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    1. Zombies!!! Non lucid ★★★★★

      by , 08-14-2013 at 10:43 PM (Zödra)
      Holy Crap! Realistic zombie dream! Did a lot of things that were exactly the right decision. Watching myself slowly die is always weird though. I shall give you the 4 part dreams as one story after connecting it together. The Purple is the latest in chronology, the blue is the past. It is hard to split this dream up, because I had the previous dreams prior to this one, but during this one, I thought about the prior dreams.

      I wake up in my bed. It is really cold, but I wait. I am really hungry, but I wait. The noises outside have stopped, but I wait.

      It all started when me and Laura had rushed home after hearing that there was a zombie attack ongoing and that everyone would have to fend for themselves. We boarded up the windows and stayed there as long as we could. In the day times I could hear the neighbors making their movements and trying to get away from Zombies, hoping that they would have the advantage of the light. Lots of them got met right outside of their door and eaten. At night time the zombies would look for ways into the house through windows, biting people when they slept. A couple of neighbors wanted lodgings since we had boarded up our windows. I let them stay in the living room cautiously. That was the night that the zombies found enough reason to break in. I realized that they were attracted to noise. They could break into our house easily, but would not do so unless they knew that there was someone there. The people got bit and I woke up with a zombie right next to me. I fought it in hand to hand combat trying not to get grabbed, and not to get bit. My wife tossed me the gun and I blew its brains out, along with the two in the hallway.
      "To my parents house" I yell at Laura. The door to the apartment isn't open, and I can hear zombies outside. I have Laura get the shotgun and I have my Glock. I open the door silently. There is a zombie 15 feet away from me with its back to me. I motion to Laura and we head the other way. The zombies are less dense than they normally are, but it is morning time. They don't really sleep in the mornings, but they seem slower. Probably the only reason I stayed alive.

      Awake. My arm is injured, but I wait. silence is more important than my well being. I could die from a wound, but I would die if I made too much noise.

      We make the 20 minute drive to my parents house. Not that many cars on the road, since the zombie attack happened so quickly, 2/3 of Kansas had died in the first day, we had heard when the radio towers and internet were still up. We made it to my parents house, and it seemed like they had a lookout, because they opened the garage door as we pulled near their second garage. They shut the garage door and used big sticks to beat off the zombie that had run in when it opened.

      Awake. I look at the fan on the ceiling. Laura always liked having it on. It would be off for a long time. Of course it had been like that for the week that we spent here together after the zombies initial attack too. Amazing how at that time I had wanted things to go back like they were, but now I just wish she was here in the apartment with me. We didn't stay with my parents long, because they were almost out of food...

      We went on the road and kept having to siphon gas out of other cars. Since there were so many dead, it was easy to find enough. I would say that 75% of the people were alive now. It kept getting more and more rare to see people. A sign on the side of the road "Zombie outlet store- get your zombie survival help here!" We decided to stop, because honestly, we could use a bit of help. The store was filled with people that seemed to band together to make a strong group. They had taken a few hardware stores and grocery stores and thrown everything together into one huge hangar. They said that they would help us for a small fee. I honestly don't remember the fee, but I do remember that the store was so big that they told us to make sure that we had a way to fight off the zombies that were in it. They said that they lose like 20 customers a day, even with the sweeper, a noise making machine that would kill anything that got too close to it. Maybe they didn't charge us, now that I think about it. Maybe they had found this place and wanted to help people without. They told us that they would be overrun in a few days. More and more of them had been coming at night and they didn't have any more ammo. They were using big hardware tools and some random swords that they had gotten. We left there after fixing the car and found out that they had done something to the car to make it quit on us about 50 miles away.

      Awake. I hear a noise. The slow walk of zombie that hasn't found any food in a while. He would be dangerous if he heard one sound. I am going to stay here, lying in bed as long as I can. I will wait.

      After the car quit, we all took our portions and were planning on leaving the state of Kansas. After a lot of debate we decided to go to Texas. We got another car and made it back to the city we live in. We should have driven around it, the amount of people infected was probably 99% in this city now. The density of zombies had gotten much higher. It seemed like there was almost no one left in the city. We all scattered. They hopefully regrouped.

