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    Ride Car TOTY 2017 ★★★★☆

    by , 01-06-2017 at 06:30 AM (924 Views)
    In a Mario Cart car not and it is not working, I get out. I realize that the dream has gone to full dream. I turn around expecting to see more cars, but I see blankness. the void. I imagine pavement on my feet and walk forward. There is a drag racing car there. the wheels and engine can be seen from the outside. I tear the front wheel off and tk the car into the air. I toss it at the other front wheel and they both go flying off. I then tear the back two off with TK and let it drop. I step on the engine and crush it then step into the drivers seat. I TK the whole engine out and toss it to the side. I realize that it is still in the void with just a bit of pavement around. i teleport me and the car onto a racetrack with the race about to start. It starts, my car skids forward. I go through the gears quickly, but am in dead last. I push myself forward and faster and catch up to most. the oval race track starts waving up and down and my car is following it. I pull the car out of gear and jam the gear stick down. It shoots me into first and i pass the finish line. I hit a bump and go careening into the air. hmmm... i create some wings and a tail. forming it into a small plane. Mountain Dew! that is what i want. A normal plane would have it. i close my eyes and open them and my small plane has turned into a big plane with me still in the cockpit. i open the door and fly out into the plane. sheol. I try to slide back in, but am not successful. The plane makes its way way past me. i catch back up. i touch one of the windows and have it suck me in. I put my hand out and expect a mountain dew to come to my hand. a coke, then diet coke, then dp, then dp, then diet md, then finally md comes to my hand. i open it and drink it. a little warm, but better than nothing. I keep drinking it and then banish all the people on the plane. i sit in a chair and look out across the world. What do i want to do next? battle an alien on an alien planet. I force the plane to go up and up and up and i jump out of the window i came in and grab the wing. small looking alien planet going by. I jump off of the plane and land on it. it seems really small. I look up and see zödra,  it is pretty big, but i know it is 10 times bigger than earth, so. I am probably pretty far away from it. far enough to call this a planet. i check out the world and realize that it is completely covered in black soot. I need a way to get around without dream control. i step my foot down and imagine a carpet under. same color as aladdin's. i jump on and we fly around. the planet is barren. blarg. I use scan and check the whole planet. under the surface in the core there is a life form. i reroute my carpet and ram into the surface, everything goes black. then bright. I am standing on a metal surface, rounded in. I look up and there is a huge black ball and long strands of yellow electricity coming out. the core. I was standing in a ball looking at a ball. there was a metal ship like thing connected to the black ball and it was spinning and moving, always missing the electricity. I can feel gravity from the core as well as the centrifugal pulling me out. it seems like the force is stronger than it should be. i conclude that it must have sped up when i got here after i got the carpet, trying to throw the intruder off. due to the way the force up and down was, i could tell that i could jump really high, which was good, considering the core being more than 50 meters (my sword teleport range). i summon my sword, jump at the metal thing. i miss the first few times since it is moving erratically. The electricity at least is easy to maneuver since it is a pattern. When i cut through it, it falls to the metal floor and an alien jumps out. hard to tell what it is since it transforms immediately into a brontosaurus. it charges at me. I slam my sword into the ground and realize that it isn't hitting ground, but ceiling, or wall, so it stays there. i push it through all that past the metal and it hits ground. about a foot. i stand my ground and when the dino gets close, i stick my hand in the hole (hole now because of acid) and touch the dino. teleporting both of us. we hurdle toward the core and his giant body destroys the black ball. my hand is pretty badly destroyed, but I can use it to summon my sword. i grab it with my left this time and chop off the dino head. it dissipates and kind of regrows, more like the neck just morphs into a head. discarding the acid part. i land on it and we hit the metal. cf is much stronger now since the ball is gone. I stab my sword into the heart of the dino and can tell it does damage. it wails and flings me off. I watch and wait. alien transforms into a hooded mess on the floor. no fluid visible. i kick it and nothing happens. ill call it a win. i heal my hand and try to heal alien. i don't know his anatomy so nothing happens. i do a quick time skip back on his body and not head area and he gets up. He goes back into his metal ship that i mostly destroyed and starts leaving. he doesn't talk with his mouth, but the idea that he is watching our planet for way to fix his economy is given. I hand him a box that has 20 wishes, tell him to use it to fix the economy. a friend of his steps out of the spaceship and thanks me. they take off and i can feel the presence of one disappear as if killed. i teleport the box back to me and disable the ship. then i give it a boost and spin it around. they cant even have this without killing each other. they don't need the wishes inside. now i have a box with 20 wishes. hmmm...

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