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    Serenity's Silver Millennium

    February 9, 2010

    by , 06-21-2010 at 03:52 AM (596 Views)
    Murder Mystery (DEILD)

    (This plot is pretty similar to "The Lovely Bones" which I finished reading about a week ago). This dream was really long, lasting from about 6:30am until noon, when I finally woke up. I don't remember every single scene as a result. I just recall there were many instances where the killer was just lurking around in scenes. There was this omniscient part of me that knew who the killed was, but I was also myself, first person; a character in my dream that had no idea who the killer was. The killer was an old guy who was generally kind of creey. A girl named Sarah had been killed. We didn't know where her body was, or who her killer was, so as a community, we were trying to figure it out.

    I was on a train with my friend
    (just a city transit train, a light rail one). It was crowded and we were standing. The killer (who I "knew" and didn't know it was him) put his hand on my friend's shoulder, and started creeping downwards towards her breast. She somehow didn't notice, so I grabbed his hand and removed it from her and told him he was disgusting. We left the train.

    The whole community was outside, eating lunch at picnic tables. It felt like we were a apart of some 1970's reenactments. I sat down at a table with two adults who were eating with 4 kids. The two adults turned out to be actors who were identical to Darren and L. I asked them a question and addressed them as "Fake Darren" and "Fake L."

    It was after this scene that I woke up around 10am-ish. I was ready to wake up after the weekend of crappy dreaming so I tried to chain back in. It worked, but I wasn't immediately lucid.

    We had found Sarah's body, in a lake. The water was freezing cold. She had been drowned, and she also had a stick impaled in her left shoulder (almost looked like a broom handled). I thought I felt a heart beat when I placed my hand on her chest, and she still felt warm for some reason. I screamed at someone to call 911, maybe she could still be saved. A DC with me kind of laughed and said I was wrong. The heart beat I felt was hers. Sarah is most definitely dead. I had an "Oh... Wow that was odd..." Moment and said that someone should still call 911, to retrieve her body.

    This next part is semi-lucid. It feels more like a daydream, and yet stronger than that. I knew it was a dream and could control the plot like a daydream. Yet it was still a dream, because it introduced something I didn't control... it was weird. Anyways, read on.

    This time, I was L, first person. Our daughter was playing outside by herself. Because the murder was still out there, I felt one of us should be out there with her. I had a bad feeling about her being alone out there, so I asked Darren to go out there. I had this daydream within my dream about Darren going out there, encountering the guy with our daughter, and punching him out. I ran out to the backyard, and sure enough, Darren did encounter the creepy old murder. However, he picked up our daughter and only told the guy off. I thought to myself, "Hmm, he was supposed to punch him."

    Things got shaky and went black, but I could still hear voices. Darren was reading a letter from a girl named Jaime, asking us to make sure her our daughter was doing okay. I thought to myself, "Who in the heck is Jaime?" My dream supplied that Jaime was our daughter's older sister.

    I woke up and was still thinking that. Jaime was the daughter's older sister. Actually, Jaime is my friend Vicky's older half-sister, so that was quite odd that she ended up being mentioned at the end of my dream...
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    1. Samael's Avatar
      Murder mystery dreams can be pretty freaky. I haven't quite decided how I feel about them.

      I screamed at someone to call 911, maybe she could still be saved.
      I've had a few of these moments.
    2. Serenity's Avatar
      I don't much like murder mystery dreams. That's why that even though it was...

      A) Lucid and
      B) Had "P" (I refuse to use his name on these blogs )

      It still only got rated as an average dream. Had P not been there, it would have been a 2-star.
    3. Samael's Avatar
      Well, I usually end up being the murderer, so yeah.

      B) Had "P" (I refuse to use his name on these blogs )
      I have an excel document shuffling everyone's names around, personally.
    4. Serenity's Avatar
      How does it work, exactly? That's intriguing!
    5. Samael's Avatar
      The murder or the excel document? The murder mysteries usually involve me either switching character POV, or I get an explanation at the end saying that my character was the real murder. While I consciously thought I was doing something innocuous, I was actually setting them up for death.

      It's similar to the "split personality" or amnesia twist you see in fiction.
    6. Serenity's Avatar
      The excel sheet, actually, but that murder thing is quite intriguing! Usually, I have an omniscient knowledge of who the murderer is, but my "character" doesn't.
    7. Samael's Avatar
      It was a 50/50 shot, I suppose.

      I made First Name, Last Name, Fake Name columns and assigned everyone who showed up in my dreams a pseudonym. So "Jill", "Matt", "Kina", and "Kim" are all real people, but those aren't their real names, either. At the same time, I can refer back to my list and keep using the same names every time they show up.

      I just thought it would get confusing if I went around calling everybody "H." or "A." because I know way too many people whose names start with the same letter.