      Awake. I open my eyes. My last thoughts of how I got here. I told the group that if one of us was lost, that we should still make the group trip to Texas and come back with more resources. If the person could, he would wait in his own house (apartment for me), if not, he would go to the others house. We had an order to it and all. I am waiting in my apartment for them to return. It has been days since I moved. I had had enough food for a few weeks time, but I only had 3 days left. When you are starving your body doesn't tell you that it is hungry till you are about to die of hunger. I would need to wait here for as long as possible and need to be strong when I left. I decided to starve myself now and conserve energy until I was about to die. I would then plan on going to Texas. Even if they couldn't make it back, we had a place to meet. I looked up at the ceiling. Laying in bed without moving for days and days, hoping that I don't miss my opportunity to eat. Being here alone is so much worse than when I was here with Laura I thought the sound of the bones breaking as Zombies feasted on the neighbors in the hallway was bad, but when there are no neighbors left. That is when you start to realize that there is no hope left.

      I woke up for real, amazed at the dream. I had doubled those dreams as dreams and then as memories in a dream, and I had woken up hundreds of times in my bed staring at the ceiling, not wanting to move to conserve energy. I had felt worse and worse and more like I was going to die until the very end. I am lying still from after the dream, haha, just like the dream. I think about trying to DEILD, but then my alarm goes off. I eat a bit of cereal and get dressed for work. I look over at the locked door. There is no sound out there, but this door had been thought about so much in my dream. I was a little afraid to go out and go to work.

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    2. Good Book Idea. ★★★★★

      by , 06-12-2013 at 04:50 AM (Zödra)
      This dream is a little of a mixture of once upon a time, tsubasa reservoir chronicles, and yu yu hakusho. A little lucid at the end. It is a telling of how far I would go for my beloved wife.

      I am at a dinner table. My family and Laura (my wife) are there. I am a bit older. My mind is programmed with a different past, I am in 100% control and my mind is 100% there like most dreams. It is just a reprogrammed past and my "ego".

      My programmed past:
      Someone has taken away all of the world's memories of Laura snd me together. No one except for me remembers it. A spell has been cast that says that she won't remember me, and I will die if I tell her. I had to look for her at first and reintroduce myself, get to know her, be a friend first (like I did the first time). She doesn't trust me very much though, because the spell left her with a sad past of her husband leaving her and abandoning her and and their daughter (which of course is my daughter that is due tomorrow ) So she is kind of a hurt woman. She hasn't told me any of this, but the warlock did. She hasn't even told me about her having a daughter. She seems ashamed of the fact that she had a failed marriage.

      I look at Laura sitting next to me. It has been a year already, how long would I have to wait till I could have my wife back again? She was laughing at all my family (and brother in-laws. They are pretty much normal since they just lost the memory of us together. Laura seems so happy with all of us here, she can tell that she belongs here. After dinner I walk her to the car. A few child's toys in the back that she tried to hide say that my daughter is about 4. I haven't seen her yet since the spell was cast, I wish Laura would introduce us so I can see her again.

      "That was really fun!" Laura says as we get to her car.
      "Yeah. Are you coming to the show and games tonight?" I ask as she rolls the window down.
      "Maybe. I'll have to see if..." She pauses, trying to think of a good way to explain "maybe." She smiles at me. I can barely stop myself from jumping in the car and holding her, telling her that she doesn't need to worry, and that I will always be there for her and never leave her.

      She drives away and I start a long walk to the theater where the "play and games" will be at. Doesn't take me long to get there, I think time skipped a bit here. I know I was walking so I could think and pray. I do that a lot because of how much I have to think about.

      I step into the theater, sit down next to my mom. Not really paying much attention to her or the rest of my family because I am thinking of Laura and looking for her. The "play" is someone reading the script of the movie "you've got mail" they spend a long time reading and it is booooooring. Halfway through they realize they have been reading the wrong thing and decide to stop and play a game. They start explaining and Laura walks in. She sits next to my sister and I am frustrated that I didn't save a seat for her. I look for my wallet because it seems to have gone missing.

      The game starts and everyone is rummaging through candy aisles. I find my wallet, and notice a spell. No one else would have seen it unless they were acquainted with them. I jump to the ground and everyone is locked in a never ending game. Except me and the warlock.

      He is far too powerful for me to fight, I learned that the first time. I know how to escape a spell or two, but he could kill me in a second if he wished. He didn't want that though. I followed him outside and we sat by a tree and started talking.

