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    1. February 9, 2010

      by , 06-21-2010 at 03:52 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      Murder Mystery (DEILD)

      (This plot is pretty similar to "The Lovely Bones" which I finished reading about a week ago). This dream was really long, lasting from about 6:30am until noon, when I finally woke up. I don't remember every single scene as a result. I just recall there were many instances where the killer was just lurking around in scenes. There was this omniscient part of me that knew who the killed was, but I was also myself, first person; a character in my dream that had no idea who the killer was. The killer was an old guy who was generally kind of creey. A girl named Sarah had been killed. We didn't know where her body was, or who her killer was, so as a community, we were trying to figure it out.

      I was on a train with my friend
      (just a city transit train, a light rail one). It was crowded and we were standing. The killer (who I "knew" and didn't know it was him) put his hand on my friend's shoulder, and started creeping downwards towards her breast. She somehow didn't notice, so I grabbed his hand and removed it from her and told him he was disgusting. We left the train.

      The whole community was outside, eating lunch at picnic tables. It felt like we were a apart of some 1970's reenactments. I sat down at a table with two adults who were eating with 4 kids. The two adults turned out to be actors who were identical to Darren and L. I asked them a question and addressed them as "Fake Darren" and "Fake L."

      It was after this scene that I woke up around 10am-ish. I was ready to wake up after the weekend of crappy dreaming so I tried to chain back in. It worked, but I wasn't immediately lucid.

      We had found Sarah's body, in a lake. The water was freezing cold. She had been drowned, and she also had a stick impaled in her left shoulder (almost looked like a broom handled). I thought I felt a heart beat when I placed my hand on her chest, and she still felt warm for some reason. I screamed at someone to call 911, maybe she could still be saved. A DC with me kind of laughed and said I was wrong. The heart beat I felt was hers. Sarah is most definitely dead. I had an "Oh... Wow that was odd..." Moment and said that someone should still call 911, to retrieve her body.

      This next part is semi-lucid. It feels more like a daydream, and yet stronger than that. I knew it was a dream and could control the plot like a daydream. Yet it was still a dream, because it introduced something I didn't control... it was weird. Anyways, read on.

      This time, I was L, first person. Our daughter was playing outside by herself. Because the murder was still out there, I felt one of us should be out there with her. I had a bad feeling about her being alone out there, so I asked Darren to go out there. I had this daydream within my dream about Darren going out there, encountering the guy with our daughter, and punching him out. I ran out to the backyard, and sure enough, Darren did encounter the creepy old murder. However, he picked up our daughter and only told the guy off. I thought to myself, "Hmm, he was supposed to punch him."

      Things got shaky and went black, but I could still hear voices. Darren was reading a letter from a girl named Jaime, asking us to make sure her our daughter was doing okay. I thought to myself, "Who in the heck is Jaime?" My dream supplied that Jaime was our daughter's older sister.

      I woke up and was still thinking that. Jaime was the daughter's older sister. Actually, Jaime is my friend Vicky's older half-sister, so that was quite odd that she ended up being mentioned at the end of my dream...

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    2. December 3, 2009

      by , 06-21-2010 at 03:46 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)

      Jules, myself and 1 or 2 others from my old broadcasting course were in this banquet hall. There were few tables, maybe 6 that only sat about 4 people side by side. Each were nicely decorated with white china, polished silver serving dishes and 3 elaborate flower arrangements for the centre pieces (3 per table). At the front of the room, there was a one-person table, similarly decorated, but it was next to a podium for a presentation. There was a projector screen as well.

      Some servers were laying out things that looked like fancy ping pong paddles, each were white and decorated with flowers. Jules told us it was for if we needed something from the server, you hold up a paddle.

      He said that despite the lavishness, we were all here to learn something, so have our notebooks ready. But he seemed mischievous about something.

      As people started coming in, more people from my radio class started showing up. Jules was dismayed, because he hadn't meant for everyone to be invited, but it filled up the seats, and they didn't appear to be taking someone else's reserved seat, so Jules commented it was probably better that we filled the hall.

