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    Serenity's Silver Millennium

    The Assassin

    by , 11-18-2010 at 03:25 AM (595 Views)
    November 16, 2010

    The Assassin (LD)
    I start out watching the dream from 3rd person. There is a white-hooded guy who looks straight out of Assassin's Creed. He is staking out this house, and I know that I'm inside this house with Jack (and for this dream, we are special agents, which is why he's after us). Oh, coincidentally, I saw a commercial for the new assassin's creed game coming out, last night... I thought the hood-guy was creepy and I thought, "I'm probably going to have a dream about him tonight."

    Anyways, the assassin seems that he can't determine if we are in there. The window is dark and blinds are drawn and closed. He pulls out his cell phone, and I know he's dialing my number. He listens for ringing, but doesn't hear it.

    I'm now inside, first person. The lights are on, in this cabin, and I'm lying down on the floor, reading a comic. Jack is lying on the bed. We're both not moving, and keeping low. I shifted positions, but in doing so, I got up too much, which may have caused my shadow to show through the blinds (which Jack pointed out). I flattened down against the floor again, but turned somehow to look at the blinds. They were... open now?

    "Wait, how did the blinds open?" I asked. "Why are they open?"

    I didn't get an answer, but Mr. Creed was staring straight at me, through the window, looking quite happy to have caught his prey. I saw him draw a gun. Jack moved off to my right and I drew my own gun (out of thin air). We started firing at each other, at the same time. The window shattered and he jumped through it. I realized with all the stray bullets flying, we would need shields, so I conjured shields around both Jack and myself.

    The assassin and I went to magic. We threw psi balls at each other, and ended up back outside for our fight. I threw waves of fire at him, but this was proving ineffective.

    Falling back to my old standby, I shouted, "Moon prism power, make-up!" My clothes flashed and I was Sailor Moon. Not wasting a beat, I pulled out my wand (out of thin air) and shouted, "Moon healing escalation!" at Mr. Creed. It also seemed to not work, but the attack didn't cease, either. There was a constant flow of pink and gold energy from my wand, hitting his chest. I put all my strength into my attack and thought, "This will work!" and he exploded.

    I fell backwards, onto the ground, gasping. I could barely see, and felt like I got hit by a truck. Jack ran over to me, and was congratulating me on defeating Mr. Creed.

    I then saw another form appear, wearing a Sailor suit and two long white ponytails. She helped me up, and I regained my energy. She did not wear a tiara, she just had the crescent moon symbol on her forehead. "Queen Serenity?" I asked. She nodded. I threw my arms around her for a hug, and asked, "How are you away from the moon?!"

    She didn't answer (my DC's are usually slow that way). But admittedly, I didn't give her much of a chance, as I immediately said to her, "I must've restored the Silver Millennium in another dream?" She nodded and I made some comment to Jack about my dreams loving continuity and woke up.

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