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    Soap opera dream and false awakening

    by , 09-01-2010 at 01:10 PM (613 Views)
    August 29, 2010

    I was having an AMC dream. JR discovered Annie was sleeping with some politician dude. They were getting it on in a car. JR discovered them and had got upset, but this part of the dream faded.

    False awakening. I "woke up" in bed. I spent a moment lying there and recalling the dream. I was also quite surprised I had fallen asleep again. I didn't even feel it coming.

    Edited for TMI content...

    I wondered about the possibility of this being a false awakening. I then noticed that, consciously, I did feel different. Fairly positive now that I'm dreaming, I thought to myself, "Only one way to check, and that's to get out of bed!"

    As I slowly rolled over and got out of bed, I marveled about the fact that this really did feel like I was moving my real body. I began to question whether I was truly dreaming or not. I rather felt that getting out of bed would feel floaty, especially since in lucids, I don't normally feel gravity and weighty. This felt exactly like real life. Future note, WILDs may feel exactly like this. Especially when I think I'm awake...

    Anyways, I was thinking a lot about this whole "Am I moving a dream body or my real body?" thing, and I heard a voice in the back of my mind, "Don't over think it, or you WILL wake up too much and move your real body." This voice sounded female, to my surprise (I usually expect Danny to tell me these things). It was probably myself; but in the past, Janine (my first DG, before Danny) often sounded like me... I wonder if this was her, again?

    I didn't spend too much time looking around the room. But I did notice that the bedroom door, positioning of the bed and my endtable were all as they should be. This made me question, again, whether I was lucid or awake. I looked at the clock on my endtable. The numbers should have been a dead give-away. I could barely read the clock... it looked tired-eye bleary and I couldn't really make out any numbers. I concentrated harder. Does that say 4:41 or 4:48? I rubbed my eyes and looked again. It says 4:48. "I don't have to get up until 5:30," I reminded myself. "This is perfect, I can sleep longer!"

    Completely forgetting about the false awakening, I crawl back in bed beside Jack. I noticed he was awake and reading something on his phone. We had a short discussion about him not staying up this late and my alarm rang.

    Alright, so even if I hadn't gotten distracted, it's not like I could've done much with the lucidity, anyways. My guess is, this all happened just before 5:30, waking time. Maybe about 5:25, but this whole scene felt a bit shorter than 5 minutes. Still, this is a great note for future WILDs... I guess this is considered an INRALD (I'm Not Really Awake Lucid Dream)... I thought I was pretty good at determining lucidity by how it feels alone... and normal DILDs, I think that still holds true. But this whole new foray into INRALDing and WILDing... when I honestly think I'm awake, it really, really does feel like I'm awake! Further proof that I REALLY need to RC upon waking up...

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    1. Baron Samedi's Avatar
      You were in the astral plane. The astral plane can really confuse dreamers, because often times it seems exactly like thy physical plane. There will be just a few subtle differences sometimes. An "astral dream" is a form of out-of-body experience.
    2. Samael's Avatar
      FAs can be confusing as hell, but I think you had it more or less figured out. Until the dream-logic kicked in, anyway.

      I thought I was pretty good at determining lucidity by how it feels alone...
      Not that I've been WILDing, but I kind of felt the same way during a dream that I had. It felt like I was dreaming, but I kept dismissing the results of my RCs.
    3. Serenity's Avatar
      AP! Rawr! *flexes astral muscles*

      Something tried to drag me into AP again (probably Danny, will update via real post in a bit). I've been doing a lot of brainwave entrainment with theta waves, which helps.