      At that moment, Darren came out, and I nearly died, because it was someone I "knew." He sat down at the front table. He was hosting our lunch! He thanked us all for coming. Two other DC's (closer to my age) were giving a presentation on something as we ate, but I wasn't paying attention. I was staring at Darren.

      At a break between the meal and dessert, he invited everyone to the front for questions and autographs. It was crowded at first, so I hung back. One of the DC's approached me, and started to tell me something, and the dream crumbled.

      I remember thinking, "Oh, that's just fantastic, you stupid DC! You had to ruin my dream!" I chained back in. I knew it was a dream, but I didn't have a ton of control. Not that I wanted it. I just wanted to spend time with dream-Darren.

      I was back in the room, but the crowd had cleared out from around Darren. I was flipping through the notebook I brought, looking for a suitable page to autograph, and they were all scribbled on with what looked like notes from work.

      I found a page that didn't look so horrible and approached him. I asked him if he was still signing, and he gave me a genuinely warm smile and said of course. I wanted to tell him so many things, but I thought it would sound like gushing, so I stood there and smiled at him. He said something to me about always work hard at what I do. Hard work is what gets you places. I told him I would do my very best and sat down. I said to him, "Thank you, Darren." He smiled at me.

      Dream broke, and I actually managed to chain it again.

      Everyone was gathering up their things to leave. I wanted to say something to him, I wasn't sure what yet. Someone else was talking to him and was taking longer than a second, so I sat back down at my seat and laid my head down (I was feeling sleepy). I could notably see the backs of my eyelids, just the way they look in real life, when I close my eyes in a lit room. I raised my head again and he was free again. I got up and lost my balance (I almost fell backwards). Darren kind of laughed and I said, "Whoops! Inertia or something!" I was going to shake his hand, but he motioned me in for a hug. He whispered in my ear, "I remember you." I was stunned. He didn't let go of me for about 30 seconds. When we parted, he said something else, but I can't remember what it was.

      Dream ended again. I chained again.

      I wasn't in the banquet room anymore. I was on the 3rd floor of my building, looking at the wooden horse statue. The elevator dinged, and my neighbour, who is a bonafide medium (well, she has me convinced anyways. She's the one who confirmed who my guide spirit is) got off it. I recalled that she hasn't been in a dream of mine for a while. I was kind of flustered and told her I'd been doing some dream-chaining, I wanted to tell her about Darren. She looked confused, but didn't get to say anything, because the dream ended.

      I didn't chain again at this point, it was already 10:15 in the morning!

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    3. June 20, 2010

      by , 06-21-2010 at 03:23 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      Took 3mcgs of melatonin at 8am. Went to bed at 9:30. I woke up around 1:30p to use the washroom and tried to focus on a goal to fall back to sleep with. Parents and boyfriend were making the ceiling creek above my head, which was causing me to stay awake. I'm beginning to wonder if I can't think about anything at all while I'm trying to fall back to sleep while I'm on melatonin. Two days now, I have only managed to fall back to sleep by doing some quiet-mind meditation.

      Recall kind of blows today
      Mostly just random scenes fused together. No plots. I didn't make any notes, so I'll just write what I can.

      I was standing at a train platform at night. This shady-looking guy with his hoodie pulled down low over his eyes comes onto the platform. The dream flashes and I'm sitting at my computer reading Raven's DJ. She wrote that she was attacking the guy, when I entered. She wrote that I transformed into Sailor Moon, but ultimately got deafeated because I got a little too cocky in my dream control skills (aren't as good as I thought they were, I guess!).

      On a train platform again. Things are not as they seem and keep turning/morphing into other things.

      A woman is blowing out car tires with a gun. She runs away. I'm a police officer, with my gun drawn, pursuing her.

      That's all I got

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    4. June 19, 2010

      by , 06-19-2010 at 10:23 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      I cut my melatonin dosage in half last night (about 2.5mcg), which worked like a charm. I took it about 2 hours before bed time. It didn't start making me feel sleepy or anything, but it worked nicely in allowing me to go back to sleep during the morning when I woke up.