      "You've been doing well." He says. He is like a tall rumplestiltskin.
      "You mean I have passed your tests?"
      "When this started I would have said you had no chance of being with your wife ever again. Now I am not so sure." Hr pauses and looks at me "I would say that you would stop at nothing to be with her. I literally sent a menacing demon after you and you somehow escaped. Not to mention all the roadblocks I have put between you two."

      He pulls out a spell paper and sets it on my skin.

      "I could curse your body and keep you away from her." He makes me cursed as he says this. My skin turns green and flaky like a dead man "I could make you unbearable to be around." He makes my skin reek worse than a skunk. "Or!" He snaps and my skin goes normal "I could make you unrecognizable!" He pulls out a different sheet that has skins on it. Changes my skin color to jet black, but he changes it back "but... I am not going to do that. I was gonna make a fortune off tonight, not just off of screwing with your story." He walks away slowly.

      I pull my wallet out and grab fifty dollars. "It isn't much, but I want it there as a help to you. When people do good things and it costs them they end up regretting it, and I want you to have a little of what you would have had."

      He snaps and my money disappears and my wallet. "That wasn't your wallet. Your wallet is in the back of your pants." I pull out my real wallet. "No, I don't need your money, I am not so forgetful as a human is."

      He had switched all the people's wallets out of their pockets with a simple hiding spell. He would have gotten all of them throughout the night as the games continued. But not anymore.

      We walk up to the door to get in "I put a timed spell on this. You are better at breaking spells than I am, how would you get in if you needed to?" He asks.

      I am dreaming... I think as I walk up to the door. I wonder how much has been a dream. I might as well finish this story as much as possible, I would love to see where it ends.
      "I would do this." I put my finger through the glass and when it is halfway through the glass I pull out and it shatter part of the glass.
      "What spell is that?" He says, attempting the same. I mumble something and wake up. A little sad, but happy to see Laura next to me.

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    3. Dream Army Base ★★★★★

      by , 03-03-2013 at 06:54 PM (Zödra)
      Date: 3/3/2013
      Total sleep: 9 hours
      Daytime Techniques: ADA (my version), meditation (visual, 20 minutes)
      Lucid Techniques: MILD
      Fell Asleep: 11:30
      Dream Title: Crazy fun
      It is a pretty normal dream, but then I decide to go to sleep and try to WILD. I lay down and instantly teleport to the Dream Army Base (at the time I thought that I had WILDed, but then I realized that I had not. This is actually just a variation of how I teleport and how I WILD, which are similar enough for this to happen in my dreams)I go outside to the forest and travel through to a town. The sky is red, and I am pretty sure that it is night, and the sky is that way so I can see and so that I know that it is dangerous around there. I travel and a cat-girl meets me. Extremely cute. I think for a second that she is an extra, but she doesn't have that vibe. She tells me that she is going to show me a safe place and takes me upstairs. I ask her how the town got ruined and she says that a different girl like her has ruined it. I know that the girl must be an extra.

      Dreaming: Right vs. Left Brain-anime-girl.gif
      Awake: Not really sure
      Vividness: 12
      Awareness: lucid
      Length: 20 minutes
      Emotions: Holy awesome crap!

      Fell Asleep: Not really sure
      Dream Title: Extremely dangerous
      I wake up and lay still and DEILD. I am not sure if I actually woke up or if it was just going back to the other layer of my dream (I know that dreams don't actually work in layers, but if you fall asleep in a FA, and then wake up later you have a higher chance of another FA IMO). I appear away from the cat-gal. I am in the streets. There are not many people. I go into a grocery store and hide there. There is a lot of people in a room up the stairs in the back and they are hiding. The catgirl comes in. This is a different one than before. I create a barrier to save all the people I am with out of a red ribbon about an inch off the ground (2.54 centimeters). I step in it, but only have the barrier part, not the teleportation part activate. I ask her what she wants and she says that chaos is the only fun she can have. I step out of the barrier and teleport the people back to the base (sorry, they were all clean. I take them away later). I attack the girl and she dodges. She runs away from me and I chase after her. I force shove her as she is running and she almost gets knocked over. I can't seem to throw a fireball, so I think of another thing that will work. "Incendio!" I cry. It shoots fire and she dodges and get burned a little. She disappears behind some houses. Drat. Almost had her. Awake.
      Awake: Dunno
      Vividness: 12
      Awareness: lucid
      Length: 15 minutes
      Emotions: excitement

