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    Serenity's Silver Millennium

    Catching up with lucids

    by , 11-15-2010 at 08:18 AM (748 Views)
    November 4, 2010

    Sister troubles (MILD)
    There was a lot more to the dream that I can't remember. I remember that instead of three older brothers, I had a sister instead. My parents were involved in the dream at some point too. But the point of recall actually started me at this rally. I was in a dark stadium with a class of people. They all started sitting down, and I stood off to the side, waiting for my sister.

    A former classmate says to me, "You can't sit with us, there's no room." I suppose she meant to hurt my feelings or something.

    "Whatever, I'm just waiting for my sister anyways, and we'll sit somewhere else," I shrugged.

    "Ix lakoo dir bikmat," she responds.

    "Wait... what?!" I have no idea what she just said.

    "Sidhdp ndkksoa djoksfds," she says again.

    "I can't understand you," I said.

    "Ugh, you're so deaf," she walks away.

    "Stupid dream characters," I mumble.

    November 8, 2010

    Some kind of school part 2 (DEILD)
    Back at this weird school. My new boyfriend is gone. Everybody has been having strange things happen to them, almost like they get possessed by something, and as a group we try to help them. We were all standing in a field and about 25 feet away, drops a column of light out of the sky, and a set of stones. My friend (a DC) knows they are for her, and doesn't want to go near them. It kind of feels like she has to, though. We all do, if we're going to get rid of this thing. I tell her not to be frightened.

    I approached the rocks and started naming some off, trying to entice her towards them, by getting her to correct me. I was intentionally mis-naming them. "Oh look, it's some onyx" I would say, pointing to this black thing. She came closer and said, "No, that's obsidian."

    She was standing right beside me, and I put my arm around her. "It'll be okay," I said. "We'll get you through this really fast!"

    In a band (LD)
    I'm in a band... I don't remember much about my band mates, but they disappeared pretty early on, in the dream.

    I was backstage at a concert, waiting to perform. I saw Darren there. I kept looking at him, smiling. It's like I knew something was about to happen, or be revealed. We meet up, and I say something; I can't recall what, but he responds to it.

    Then, I asked him, "Why are you old right now?"

    He's not sure what to make of that question, so he responds, "Because that's the way I am." He asks me what I keep looking at him and smiling for. I just grinned and said it would be revealed soon. But I woke up

    November 10, 2010

    Another lake (DILD)
    I dream chained the lake thingy. I was at another lake, swimming with Lily (friend, just had a baby. Still pregnant in the dream). The water was murky and kind of gross. We got out and went to a more shallow part of the lake. Lily pointed out that the water was crystal clear. I commented that I thought the other water would poison her kid.

    I started moving towards the centre of the lake. I passed through people who were rough-housing and playing around... I was blocking myself with my arms, as people weren't paying much attention to the space around them. I found my way to this rope that cross-sectioned at the centre of the lake. People were clinging to it for floating, so I did the same.

    Then, someone got the great idea to start bouncing the rope, which caused everyone to bob with it. Soon, it was like a teeter-totter... I went about 10ft high in the air, and I knew I was going to be plunged down really deep, so at the peak of my trip, I took a huge breath and immediately was plunged under water. I breathed in again (under water) and was lucid.

    I didn't want to be around these people, and instantly, I was on a transit bus. I thought about Darren and wanted him there with me. He suddenly appeared, and we started dancing together, on this bus hrm I decided we were heading to a restaurant, and I wondered what I should order that wouldn't gross him out (since he's a vegetarian, and I'm not). I decided I would just have some kind of salad, and I woke up.

    November 11, 2010 – G/C night

    What kind of science is this? (DEILD)
    I was helping this group do some kind of science experiment that involved me being spun around in very fast circles in this chair, with a group of 3 DC’s watching me. I don’t know what this was supposed to accomplish, but I do recall worrying about whether I was going to yarf or not.

    When I stopped spinning, to my surprise, I wasn’t dizzy at all! But the three DC’s were They now had to go out and find “the room with the light on.”

    I wasn’t a part of this half of the experiment, but I decided to follow this one girl around. We went inside this Victorian styled home (which are always haunted in my dreams, and this one was no exception). I was in the sitting room with her, and asked her if she wanted my help. She didn’t and left me in the room. I could feel the energy in the house, and spun around in the room, feeling really happy. I felt the carpet beneath my feet, and marveled at how awesome it was.

    I left to explore the house and I found her in a room… the room had a TV in it, that was on. The only room with a light in it. “I think you found it,” I told her.

    “Yep, pretty sure this is it,” she said, proudly.

    We were soon joined by another DC. The three of us waited for the last two show up.

    I woke up very briefly in here, but managed to chain back in, lucid. It was really unstable. The two girls were still in the room with me. I remembered to ask them if they’ve seen my brother.

    “I saw him, I’ll take you to him!” one of them said. They both got their coats on, and I followed them downstairs. I was having visual problems, though, and made the cardinal sin of noting that I must’ve been dreaming for a really long time before the chain, because I was having issues keeping it together. I was soon staring at the back of my eyelids.

    Grocery store (DILD)
    I was at a grocery store with Jack’s “parents” (played by DC’s). His fake-Dad was being extremely rude to me as we went around the store and constantly mocking me.

    Eventually, I got fed up, and also went lucid from this (albeit, low level). I replayed the scene over; only this time, I was beating him to the punches and proving him wrong. He was eating his words by the end of the scene, but he still didn’t like me.

    November 14, 2010

    Teeny Meeses (Mice, that is) (DILD)
    I don't remember what I was doing before, but I happened to look at the ground, and I noticed these teeny little baby mice on the floor. "Didn't I have a dream a few days ago with little baby mice?" I wondered to myself. "Hmm, looks like I'm dreaming about them again." I got worried though that if I moved my foot, or continued trying to walk, I would step on one, which I really didn't want to do.

    So, I crouched down, and started scooping by the baby mice in my hands, to put them into the cage next to me. Sometimes, one of them would try to get away and run up my arm, but they never got away.

    The mice were mostly a brown deer-mouse colour variety. But, there was this one baby mouse that was white and black, like a dalmation. He was no bigger than my thumbnail. I put him in the cage. This little shih-tzu puppy of the same colouring randomly appears, and pokes his nose into the cage. "Aww, did I take your little buddy away?" I asked it.

    It jumped into the cage, which then worried me. I thought it would start eating the other baby mice (and generally, my dreams like to "satisfy" me when I start thinking about these worries). I grabbed the dog and pulled him out. Woke up to Jack trying to use a cake mixer.

    By the way, I think the dream I was remembering was one I had about pet rats, 4 days ago.

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