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    "Week" of dream time, leaving Zödra, TOTY ★★★★★

    by , 01-20-2017 at 03:26 AM (2135 Views)
    Take off is happening. Where am I? A dream, okay! Passenger on a ship it looks like. I have a group of like 3 friends with me, supposed to be friends or family, but I don’t recognize them at all.
    “The rules are really simple” A guy my age is saying while pulling out a board game. I don’t remember the board game very well, but I told him to wait while I go look around. Most of the compartments are locked, so I unlock a few doors and it is mainly storage. We are going somewhere for a long time.
    “Please go back to your cabin sir” I get told by two guards guarding a door at the end. To fight, ignore, or listen to? “We will be opening the kitchens after we leave orbit.”
    Ah, kitchen, not worth a fight. I am supposed to treat dreams like there is no time restraints and this is one of those, this seems like an interesting story, I don’t need to ruin it by killing people or running from those in charge, yet. I turn around and go back to my room. Since it open and all, it doesn’t seem to be a prisoner type thing, more of a passenger. I will get some more info next dream if this one takes too long waiting. I open the door and my friends are all finishing the game.
    “Where did you go?” the boy asks.
    “Just looking around.” I say, looking around our cabin. It doesn’t even really look like a cabin, more like an apartment, must be some rich people here, or it doesn’t cost money to do this. Furniture and a kitchen and a tv. I find a brochure on the door.
    “You will have plenty of time to look around during the week voyage.” He mentions.
    A week? That is a long time, I should consider myself stuck here for that whole week at least.
    I read the brochure
    Our Story
    Zödra has been affected by many problems recently, so some of the elite in the world decided to build a spaceship and get some of the people away. This is a fun adventure that we are on and has been funded by anonymous donors, anyone that wished to leave Zödra was immediately given a room and we have plenty of room for everyone. The new home is a resort that we have all decided not to use any “godlike powers” to change or destroy and to just enjoy a quiet life. The Z will take us there in a week of luxury!

    Hmm… There is a picture of the spaceship and it looks like a normal rocket. I should change that. I put my hand over the writing and the picture and change them a bit.

    “Funded by anonymous donors, who retrofit an alien spaceship”. The picture now looks like a flying saucer. Perfect. There is a little shift that only I can feel and everything seems a little more round like you would expect in an alien ship. I walk over to my friends. Knock at the door. Food is here. We sit down and eat and I am very quiet. They don’t seem to know it is a dream, so Zödra must be shipping out a lot of the people that still don’t realize it is a dream. Weird. I don’t remember the food very much. It gets darker and everyone decides to go to sleep. I don’t want to seem weird, so I go to my room. It looks like my old room a bit and looks like something I would decorate. I sit down and relax for a bit and then the lights turn back on and it seems to be morning. I get up and everyone seems to already be gone for breakfast.

    I head to the breakfast place and everyone is done with it and cleaning up. No activities are planned for the first day, they just want us to relax. I look around a little, but not much to explore right now, will just wait a little longer. I get back to my room and they are all playing computer games. I jump on and it is a monster game, a mmo and pokemon style game. Traveling around getting big monsters, but you need to party with people to defeat things and get loot, loot to attract monsters, etc. Pretty cool stuff. So, the next 6 days were all pretty similar, so I will just write out the stuff that was different from day to day.
    Each day seemed to be about 3-5 hours long and night time I would lose a lot of energy and just want to sit down, I could have fought this, but I was a little worried that fighting this might wake me up. After the first two nights I just decided to lay down in the bed and this seemed to make the night pass instantly and the days to be longer. We only had two meals per day and they were usually good stuff, I don’t remember the first few, but the last ones were like shrimp, lobster, steak, and other good food. I would go exploring when the activities came up, which seemed to be mostly informative and trying to help convince people that “everything was okay” and some offered explanations for the craziness in Zödra.