      Fell Asleep: impossible to tell
      Dream Title: Make sure everyone is ok
      I do the same as last and I still don't know if I woke up. I will count it though. Back at the Dream army base. I notice all the people are gone I must have teleported them away. I thought. I jumped into the red ribbon and appeared at the grocery store. The good Cat-girl was there.
      "You shouldn't leave the ribbon because it is too dangerous." She says. Her smile never falling from her face.
      "I am not afraid of anyone out there." I say. I know that I have to treat dreams as real as possible to keep them realistic, so I don't say why.
      "It is much more powerful," she says "they are not happy with you."
      "Are the people alright?" I ask.
      "I led them home." She replies.
      I watch the city through a window. It has somehow gotten darker and more evil looking. I want to save the city from this darkness, but I also want to take the advice of the local. She doesn't know what I am capable of, but I know that I should limit myself before I demolish the other catgirl.

      Awake: Not sure
      Vividness: 13
      Awareness: lucid
      Length: 15 minutes
      Emotions: A little creepy (these aren't really emotions, but it is the general feeling of the dream.

      I think about writing down my dreams, but decide that it was too fun to forget. I RC and go back to sleep.

      Fell Asleep: Forgot to check
      Dream Title: Crazy neighborhood
      I feel the same way I did the last few times like I WILD into it, but I do not realize it is a dream. I do not know how, but my dream got me to think that I was in a video game instead. I am in a different place. It reminds me of my parents neighborhood. I run around and the idea of the previous dream lingers a little. I am fighting an army and I need to win. I do not know why though. I run into a leader and he lets me know that wolfmen (opposite of cute catgirls) are running around and we need to defeat them. I spend a long time going over lame strategies with him that make no sense. I wake up. I am in a room with some friends of mine and telling them about the "game" I was just playing. They said that they are in it too. I jump in and out of the dream multiple times and talk to my friends. Nothing big happens till the end when I get out of the dream and am talking to someone when all of the sudden I feel something behind me. I turn around and I automatically know that it is one of the strongest wolfmen (They look more like wolves, but walk upright). It has a bat and swings it at me. I dodge and it hits a door frame I was standing in. I kick at him and grab the bat. Spin around and while peeling it from his claws I swing it and hit him in the head. A little confused about how he got out of the game I wake up for real.

      Dreaming: Right vs. Left Brain-werewolf.jpg
      Awake: 8:00 AM
      Vividness: 10
      Awareness: 9 (I was really really close)
      Length: an hour or more
      Emotions: a bit scared, mostly having fun

      Notes: Google search that image for a full size image of that cat-girl. It is uncanny how similar she looks to the dream girl except the dream girl wasn't animated.

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    4. Nap. Non lucids

      by , 02-21-2013 at 05:08 AM (Zödra)
      Took a nap today because of the 8 hour day in the snow wore me out. :/ I had 2 dreams because of it though

      Date: 2/20/2013
      Total sleep: 3.5 hours
      Daytime Techniques: DDA
      Lucid Techniques: MILD
      Fell Asleep: 5:00 PM
      Dream Title: DV town
      I am in a small part of a town that effectively is Dream Views. I travel between towns pretty much the same way you do in Final Fantasy VII. Every different little town was part of the forum. I could look at an outline of it by walking up and seeing latest posts. One was in red and flashing. I read it and it said that Matte was quitting DV. I was a little sad and was getting ready to post. I traveled through this dream scene for a while.
      Awake: 7:00
      Seed: Dream Views
      Vividness: 8
      Awareness: 6
      Length: 45 minutes
      Emotions: Sad
      Dream Signs: Dream Views, Matte, Final Fantasy, Midgar

      Lucid Techniques: none
      Fell Asleep: 7:00
      Dream Title: Grocery store
      I am going through grocery store after grocery store and trying to find something. I run into an old coworker from back when I worked there. I talked to him for a while.
      Seed: Dillons visit
      Awake: 8:30
      Vividness: 7
      Awareness: 9
      Length: 20 minutes
      Emotions: nostalgia
      Dream Signs: Dillons (grocery store), jumping scenes

