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    Short Stories with Tragic Endings

    2011-03-02 | nonlucid

    by , 03-03-2011 at 12:35 PM (1269 Views)
    I am Picard again and my subconscious tells me he is dreaming, but I am not aware myself. I start
    out with more of a 3rd person view of him. His senior staff is around him, Jordi, Deanna, Warf, Riker,
    Data, the whole crew. It's almost like an inception thing, as if extractors are trying to get inside Picard's
    mind. He is dreaming but he is not aware of it, but I know he is dreaming. As for myself, I am not quite
    aware of it. There is a red alert and Picard is rushing through a hectic scene. I think about how its a
    dream and how he doesn't know. At this point I sort of merge into his perspective. I go into a room very
    similar to my high school's auditorium which is packed with people. I am Picard and I know Picard is
    dreaming so I know I am dreaming, but I am not aware. I get the feeling that the people in the auditorium
    are unfriendly in some way like Nazi's or something. A friend from college is playing the piano and I ask
    him to play something in C Minor. I've asked him to play certain keys before in waking life. He starts playing
    the right hand part for "To Zanarkand" from Final Fantasy X. I listen for a little bit then decide I want to
    hear the arpeggios in the left hand. I sort of think about guiding his hand to the piano to play the part and
    his left hand starts playing runs. I listen for a bit more then the dream cuts to a band room. There are a
    bunch of band students and I am giving them a piece to play. I realize I don't have an instrument so I make
    a ring with my hand, move it down, and try to pull a soprano saxophone out of thin air. It doesn't work but
    for a while I try to pretend that it did thinking maybe that will work but it doesn't. I play an entire song on an
    imaginary saxophone, humming the part. I then try again. This time slowly. I hold my hand there and
    concentrate on the mouthpiece being behind my fingers. I slowly move my hand down until I see the tip of
    the mouthpiece. After that, it is easy. I slowly move my hand down to reveal a beautiful saxophone. I get
    to the bottom and flick my hand off then "paint in" the unfinished part of the bell. I take the saxophone that
    is now floating there. I go to play but it feels like there is no reed. I look at the mouthpiece and there is a
    reed so I need to solidify it. I put my finger on the reed but it goes through. I focus on the reed being hard
    and finally it becomes solid. I play the piece
    then the dream ends.

    My first lesson in dream control

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    1. HeritageDreamer's Avatar
      That sounds fantastic. I used to play in band in high school. It would be very interesting to play a piece in a dream however I am still in the process of learning dream control once I enter my very new and rare lucid dreams.
    2. Shadow27's Avatar
      I am just learning dream control too. That's essentially what this dream was about for me. I love my subconscious .