    So, first activity was a group get together on the computers on the third day. We all got on and it was telling us all about how people had taken over Zödra and people they knew had started developing powers (this is helpful since I am the one that let them know the truth). It infected them from their phones, so all the people that are on the ship don’t have phones because the infections rages. And where there are many people that have this problem, others have popped up. Vampires, Zombies, volcanoes, nukes, etc had been popping up all over the place without hiding. I might fix that soon. I think, but not tonight. I kind of have a bit of a lazy time and don’t feel like fighting or changing rules. Just enjoying the ride. I ended up hacking the computer (“Hacking with dream powers”) and almost got caught ignoring the group project and playing more of my monster game. Funny enough, my friends had done the same thing. We spent most of the day playing video games. The video game had perfect graphics and I don’t remember the buttons to play it because I just moved the character with my will usually. It really helped with the fights and getting my monsters to have really good timing since it had a real time combat system. My favorite of my monsters was black and yellow and looked like Groudon. I didn’t actually jump into the game like I usually do.

    Anyways, another group activity was looking out at the stars on the 3rd and 5th day. 4th and 6th day were rest days. They talked about them during, but I didn’t listen, I just enjoyed the views. During the day we also played some board games and card games. We never repeated those, so I don’t remember them very well. I remember that one was a big “go fish” like game with extra rules, and one was a board game like talisman. I often would just let my body go into a bit of autopilot while resting, I was very tired until the 7th day, I woke up feeling much better, this might just be because I was more rested since it was closer to the end of the night, but I don’t know. The last thing to do was to visit a sort of replica of the world that was either a hologram or something, but it also had “real zombies” so, I dunno exactly what it was, I think it was made to scare us away from wanting to go back to the world.

    I am gonna pause the story right here and say that my three friends was a girl and two guys. One guy was much closer to me and was like the “leader” of the group, always having a plan for what we are gonna do and just carrying the general enthusiasm and being the core. I don’t remember their names because I didn’t ask and they never said. When with close friends, I rarely say names. This guy I called by the letter C and the girl was usually called something like lovely or beautiful She was a lot younger than us, and the terms seemed to be more like a protective wording, not hitting on her, like you would call a daughter or something.

    So we get to the playthrough and it is an open western town and there seems to be cowboys everywhere, but also zombie like things. My friend immediately starts acting like a zombie and is trying to bite us. I push him off of the girl before he gets a bite in. It looks like he forgot that he was a zombie, but the hologram reminded him. He laughs and starts trying to bite me, but the more we wrestle, the more he is gaining control of his faculties. The people around think that it is part of the show and are cheering. The rest of the town is catching on fire and burning, but most eyes are on me. He starts laughing and dancing and seems to have recovered, but then 4 staff come and take him away.
    “We are terribly sorry about this, we don’t know what happened.”
    I am not really concerned about him since I know it is a dream, but I tell him “He was regaining himself, maybe the plagues wear off as we are far from the planet?
    “That is not how it works.” He says and takes an elevator I haven’t seen before. My other friends don’t seem to mind at all, like randomly turning into a zombie was normal. Eh, time to move on with the dream plot, we are almost at the planet. I go over to the elevator that just went up. I quickly change my appearance and pull it back down with TK, it didn’t seem to have any wires or anything, just a floating elevator going up into the fake sky. I step on and allow it to go back up. None of the people question this. When we get up, they load him into a pill shaped cell and there are hundreds of them that all fold back neatly into the walls. It is a side of the ship I hadn’t been on, it is similar to my side, but it seems to hold the older people that don’t seem to mind the truth of things as much. The hallways have lots of older people and I see a small little ship when I look up.
    “What is that?” I ask one of the staff.
    “It is the ark with the animals.” He says
    “It is really small.”
    “Yeah, more surprising is the animals they chose to bring.”
    “Did they bring turtles?” I ask. For some unknown reason I thought this was hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing.
    “Of course! They had to!” and he is also laughing.