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    5. Castles. Non lucids

      by , 02-20-2013 at 03:32 PM (Zödra)
      Date: 02/20/2013
      Total sleep: 7 hours
      Daytime Techniques: DDA
      Lucid Techniques: MILD
      Recall Techniques: Waking up a lot

      Fell Asleep: 10:30
      Dream Title: Castle City
      Dream: I am in a huge cite that is basically a Castle with many mini castles throughout. I had a goal, but I forgot it. The scenery was amazing though, and when I would get high on the castles It looked like it was in the sky, but more like Skyward Sword floating islands than anything else. The castles were reddish/brown and had moss all over them. In order to get from one place to another it was pretty much like Zelda games. Flip switch, climb vines. Very fun
      Awake: 2:00 (later than usual. :/)
      Seed: Zelda
      Vividness: 9
      Awareness: 6
      Length: 30-45 minutes
      Emotions: Fun!
      Dream Signs: Castles, Zelda, Clouds

      Lucid Techniques: MILD again. Forgot to SSILD at all last night.
      Fell Asleep: 2:10
      Dream Title: Outhouse Living
      I was going out of my castle (yes... castles are in all my dreams from last night) and I ran into a friend of mine. Well, he is more of a facebook friend, I have never hung out with the guy, just talked to him in groups. He was showing me around his house, that was literally an outhouse. There was a toilet and a sink and a pink dildo in it. I saw that and tried to leave, but he wouldn't let me. He kept wanting to talk to me and hang out with me. I was just trying to get the picture of where that dildo had been out of my mind . I finally got away and to my castle. I sent my servants away and started meditating. Then he came back and started talking to me. I was quite annoyed.
      Awake: 3:00
      Seed: His Facebook post
      Vividness: 10
      Awareness: 8
      Length: 20 minutes
      Emotions: Annoyed
      Dream Signs: Castle, random sexual things

      Lucid Techniques: MILD, visualization
      Fell Asleep: 3:10
      Dream Title: Again
      I was in my parents castle. Me, my brother in laws, and my dad were hanging out and the guy that was in the previous dream showed up. I don't have a problem with him IRL, but he brought his pink dildo and was being really creepy/clingy towards me. We all played video games for a while (time seemed to skip for this part) and then everyone but me and him left. They were trying to pass me the message that we would meet up later after he was gone, so I decided to go home. He asked if I could walk him home. I took him to his outhouse and went back to my castle. I started meditating and I noticed something fall out of my pocket. The pink dildo! I was grossed out and walked out of my house. It was getting dark out.
      Awake: 4:15
      Seed: Same as previous
      Vividness: 8
      Awareness: 8
      Length: 20 minutes
      Emotions: annoyed (again)
      Dream Signs: castles, random sexual things, video games, my parents house

      Lucid Techniques: MILD
      Fell Asleep: 4:30
      Dream Title: Outside Dining
      I was walking around outside (see previous dream) and was eating from the trees that grow in the garden in the middle of the city. I made conversation with a few people, but not too much. I was beautiful outside and I think I was still on the floating castle because the stars and moon looked bigger and closer. The place was surrounded by yellow light that seemed to illuminate everything, making the ground seem like day, and the sky seem like night.
      Awake: 5:00
      Seed: dunno
      Vividness: 11
      Awareness: 7
      Length: 10 minutes
      Emotions: awe
      Dream Signs: night sky, garden

      Lucid Techniques: MILD
      Fell Asleep: 5:05
      Dream Title: Casino Castle
      I was riding in a van to a basketball game with my team (yes, four years past and I still dream of basketball tournaments). We stopped in the middle of a castle courtyard (this had the court in the middle) and everyone was supposed to be back soon. I left with my sister to go get some food from the establishment. It was like Las Vegas inside, people gambling, acting like idiots, etc. I was walking past the slot machines (Because every slot machine is a one armed amputee waving hello). and I saw RDC I asked my sister if that was RDC and she said yes it was, amazing how that person can be here since we are so far from home. I asked her the time and she said 6:45. I told her we needed to get back to the game and she said "No it doesn't start till 7:00 and it is 6:15 now" I was convinced.
      Awake: 6:00
      Seed: Basketball
      Vividness: 11 (RDC was at about 13 though)
      Awareness: 9 almost 10 (almost lucid)
      Length: 10 minutes
      Emotions: shock
      Dream Signs: RDC, basketball, castle, age mess up

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    6. More Lucids. ★★☆☆☆

      by , 02-14-2013 at 03:11 PM (Zödra)
      Write previous entry on here. Back to bed. more lucids.