      Woke up. Tried to chain the dream and realized I wasn't going to. Ended up losing the dream altogether.

      Random pieces fused in the same dream

      Some of these bits are a bit vague and hard to describe.

      [Office Towers]
      Some suits are standing around outside this office building. They are looking up at one of the floors. I couldn't see what they were staring at, but apparently some chick was dressed really slutty. Someone wonders, "I wonder how many promotions she's got?"

      I looked through the main floor and could see the security desk. They were all wearing suit jackets, ties and slacks (like a typical concierge security), but they were all ill-fitting. The guy next to me says, "Looks like security would be an easy job." He shouts at the girl in the window, "DO YOU LIKE YOUR JOB?!" She mouths out she can't hear him. He repeats his question and she mouths out, "It's fun!"

      [Back at a house]
      I'm at a house I don't recognize. I see Becky walking down the hallway, dressed to the nines and smoking a ciggie. She says she's going out somewhere. I wondered why she wasn't verbally abusing me. Was I with her brother again? I left that thought alone.

      I said something about going out with her, but she was already far ahead of me, so I went in the opposite direction. I went into a restaurant and asked if I could place a take out order. Or, I was about to, but this woman interrupts me, "Are you here to return the salmon?!"

      "Uh, what, sorry?" I ask.

      "Are you here to return the salmon? Customers have been showing up around 10am lately to return their salmon."

      "Um, no. I'm just trying to order some take out," I say.

      "Oh, well, carry on then," she leaves.

      I don't know what to order and the order-taker tells me there's a sample tray of their specials that I can taste test to help me decide (sure enough, there IS a plate, how could I have missed that? ). I see some seschwan noodles, tempura scallops, steamed broccoli and something else. I choose the tempura scallop and have this vague thought about not taking another bite off the free plate, even though I'm hungry. I look over and I see another man is contentedly nomming down on it anyways. Oh well!

      I leave the restaurant and then come back (although it literally looked like a fade out to black, fade in). I see on this paper taped to the order desk that Darren had left replies to two people who had seen him there and left him messages. Wait... Darren was here? And I missed him?! No! I asked the dream to back up just a little. Let him be here again. The replies disappeared and I could see Darren sitting at a table. I became vaguely aware of the fact that I knew I was going to wake up soon, cos I knew this dream had been long enough. I also knew that I had already woken up once between 11 and 2.

      I decided to leave Darren a note. I scrawled out that I was sorry I missed his birthday and I hoped that he really enjoyed it, Love Serenity. I asked the order taker (who was a man now) if he could please deliver this note to Darren. He said he would.

      The dream faded again, but it faded back in. I was standing next to Darren and he had decided to hold a street concert. "For something so last minute, there's a really great crowd turn out!" he comments to me. I agree.
      Dream ends.

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    5. June 18, 2010

      by , 06-18-2010 at 09:58 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      I tried some melatonin for the first time last night. It was definitely... a strange experience. First off, my dreams felt very blocky and abrupt. Like *cut* Here's the start, *cut* here's the end, now you're awake. It was a very light sleep, overall and I kept trying to chain dreams so I could STAY asleep, but as each dream came and went, I woke up just that little bit more. I didn't bother writing notes on the first two, due to this.

      Warcraft PvP - DEILD

      I chained back into a dream and saw myself surrounded by a Warcraft-like environment. I'm already forcing the dream itself as it, so unfortunately, I knew that trying to control it at this point is out of the question. I let the dream run me along to the base of a cliff where some horde were camped out. I had no interest in killing them, but apparently they did (for me), so I died at the very edge of a rock that one dude was perched on.

