
      I am in an underground army base and there is workout equipment everywhere. I am very aware that I am dreaming, but I just watch to see what dream me does (this is actually quite fun... I recommend it, next time you realize you are dreaming, surrender control to your subconscious). I am jumping on the equipment and I realize that I jumped about 15 feet in the air up and 20 feet out. I know that this isn't a big deal, but the guy down there asks me how I did it. I tell him that it is because it is a dream and he tells me I should show "her" that. I take control of my body and look at my hands to stabilize. The dream is fading and I decide I didn't want to be lucid underground anyways, so I will DEILD.
      Awake: impossible to know
      Vividness: 8
      Awareness: lucid
      Length: 5 minutes
      Emotions: none

      Lucid Techniques: DEILD
      Fell Asleep: impossible to know
      Dream Title: a little confused, but dream wife takes priority over other tasks.
      I am back where I just came from, a little disappointed, but I realize my wife is there, so I am okay with that. I tell her to follow me. We go up stairs and there is an enormous room overlooking a beach. There is a huge glass in our way, but we both faze through it. We walk around to the side of the base and she keeps kissing me (dream kisses are goooood . Anyways, we get to talking about the dream itself and then she kisses me a lot and then I tell her she must have forgotten that she was mad at me, she looked stunned and ran away. The kiss had made me lose stability and when I was shocked that she ran away I forgot to restabilize. Meh, I can DEILD.

      Awake: impossible to know
      Vividness: 10
      Awareness: lucid
      Length: anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour... really hard to tell when you are having a good time.
      Emotions: fun!

      Lucid Techniques: DEILD
      Fell Asleep: impossible to know
      Dream Title: basic TOTM
      I am back at the beach, but this time I am on the beach, I can't find my wife... Think... Aha! it is cold and she went inside. The weather follows my lead as I run up the slope back to the army base. It starts snowing! I don't feel the cold, but I stabilize. I walk up to the glass, now covered in ice. Basic TOTM! I think, break something! I slam my fists into the glass and think about how strong I am in dreams and how fragile the glass should be since it is frozen. So it shatters into a million pieces. WOOT! I stand next to my wife. She is still a little frustrated because of the last dream. Still don't know why she would be mad at me.I have flashes of a dream that might have happened before all these dreams. I am still unsure of it, so I left it out. She is also frustrated that I broke the glass. She said she wanted to go somewhere warmer. I told her that you can have anything you want and you choose to go "anywhere warmer?" she says yes. I tell her that I can teleport her there. Crap! I think I need to teleport someone else, not just myself... this could be difficult. I shut off all the lights and the whole place goes dark (yes, the sky too) I keep rubbing my hands together and keep stabilizing. Warm place! Agrobah!
      Do you believe in Life after Death?-600324-agrabah2_super.jpg
      KABLAMPH! We are here. She thinks that I was being sarcastic about this and looks angry at me (my real wife would have been a lot happier ). I turn the light off. Happy with myself that I had transported two people, but also extremely thirsty, so I didn't want to go there either. I turned the lights off and couldn't think of any place to go. I started losing the dream and just rubbing my hands together wasn't doing it, I needed light and a place to go. I created some fire in my hands and lit the infinite void that we were floating in. She asks if I can just change the settings. I think that I could just put my right hand in front of me and create a menu like in Sword Art Online... Sword Art Online! Aha! We pop up there in all its animated glory. I start walking and notice someone breathing in my ear... hmmm. I wake up.
      Do you believe in Life after Death?-sword-art-online-1-590x331.jpg

      My wife is blowing in my ear accidentally, we fell asleep pretty close. I look up and watch the TV. It is a game where they seem to be pulling out numbers at random and ROFL pops up. The host decides to do this and starts rolling on the floor laughing. Interesting. Then I wake up.
      Awake: 5:00 PM
      Vividness: 12ish
      Awareness: lucid (extremely)
      Length: 15 minutes, maybe more.
      Emotions: Awesome

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