      I SSILDed and it worked better with the WBTB since I have been sleeping too heavily and barely waking up during the night.

      I had a normal dream about my family having a bunch of issues and I started playing video games (like I did when I was like 15). Someone mentioned work and I checked the time. It looked like 7:30, crap! I checked again. 8:30! Checked again, 6:39. I tried to explain the family situation to my wife and then I woke up to my wife saying "is someone else in here?" I freak out real fast and am not 100% sure what she said. I try to ask her to repeat. My mouth doesn't work "C... c... C... Can you repeat that?" Aha! SP! I broke out of it too! I look over and my wife is asleep. She must have been sleep talking. Only the second time I have been in SP though!

      I went back to sleep. A little sad about not just WILDing through SP.

      To make up for it, I WILD! Yay. I remember that the two dreams I forgot to stabilize and to look for HQ. I stabilized. Thought about a forest behind me. Aha! There was one. I walked over. It was so dark. Not too bad. I need to get there stealthily in case of extras. I walk through the tree line and notice that there is a huge ditch with aroad going down to a pool. Weird. There is a group of people coming up the road. I need to get away from the road. Secret base won't have a road to it. they had flash lights. they are looking for me. five groups of 3... Fifteen people. I haven't fought against anyone, I don't know if I can take 15. I hide in the trees and when they get past I start going to the thick part of the forest. After walking for a minute I got off the road (gonna upload a picture drawn of this place). I then woke up because of how dark it was.

      I woke up. Back to sleep. I am in a huge building and people are letting their dogs out on me. Since the building had doors it was easy to get away.

      Woke up. Back to sleep. Another WILD . It is day time and I am looking at a neighborhood. I think of forest again and turn around. The swimming pool and forest! This time there are people at the pool. I start walking by, and am contemplating flying to the HQ, but don't want to give away its location. DCs at the pool call me over. My throat hurts really really bad. Like someone is sitting on it. Ignoring it doesn't seem to help. It is causing me to be pretty unstable even with the vividness. I start losing the dream and let it go.

      Ah! Thirst. I had been laying on my back with my mouth open. It is time to get up to work anyways.

      I have been really tired lately (even with 8 hours of sleep). After these 7 hours though, I feel great though!

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    7. I am loving my techniques ★★☆☆☆

      by , 01-26-2013 at 02:59 PM (Zödra)
      Day 3 of multiple lucids in a row.

      A little scary

      I became lucid in my parents back yard, there was no one there, but there was a bunch of cars. I looked in this jacked up F-150 and then a kid appeared in it before my eyes. I thought for a second No one should be in my dreams!. Then I walked up there and opened the door, poked him in the face, my hand went through it like he was a ghost, and I woke up.

      Dream time: 1 minute
      Time 10:45-1:30
      vivid: 8

      A little forgetful

      I am in a locker room and I become lucid I forget a little bit of what infinity looks like, so I start searching in there. I started going through the rooms and found a friend of mine. He told me he wanted to be my dream guide. I politely refused, and he got mad at me. He kept telling me what it would be like and how fun it would be, but I told him that I was looking for my DG right now. After arguing, I woke up.
      Dream time: 15 minutes
      Time 1:30-2:45
      vivid: 9

      They see me rolling, they hating, patrolling they try to catch me riding lucid

      I woke up, RCed and laid in bed SSILDing. After a while my mind trails off and I am all of the sudden looking around this house. I catch myself as the story is coming around me. I am dreaming! I start walking around looking for something to do... Can't remember my major goal, I need to teleport, better wait till I know where I want to go. My friend that wants to be my DG comes around and starts telling me what to do. I ignore him and think I should get in a car! I always have fun in cars! I start getting in and he tells me that if I get in it I will regret it. As he does, the dream starts losing stability. I rub my hands together and shout "Stability!" Everything gets clearer and stable. I jump in the car and it is not moving very fast, when I hit the peddle, it just barely goes. A car swerves out of the way from hitting me. I don't remember how this one ended completely because I am in a car in the next one as well.
      Dream time: 10 minutes
      Time 2:45-3:45
      vivid: 10