      I ran back to my corpse and saw many other alliance now trying to fight to get this area back, and I had an idea! I hoped I had died far enough back on the rock that I could run around the back side of the rock (behind the dude who killed me) and ambush him. I reached my spot, waited a bit and planned out my next moves carefully. I rezzed and shifted into kitty form so I could stealth, when I felt myself get yanked up the side of the cliff by the dude (okay, so he's a death knight... the bain of my existence). I thought, "WTF?!" to myself, shifted into a bear so I could bash him (which stuns) then get enough distance so I could charge him (which stuns again) and get some shit-kicks in before he comes out of it.
      I woke up and I was still upset that he somehow heard me rez, lol

      3:30-6:00a (approx)
      After this dream, I could not fall back to sleep. At all. I could feel that my eyes were heavy and tired, so I knew my body was tired, but my mind was so alert. After some tossing (and nose-pinching, to try and catch FA's) I thought, "Hey, why not try to WILD? Body's tired, mind's awake... this might work."

      It could've done, too, cos I was feeling some pretty awesome SP coming on (and the HI was starting to swirl), when the boyfriend rolled over and rested his knee on top of me. I got pissed off and moved to the couch where I started it again. I even felt some very weak vibrations this time, but, no success. I eventually fell back to sleep without even noticing it.

      Insane friendship

      I was hanging out with a girl named Christine. False memories told me she'd been my friend for a short time, but long enough that I could ask her some questions about her past without offending her. Say what? Well, her secret was, she'd been acquitted from murdering another girl and it was also fairly obvious she'd actually done it, too. I started to lead into the question by saying like, "Hey, Christine, we've been friends for a while, so you know I only ask this out of friendship and curiosity..."

      Christine got a call from her mum on the phone. I couldn't hear the question, but she replies, "Yeah, I would just gouge his eyes out. Always go for the eyes, they leave the least mess. Alright mum, love you too!"

      I think my stomache dropped about 10 feet through the floor. "What were you asking?" she looks at me, sweetly.

      "Err, well..." I started. "Just ask anyways!" I thought. "So, that girl you were accused of killing... what happened with that, anyways?" I asked.

      Luckily, she's not offended by me asking. She says, "The girl was a bully. She was trying to bully me and she killed another girl. I just returned the favour." She got another call on her phone... someone was trying to harass her. She said to them, "Better watch out, I'm the bully killer!" which shut them up.

      [Party dress]
      I'm in a store, with mum, looking for a dress to wear for a party. I see this cute knee-length dress that has this bright blue silk under-bodice, and white knotted net over top (sorry... not good at describing fashion; it looks better than it sounds!). I found one in my size.

      I go back to my apartment and I get this feeling that I should show Christine, so then she would know I'm not put off by her vigilantism. Our apartments seem to have an adjoining inner door, which I knock on. She tells me to come in, and she's in bed already, with a sleep mask on. "Look at this dress I got!" I say.

      "Hmm, that's nice. Enjoy your party," she says.

      Apartment issues

      Jack and I are moving out of some buildings. We lived in this weird kind of place where the bottom floor apartments were all single room and barely bigger than closets. On the top floor, there were only two apartments, and they were normal sized. Someone else had already moved into our old place and we weren't ready to move into our new place, so we stayed in one of the teeny apartments.

      Some Lucid HI / FA
      As I was falling back to sleep at 6am, I had this HI where I was on my couch. There was a demon in the room trying to mind control me. The demon was trying to get me to strangle myself and I was fighting her. I had one hand on my throat and I was flinging spells with my free hand. Jack came out of the bedroom and was all like, "WTF?!"

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    6. June 17, 2010

      by , 06-17-2010 at 07:30 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      It's hard to guage the times this morning, because I woke up alot over the course of the night.

      FA. I woke up, and checked my watch. I somehow slept in until 2pm! At first, I was upset, because I wanted to reset myself back to days (even if I have to switch yet again on Saturday). I vaguely thought, "No, that can't be right." I woke up for real and saw that it was 10:30am. One day, I might learn to use a FA to my advantage

      Hannah and Rudy, sitting in a tree...

      I was hanging out with Hannah. She was telling me there's someone she likes. She pointed out this guy who was an albino (and had slightly reddish eyes). I had a false memory tell me that was Policeman-Rudy. My brain was confused. Rudy doesn't look like that!

