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    Dragon Task

    by , 05-01-2017 at 02:29 AM (840 Views)
    I am laying in bed. Time to leave. I jump on my bed a little, doing back flips until the dream hardens. I then jump through the roof. Bounce off of a cloud toward Heijo Palace remains. I didn't realize that this isn't called a castle by Japanese, but I think it still counts.

    I am planning on jumping up to the top the castle where my own Dragon will be at, but as I land on the grounds, I see that the dragon is much bigger than last time I saw him. I still don't have a name for him.
    "You left me!" He screams. He is still blue, but more shinny than before. all of his scales are extended with long clear crystals, probably a normal part of his life. Still young, just a big freaking dragon tho.
    "I didn't have enough ability before to take care of you." I reply, flying towards his face "I knew you would be strong enough to handle yourself. You aren't my pet. You are part of this world."

    I jump onto his back. Flying through the sky toward Osaka. I create a vortex inside a cloud ahead, teleporting us to a copy of the real world and out of Zödra. Over the mountain. I head towards Osaka Castle.

    He sets the bottom ablaze and continues to spread the fire all around the base. I motion for him to back up and create a quick barrier around the castle, then I create another one around a much bigger area, forcing all of the oxygen from the bigger one directly towards the flame, causing the entire castle to burst into flames even more. Then the oxygen ran out and there was just a heap of ash on the rocks. I use the barrier and incinerate the inside, the molecules all losing their connections to each other and no two connected atoms inside after it is done.
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