    This ship is the same shape as a clone transport ship without the wings and all black. I walk away and an old lady stops me.
    “You are not like the rest.” She says. I stop and look at her. She is wearing pink scrubs. Looking around, all the old people were wearing them.
    “It is a secret.” I say and wink at her.
    A small fire comes out of her feet and she floats into the air. I create a stable fire around my hand and laugh.
    “It isn’t really a big deal, they can’t do anything to stop us.” She says “But it is fun to know something that no one else does.”
    “You know that we already know something that no one else does.” I say and we laugh. The sirens start going off.
    “Almost there.” She says. The ship must be landing. I run to the big door and everyone is already standing there waiting. The door opens and it looks beautiful, a huge river coming from a waterfall on a mountain. There is a guide, but the first thing he says is “You made it! This place is so safe and fun and you don’t have to worry about anything! I just need to tell you where things are!’ and I stopped listening and started walking. It has the red dirt mountains like Utah and Nevada from my childhood and is extremely beautiful, there is a huge house up the ways and I remember that I am supposed to ask some questions for the TOTY. I look back at the ship and see that it is extremely small (50 meters in diameter) and then look back to the house.
    “Hello! Newcomer!” Someone from the house yells, I can barely see him from so far away.
    “Hey! I come in peace! show me your ways!” I yell back “Can you teach me something?”
    “Life is about partying! Especially here! It is perfect! Our ways are partying!” He laughs and walks away. This is a cool oasis, I might come back here some other time. I decide to go back to Zödra main planet and close my eyes.

    I am flying a ship similar to the one in despicable me. The world is really wrecked at some places and fine in others. I don’t know how I feel about this. I am flying the ship and someone lets me know that we need to get the passengers to their destination. I look around more and realize that I am above the water and I am losing altitude. I spin the ship and manually control the thruster on and off so that it starts skipping across the water towards a road. I then fly out of the ship to get a better idea of the right timing with the thruster, phasing through the metal in the back and keeping up with it. The maneuver made it gain lots of speed and it almost loses me. I try to slow it down with the thruster, but it is out of fuel. I realize that I have gone way past the amount that I planned and am now hundreds of miles from where I was. I guess this could be closer to the destination. I TK it down, there are lots of mountains to the left and giant rocks sticking out of the water on the right. I take it to the left and find a road. I phase back into the ship and start driving. I am on treacherous mountain roads now, and drive to the other side of the mountain. There seems to be acid lakes over there, so… not fun. The road is getting crazy and I phase back outside to keep control of it and the whole thing topples into the acid. I immediately am reset to about 10 seconds prior. Ha! Yay another try! I try to ride the side of the road that will keep me alive, but there is a huge turn and I get thrown into the lake. This time, it doesn’t reset automatically. I am burning and it hurts a little. I quickly grab onto the feeling of reset and make it back to the transport. This happens 2 more times, and the last time it really really didn’t want to reset, so I was in the acid for about 20 seconds, burning, and it kept hurting worse and worse until I completely blacked out and had a FA.

    I am in a wooden room, still a dream. I walk downstairs and there is a saloon, I see a mirror and I have extremely long hair and a long beard. I walk down and see a couple of guys that look similar to me. As soon as I walk down, one turns, cowboy hat and attire, and yells “we found him!”
    “Were you looking for someone that looks just like you?” I ask. He laughs.
    “No, I look this way because of you!” He grabs his beard. Weird characters. A little intimidated, I pull out my sword (adv summon) and then they laugh more and sit down.

    I walk outside and there is whole carnival of weird out there. Clowns and cowboys and astronauts. It reminds me a bit of one piece and I think about how I need to catch up on that. Then I realize that One Piece, like a dream, takes a long time to build its foundations, but that long time is worth it because it probably gets really good later with its whole “world”. I buy some cotton candy and start eating it. I wake up.

    Dream 2
    I am back at the resort away from Zödra. Well technically away from "earth Zödra". It looks exactly like my parents old house. I wonder if this is where it has been in dreams for a while. I run into my dad, a lot of his actions make a lot of sense if he left Zödra to me and only comes back when needed and lives at a resort since he is always chill in dreams.