      [Field of WTF]
      I'm observing Rudy and his partner in a field. It was snowy (and presumably cold, but I don't ever feel things in my dreams) They were checking up on people. They passed this one homeless guy who was huddled down and sleeping. Rudy told his partner to get the guy a blanket.

      They kept going, and saw these two guys who were just generally looking like they were up to no good. The one cop started cuffing the one guy and Rudy was about to cuff the other. The second cuffee made a bird-like cawing sound.

      I looked off into the distance and saw this bird swoop in. It was a large and very exotic bird. It came down to eye level with me and hovered, beating its wings. We stared at each other, and I reached out slowly and pet its underbelly. It was okay with that.

      I saw the cuffee use the distraction to attempt a getaway. I seemed to be the only person to see it. Do I chase and tackle him? I'm a bit confused at what happened, but it ended up not playing out.

      There were a group of people around now, looking at this bird. I said, "I pet it, and it didn't try to bite me, not like this dog is doing." I suddenly had this gnawing puppy on my finger. I dangled him in the air, and asked, "What kind of dog is this?" Aidan (where did he come from?) told me what breed it was. Tamika (where did SHE come from?!!) then asks me for the time. I pulled my turtle necklace out and she told me it doesn't have a clock on it. I said I didn't know what time it was...

      Some Fragments
      Staff Meeting

      I was in a classroom, late for a staff meeting. It seemed like everyone had gotten these scratch tickets and pick 3 numbers, and I missed out on getting some. I asked Kirby about it, and at first, he thought I was suspiciously trying to get an edge up, but I said I just got here. This woman came 'round with a tray. She said I could have 1 of each scratch ticket and a chocolate bar.

      I don't remember much about this, other than recognizing that people were kissing others that weren't their partners.

      80's yoga
      I encountered some women doing yoga poses in horrendous looking 80's spandex workout outfits.

      Should I re-dye my hair?
      I was looking in a mirror and wondered if, when I get my roots touched up, should I refresh the entire colour? My hair looked fine, but I noticed the red was looking a little brassy. I looked in another mirror and saw that the red was completely gone, and I was left with this horrible orangey-blond hair (dream sign = colour-changing hair).

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    7. June 16, 2010

      by , 06-17-2010 at 05:45 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      I waited a bit too long to actually write these dreams off my notes, so they might seem a little choppy

      Train tipping

      I was with a bunch of people on a train car. We were all going to this sushi party. The train, however, broke down in the middle of the track. Everyone stood up and someone shouts, "Tip the train!!" and everyone starts jumping in spot, then throwing themselves onto one side of the train.

      My friend, Susanna, was sitting in the seat in front of me. She and I could see that the train operator was really frustrated with people trying to tip the train car over, especially since he was trying to fix it and get it running again. We started shouting at people, telling them to stop being jackasses and stop trying to tip the train, but it's 2 against 20

      I go over to this other seat, where another new friend of mine was laughing with a couple of her friends. She was a pretty asian girl (possibly Asuka, Mosh?) [Backtrack: Earlier in the dream, I was getting along with her really well]. I told her she shouldn't partake in tipping the train and she brushed me off and said I wasn't fun. I persisted, and she tried to shut me up by sticking her finger in my mouth so I couldn't talk. I lightly bit her finger so she'd stop.

      It didn't hurt her, in fact, then she showed me by biting down on her own finger (pretty hard) that it doesn't bother her. I left her alone.

      [Sushi Place]
      We get to the sushi place and one guy announces that there's going to be an eating contest! How much sushi can you eat in 25 minutes or something. I thought that was kind of a travesty. Sushi is meant to be ate slow and savoured, because it's so damn delicious! I get my plate, and my sushi is all covered in traditional japanese tempura. I think it's a bit odd. I get up out of my seat and black out (I might have woke up, I'm not sure).

      [Doing the laundry]
      I come back from my black out and I notice that I missed my sushi. Everyone is gone and so is my food. Jack is waiting for me, and I get upset at him that he didn't save me any

      I look around for left over food to hoard. I find muffins and some other things and cram them into tupperware to take home.

