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    false awakening

    False Awakening

    1. 2011-03-26 | mild

      by , 03-31-2011 at 02:38 AM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I wake up at about 4:00AM and decide to try MILDing. I say to myself that I want to
      have a lucid dream but I don't repeat it like a mantra. I think about what it feels like
      to be in a lucid dream and let my mind wander. I drift off and have this dream:

      I am in a store. My "family" is there with me and some other employees. The store
      is being watched by robbers or something and we are defending it. They have tapped
      into our security cameras to watch us and we know it. Our leader says "Don't move
      eradically or they will know we are aware of their tap. A guy moves and somethings
      happens with the camera but the robbers don't notice. "See?" the leader says. We
      get everything ready for the invasion then start jumping around to attract the robbers'
      attention. I wake up on the couch at home. I get up and have a feeling I am still dreaming
      I am also fearing that the robbers are coming. I have to go to the bathroom so I go to the
      one off from the kitchen. Afterward, before I leave, I decide to reality check. I stick my
      finger through my palm. At first, it won't go through. I try again for the hell of it. It works.
      I then look closer and find that it just went between my fingers. I try this several times and
      the same thing happens. I think "If it is a dream it is quite clear and vivid." I leave the bathroom
      with some sort of porcelain discus in my hand. My mom and dad are in the kitchen. I throw it
      and think about it coming back. I am almost making it do so. I do this several more times
      making my way to the adjacent dining room. My mom is beside me and my dad across the
      table. I turn to my mom and tell her I am dreaming. I would not have been able to do this
      otherwise. I give the discus and she tries.
      I then wake up for real.
    2. 2011-03-08 | dild

      by , 03-09-2011 at 05:09 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am sitting at my desk at college. I am extremely tired and don't feel well at all. Probably
      because I got up at 5AM the previous morning and didn't go to bed until midnight for the
      purpose of WILD. For some reason I decide to do a reality check. To my astonishment, my
      finger goes through my palm! I am lucid but I think I am in my dorm, which is not true, I am
      actually at home.I get up and instantly feel much better and more awake. I decide to call my
      crush, as a dream character, so I get out my phone. I flip it open and the screen is black. I
      realize it is because electronics just don't work the same way in dreams so instead of pulling
      up my contacts list, I just dial her number manually. The numbers appear in white on the black
      screen as I enter them in. At first, I enter my number. I realize it and clear it out and enter her's.
      The phone rings and someone answers but it is not her. I decide to try the method where you
      call out for the person. Again, someone answers but it is not her. Apparently there is someone
      else in the hall that has the same name. It is some random girl that I do not know.
      I then wake
      up. I am still in my dorm sitting in my chair I reality check again and find I am still
      dreaming! I try again to no avail. I walk out of my dorm and go outside where there
      is a playground. Obviously, there wouldn't be a playground on a college campus but
      this is a dream so whatever. I start climbing around on stuff and eventually think of
      the time its 9:45 "crap I'm missing English". I am probably a little less lucid at this
      point. I get up on some monkey bars and I start to notice the dream fading. I try to
      stabilize it by rubbing my hands together it works. A guy about my age appears
      beside me and says "Why won't you wake up? You need to wake up." I decide to let
      it happen
      and I wake up in my dorm again. I look at the clock. 2:30. "Crap, I missed
      a lot of classes." I realize it's futile to try to do anything about it but then realize,
      it's spring break. I don't have classes. I am still quite tired but I get up. My roommate
      comes in and says something about me joining his family for dinner. I start to think
      about getting ready for that when
      I truly wake up.

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    3. 2011-02-18.2 | nonlucid

      by , 02-19-2011 at 04:33 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am in a chair in in dark room that looks like a common room or something. I am sitting there under
      covers, going to sleep I guess, but my eyes are open. I see some guy I don't know walk by and go out
      the door. I look over at the TV ( CRT ) which has suddenly turned on and it is as if it is angled away from
      me. The screen is the glitchy purple color an lcd gets when viewed from an angle. The tv is slowly turning
      toward me and finally the color resolves. I think it is "That 70's Show". I wake up. It is dark and in my dorm
      at college. I should have realized that I have been sleeping in for a while now and it should be light but I
      didn't. I wake up, without moving, I think about the dream and decide not to write it down. Instead, I
      decide to try WILDing. I remain still and the sleep paralysis comes instantly. I feel immense pressure practically
      contorting my body. I feel like one of those mutating creatures from horror movies. My foot is on the edge
      of the bed and slips off, the "transition" dies down a bit but when my foot stops it continues again. I think,
      "It was not this intense the first time." then it stops. I think, maybe I've entered a dream? No, no I haven't.
      I get angry with myself
      and wake up for real. I decide, a false awakening would be a good thing to
      put in my dream journal

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    4. 2011-01-15.2 | nonlucid

      by , 01-16-2011 at 07:08 PM (Short Stories with Tragic Endings)
      I am getting home from hanging out with my best friend. I am not sure what we were doing
      but he is still with me. I go to open the back door but it's locked, we rarely ever use the front
      door. I don't remember pulling out my key or anything but I somehow managed to get it open.
      I was slightly angry because it was not nighttime so my parents were awake and the door should
      have been unlocked. I open the door but there is resistance. I push against it and overpower
      it, prying it open to find my mom trying to push it closed. I manage to get inside and she is
      laughing as if it is a joke. I become very angry and start spewing obscenities and storm up
      to my room. I close the door and go over to my clock which is in the correct corner of my room
      but the dresser it is sitting on is on the wrong wall. Also, the clock light is yellow as opposed to red
      and it is huge, like an old piece of technology that requires a lot of mechanics. The housing is
      about the dimension of a large book and the top is open so you can see a bunch of electronics.
      I pull the clock closer so I can see the time better and it shuts off. I look at the connections inside
      and push on a couple of the connectors until I find one that was slightly out. I push it back in and
      the clock turns on again. I look. 8:58. It is in the morning.
      This was actually roughly close to the time
      it was in real life, probably around 7:30. I remember doing something else then lying down in my bed.
      I sort of went to sleep.
      Didn't have a "dream within a dream" or anything, but when I woke up, the layout
      was normal. Everything reflected how it really is in my room. Then a thought popped into my mind. A
      thought that crosses my mind in waking life quite frequently by my own intent. "Am I dreaming?". I
      looked at the red digits on my alarm clock and it was a little fuzzy but I could make out 9:04. As soon
      as I read and understood what time it was however. The clock sort of glitched. At first the digits just
      flickered a little. Then they changed to Japanese characters. I became quite excited. "I am dreaming"
      but I did not feel lucid. I thought to myself how I knew I was dreaming but it did not feel vivid at all. I
      tried to make it that way but it did not work.
      I became disappointed and woke up.

      I feel like I was so close to becoming lucid Damnit!

      I went back to sleep and had a fragment of a dream I have had before:
      2011-01-15.3F | NONLUCID

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