    I jump on a computer and start playing the monster game, really sad that I can't remember the name of it, but nice to see my awesome creatures again. I start playing and my dad leaves. I jump over to some news sites and don't see anything pressing in Zödra. Maybe they are getting used to powers. I don't want my dad to know that I care so much about it for some reason, and I can't find the escape button. I try to close out of things, but have to use my powers to exit it since there is no x or anything, my dad walks in and I tell him goodbye. I then jump out and go for a little walk down the mountain road, I could get used to this resort. I wake up.

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    1. KaliCo's Avatar
      wow amazing dream recall! How vivid are your LD's. Mine so far have been very blurry and I havn't rly been able to control them. How long did it take for you to have great LDs?
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    2. Sensei's Avatar
      well my first LDs were pretty great. But they were few and far between. I LD almost every night now and it has been 4 and a half years. They are usually as vivid as waking, if not more vivid. let me know if you need some help, i have a bunch of threads to help people LD.
      KaliCo likes this.
    3. Saizaphod's Avatar
      So good. Must have taken an eternity to write this, especially if you wrote this by hand as well. Kind of weird how you spent so much time playing video-games though. Didn't you come up with anything else to do or did you try to maintain the continuity of Zödra?

      Each day seemed to be about 3-5 hours long
      Is time dilation in dreams kinda like in movies? Lets say three hours seem to have passed, but actually it's been snippets of events that have lasted like 10 minutes in total? Like it just seems that more time has passed since the dream might have gotten "darker"(for an example) towards the "end of the day".

      Gz on the long long lucid.
      Sensei likes this.
    4. oneironautics's Avatar
      I love dreams that feel so long when you wake up feels like coming back from a long vacation. Btw do you know of any good computer games to help inspire lucidity, i know some first perspektive games are supposed to work but i love brain teasers.
      Sensei likes this.
    5. Sensei's Avatar
      as far as I have found, worrying about time in a dream seems to shorten it for me. that includes hurrying thIngs up. If I am having fun, I count it as a win. I also was planning on the toty and knew that my dream would last long enough to finish them.

      yes and no. it does a little bit of what you said, but more like I would look at the clock and it would be morning, look at the clock again an hour later and it is afternoon. 3 to 4 hours is my best guess when looking at all the events that definitely took 3 or 4 hours, but it seemed like a full day, unless I thought about it in dream (which I did since I was very aware) then it only seemed like 3 or 4 hours.

      @oneironautics for me, it is any video game that I enjoy, since it is super specific to person. There is a game on steam called "dream" kind of strange, but it is about lding. monument valley is really good for seeing things in different ways for dream control and all. Games like subnautica are pretty good too.
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    6. fogelbise's Avatar
      Dayum Sensei! You are having some Hukif-level-lucids! I'm ashamed to say I haven't taken a look at your DJ in too long. When I was a beginner it was hard to fathom some of the crazy lucid levels out there, but as we advance as dreamers, the next level or two suddenly seem within reach. Though this level still seems hard to grasp, it does feel kind of like a little star in the sky that I know is there and thus can be reached with the right effort.
      Sensei likes this.
    7. Sensei's Avatar
      thanks fogel! Yes! I dont know how I feel about being under for so long, if I can figure out how to dilate time or exactly what does it, I think 8 hours a night would be the best.

      You arent far away from me! some of my dreams are better than I can make them. Even with perfect control that I can get, I cant get time dilation on purpose yet.

      As I have said recently, my goals are more about getting things to be persistent from dream to dream and getting more comfortable with dreams, having a starting point, time dilation, dream sharing. nothing really normal. lol.
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    8. fogelbise's Avatar
      That reminds me of one of your lessons and exactly how I experienced time dilation the few times that I have…not worrying about the dream and not really trying to control it, just enjoying it.
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