      I'm in a laundry room (the one in my basement suite, which is shared with our kitchen), and there's an array of oils and spices across the top of the washer and dryer. Jack notices is laid out alphabetically, cos Z is at the right end. I tell him there's no A at the left end.

      This chick (from the bus, my false memory tells me) comes down stairs and hands me a sweaty, damp track suit. She asks me if I can wash it for her. I do so. Then, the Asian girl comes back, and we're chatting all friendly again, but I feel tense because we fought earlier, and I felt so bad for it.

      2:00p-4:45p (alarm)
      I sabotaged my own recall. As I was recalling the dream and not taking notes quite yet, my mind started drifting off to other things and... yep. Ruined it all. Oh well.

      Last fragment
      I'm looking at a picture of me, standing on a roof. It is captioned with something like, "No child" or "Child not born yet." I then cross that out and write beside it something like, "There's a child now, and there's a custody battle." I'm now first person, on the roof, with my daughter (note: I don't have any kids IRL) standing just behind my leg. The father is standing about 10 feet from us. It feels like a stand off.

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    8. June 15, 2010

      by , 06-17-2010 at 04:45 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      Part One
      Family Fragment

      Vague recall involving myself and both my brothers (Mike and Roger). Setting took place in the bistro of my work, and I can't remember anything beyond that. I have a vague recollection that they were helping me with something.

      Part Two
      So, I got a call from my co-worker at 5pm this evening, telling me my night shift worker is in the hospital. I had another nap this evening so I could work tonight.

      I'm late for work!

      False awakening. I got a call from Carissa (my co-worker) on my cell asking me where I am and why I haven't shown up yet. I had accidentally overslept into my shift tonight

      Dreaming about lucidity
      I flew onto an old ship, kind of like an old schooner or a pirate ship of some sort. I "realized" that I was dreaming and thought, "Yay, I'm having a lucid dream, I can do what I want!" I jumped off the ship into the water. I had another false awakening, recalling this dream and then falling back to sleep. At no point during this dream did I feel lucid. I think I was dreaming about having a lucid dream

      Something boring
      I couldn't recall really what happened when I woke up for real (to my alarm), but I recall standing in a hallway and not much happening.

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    9. June 14, 2010

      by , 06-17-2010 at 04:42 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      June 14, 2010

      I had low recall today. When I woke up, I RC’d for a FA. I remember slipping in and out of HI, and I checked probably about 5 times. Unfortunately, this was killing off the dreams I’d had.

      I did some interrogation of myself on possible people who came up, but there wasn’t much else I could recall.

      Music class

      Darren was teaching a music class of about 10 of us, possibly a bit less. I remember us all sitting around a room with our instruments as he was instructing.

      I also recall him sitting at the piano with me, teaching me a song, and I was leaning up against him

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    10. June 12, 2010

      by , 06-12-2010 at 09:14 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      Note to self: Don't play sims 3 before bed. It hijacks dreams...

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    11. June 11, 2010

      by , 06-11-2010 at 10:23 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      Murder possible

      I was first person, but not me. I was a woman named Jayne, and I was reading a letter I found on the table. The hand-writing was a bit hard to read, but it was left for me by the man who planned to murder me. The general gist of the letter (which was very eloquently written) was that he’d been visiting my house and watching me for a while. This was one last way to feel closer to me. I realized that by the tone of the letter, the murderer could be anyone. More apt to be someone intelligent looking and trustworthy, rather than a thug. This stayed with me for the rest of the dream.

      New Receptionist
      I was at work, and Sonya was quitting. I was chatting with Bobbi (who didn’t look like herself), who was upset because there wasn’t time to train anyone new from scratch. I thought maybe we could work out a deal with my company, and I could apply? Bobbi loved the idea.

      Underwater Camera
      I was on a cruise ship, helping my dad (who was the captain) rig up this neat camera/screen. People could look through the screen, and see underwater as the ship passed over it. We fed it through the tube once, and I couldn’t really see anything through the screen. We would have to feed it again.