      I am running around looking for cars to break into and I realize I was just doing this in a lucid dream. That means! I am dreaming! I walk up to a car that is locked and I just pull on the handle and open it (Like a Boss). I start losing stability. I rub my hands together and yell "stability!" works like a charm again. I get in the car and holy crap there is someone next to me. She starts to say something, but I just ignore her. I need to get to infinity! I start driving around. Noticing that all the cars are avoiding me. I hit the gas pedal and it just barely goes not good enough! I touch the pedal lightly and imagine it revving up like it did when I slammed on it. As I press harder it really gets going and I start flying through traffic. What to do, what to do. Oh! I can go at oncoming traffic! They are all dodging me anyways. Every single one of them dodge me, and I am going fast. I pull on the steering wheel and start to fly. I do a U turn in air and drop onto another street. This street will take me to infinity. I keep going, and the street ends at a graveyard. How did this happen to infinity?! I wonder. I get out of the car and start walking around. I can't think of anything fun to do, my whole plan was get to infinity. I keep losing stability and regaining it by rubbing my hands together and shouting. Nothing comes to mind of what to do until I see a car drive by, I always have fun in cars. I stop it by jumping in front and then open the door. As I sit down I start losing the dream. I try to regain it, but I am too late.
      Dream time: 30 minutes
      Time 3:45-5:00
      vivid 10 (11 sometimes)

      Just a strange place

      Me and my wife are at this strange apartment complex and we keep going in and out of our room. There is a drawing, and this man comes up to me and says something in Spanish. I grab my wife since she speaks Spanish and I don't. The man waves her off and she just leaves. He says it in Spanish again and I tell him I can't understand.
      He said "it is fine to reply in English, I understand you."
      "I don't understand you though." I reply
      "Well I don't know english, if the drawing comes up your name will you give it to me? My name has already been drawn."
      "I don't think so."
      "Makes sense to me." My wife replied.

      Our name was drawn and she gave it to the man that pretended he didn't know English.
      time 5:00-7:15
      vivid: 7

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    8. Piqued Interest ★★★★★

      by , 09-24-2012 at 10:48 PM (Zödra)
      This is the dream that made me decide to pick up lucid dreaming, I had not ever tried any methods for lucid dreaming except one time before a year earlier.

      I am on a trip away from home, the dessert around me as dry as anything and the only thing that I can think of is this girl that has grown attached to me. She is short and nice, but very shy, I did not get a name because she didn't talk much. The city around reminds me mostly of Favela (like in modern Warfare, and real life). It seemed like I was in the dream for about a week, so I have no idea how long this actually lasted.

      Me and this girl are trying to get away from the group so that we can talk and start going around this abandoned building. We are exploring empty corridors and just having a good time. The rest of the group caught up to us with some sort of tour guide and I stopped paying attention to the girl for one second and she ran away because there were too many people. I chased her down and that is when things changed in my mind.

      I haven't followed a girl like this for a while, but she seems awesome. Why haven't I been going after girls? I thought. Wait! I am married, that is why I shouldn't be looking for a girlfriend. Then this must be a dream! I stopped and looked around. There were two roads ahead of me, one that the girl just took on the left, and an identical one on the right (everything still seems like Favela)
      I shouldn't chase the girl down now that I remembered that I am married, I should go the other way. I turned right.

      I jump over a fence after the turn and find myself in a backyard, the grass is perfectly green, the houses seem to be made of mud, but they are shining somehow, everything is extremely vivid. In the back yard there is a Rose, it was the most beautiful plant I have ever seen. The stem and leaves were the darkest black and the rose the brightest red. It was perfectly centered in the square backyard, and I looked at the house next to me as well. Every backyard had the same layout with the same rose in both directions, and it seemed to go on to infinity.

      I felt myself waking. It had been forever since I had read about dreams, I couldn't remember what to do to stay in a dream. I thought maybe spinning was one so I started spinning very slowly, but as I did an old man came up to me from the front yard.

      "You must be like the flower if you wish to stay" He said, and then went back the way he came. I stopped spinning and looked at the beautiful flower again. Then I awoke.

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