      I sent the camera down the tube and watched it go down on the screen. I was lying on my stomache and it felt like I was going down a waterslide. I immediately became self-conscious, as I was leaving myself vulnerable to attack from the murder, who could be anyone, anywhere.

      I left the ship to find out where the camera ended up. There was a shallow pool with soapy water for people to clean their feet off in. It was a nice park. I thought about anchoring the camera up on something, but then thought, “But if the camera is anchored, how is the ship supposed to sail?”

      Throwing out some garbage
      I was at some bins behind a Zellers, dumping some garbage. Someone joined me there. As I was walking away, I thought, “That could have been the murderer!” and started to jog. It felt very free, rather than the “water-legs” I often get.

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    12. June 10, 2010

      by , 06-10-2010 at 07:53 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      Watching crimes from trucks

      I took really bad notes on this…

      So, what I do recall is walking in the dark and I passed by someone who took a bat and smashed a car window (watching a crime = dream sign). I didn’t want him to see me, so I hid inside this truck, underneath a huge comforter that just so happened to be in there. I kept myself hidden as I phoned the police.

      This happened a second time in the dream, different crime, different truck.

      I don’t recall any dreams from this point. I woke up at 9:20 and somehow WILD’ed into a 3rd person dream and came back out. I remember slipping in as fast as a DEILD, but I was watching a scene from 3rd person. I remember thinking, "Okay, what do I do with this??" and woke up again.

      Parents’ party

      My dad was organizing this gift-giving party (but it wasn’t Christmas). Roger was there, and a bunch of random people, too. I remember that I had forgotten to give some presents to people and they got me something, so I felt kind of guilty about that.

      I remember this weird bit where my contacts (I don’t wear contacts IRL) kept falling out and I kept rinsing them under water and putting them back in. At one point, I saw a nearly microscopic Ponyo in a bucket…

      Sailor Senshi at D-point.
      I was Sailor Moon with the Inner Senshi in an underground cave. We left Sailor Mercury by herself while we went on to scope out the cave and find out where D-point is. While that was happening, I was actually watching Sailor Mercury, 3rd person now. She had a rush of enemies swarming towards her, and she was making some mad calculations on a glowy, golden laptop. She calculated D-point and it spawned a piece of paper. She fed it through the computer so it would fax it to us (I had a semi-lucid moment where I thought to myself, “Fax it? Well, Sailor Moon is an early 90’s show…”). She became engulfed by the swarm of monsters.

      I’m back to being Sailor Moon in 1st person, and we saw the laptop appear out of thin air. Sailor Venus retrieved it and said that D-point was just down the cave from us, we’re very close. But our main adversaries also appeared. There was a female and a male (who were RL… we were all animated). They saw the laptop and wanted it for their nefarious means. Venus commanded us all to protect it, but in the battle, she perished. We retreated, for now.

      We’re at a school and I’m getting my clothes out for gym class. Jupiter tells me I’m slow and to hurry up. I enter the gym, and I see Minako (Sailor Venus) leading a cardio class. “But… I thought she just died?” I thought to myself, and she vanished.

      We’re in another place, and Rei (Mars) is telling us what she is fighting for. I get emotional and start sobbing and hugging her. She tries to laugh me off. Our male adversary appears (lounging on a white chaise) and says something about how he wasn’t always evil, or something (if Mario is reading this, you’re probably picturing Kunzite. He didn’t look like Kunzite. He had short, spiky black hair and a goatee). Rei says something like, “That isn’t likely.” I’m overwhelmed with anger at him for spear-heading this whole thing and killing two of my friends. I went over to him and start slapping him repeatedly across both cheeks. I noticed it was ineffective, and it caused me to be semi-lucid again. I said something to the effect of, “Next time I see you, you’re a dead motherfucker.” My friends are shocked, and I think, “Err, yeah, that was a bit out of character!” He leaves, but as he does so, he kidnaps Rei.

      Space Games
      I’m in a shuttle with people, approaching this massive space station. And it’s like… MASSIVE. It’s red with thousands of lit-up windows. We enter the station via a hatch (like a submarine hatch), and as we’re walking along, the ceiling keeps getting lower and lower, until I have to army-crawl on my stomach to get around.

      We organize this game of throwing a red ball against the wall.

      So long as it’s your teammate that successfully throws the ball against the wall, you score. Everyone is trying to stop you from doing so by kicking the ball out of your hands or impeding you with their feet (remember, low ceiling, no one is standing).

      I’m the MVP of my team. The game is halted, and this chick is admiring my ratty sneakers. She asks me how old they are and I say they were probably made in 2005, on Earth. She is impressed and I say I guess that makes them 4000 years old now.

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    13. June 9, 2010

      by , 06-09-2010 at 07:44 PM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)

      I got a phone call from Kirby (one of the office-bosses… there’s a lot of tiers of management in this company) asking me to do a project. He gave me a list of Scottish family names, and I had to do some research on their origins (I would SO enjoy this, if I really got assigned to do this at work. It’s not a security company kinda thing, though).
      I was supposed to accompany Mum on some shopping down the hill, but I also had to start work at 5pm. I took a long time getting ready to leave the house (it was already 2pm, and usually I start getting ready for work by 3pm), and I was feeling a bit panicked over making mum wait, shopping, and getting ready for work. I was afraid that if I went out, I would forget to get myself to work. And I have terrible amnesia in dreams.


      Something about camping with a co-worker. Can't remember much else, cos I kept falling asleep between 9-10am. I managed to chain the camping element into each new dream, but it's all fuzzy now.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. June 8, 2010

      by , 06-09-2010 at 01:52 AM (Serenity's Silver Millennium)
      Times aren’t exact. Decided not to pay too much heed to recall today, so I basically just went to the washroom and straight back to sleep. I had a dream about my brother, Mike, in this time period, but I can’t remember what it was about.

      A Date with a DC-Boyfriend

      I was in a relationship with this DC that seemed to be a hybrid of Maxwell (the ex) and Kasey (the never-was). I remember there being lots of cuddling, for the most part. Like even sitting in a school class room and cuddling.

      He was really interested in music and concerts, and he showed me his concert scheduled for July. I noticed that he has two solid weeks booked out in early July** (thought it was weird, but didn’t think much of it); I was searching for a specific date: July 28. I saw it was blocked out, so I asked, “Are you seeing Tim on the 28th?”

      “Yeah, do you have tickets too?”

      “Yep! Where are your seats?”

      “3rd row, on the floor! Where are your seats?” he asks.

      “Wayyyy in the back,” I reply.

      “Well… let me see if I can convince my ‘date’ to trade with you. Then you can sit with me, and he can sit with your mum,”

      So, he asked his friend (who turned out to be former-college-instructor-Jules) who totally had no problem in switching with me. He says, he’s seen Tim before, but this is a first time for me. Lucky!! I am totally overjoyed at this turn of events.

      It’s concert day and I remember this weird, vague bit about climbing up this waist-high wooden platform and thinking, “Tim was just here.” OH! And it was covered in snow… in July… work that one out.

      The concert was in a room… with gray carpeting and white walls. It looked like a converted classroom of sorts. There were only like 5 rows of people. And they were offering coffee from one of those Tassimo-like machines. I was somewhat late (not late enough to interrupt Tim) and I was trying to get some coffee.

      There’s another random bit I remembered, but I don’t know where it fits in… where DC-boyfriend and are a cuddling again in a car… and I get a call from brother-Roger. He’s upset at me. We were out at a pet store, buying some toys and food for his cat, and he was asking for the “cat-baton,” that we bought. I pulled out this foot long, inch-diameter blue padded baton with a red bulb on the end. I’m… not really sure what it does… “What is he going to do with this??! Beat his cat with it?” I ask (I find this hysterical ).

      **So, when I was still dreaming this, the two weeks of July didn't make sense. But as I was thinking about the dream while getting my coffee, it dawned on me. That's the Stampede! There's a free performance every night of the event, which is about two weeks long. Smart brain, smart!

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