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    2/8 Subway and our water valve..lol

    by , 02-08-2013 at 09:25 PM (386 Views)
    Bed: 12:00
    woke up: 4:30, back to bed 4:34 (not enough time for vivid dreams apparently)

    My dreams were not that vivid and I think the reason was once I woke up at 4:30 I just went straight back to sleep.

    1. The first dream I had I was trying to get subway, and I was driving around this weird area that I felt as if I knew where it was in the dream world, and it had some loose connection to real life as to where it was but it was just not a logical connection. At one part of the dream I was with a group of people including this one girl that I knew a long time ago. The place was kind of an outdoor place with public tables that looked like the outdoor seating at a mcdonalds restaurant except without the umbrellas and more set in stone rather than cheap metal or plastic and it was roomier, so more people could sit at one table. I saw a group of people but in my head I knew it was 6 people? anyways so the next thing I remember is I'm leaving and apparently its dark now and I drive to a subway but I have to go through a closed gas station to get there. I walk in one door and Im looking at the gas station from a birds eye view and for some reason the guy behind the counter is still there, he doesnt say anything even though Im walking through his store and the lights are off. I finally get subway at the end before I wake up.

    2. I dream my dad was in our house for some reason, my parents split and he lives about 7 states away lol. We were in the dining room except it was an office now that he was living here. It started snowing inside the office and his papers and whole office started to get wet so he was like oh shit its probably the water filtration system. So we go to the basement and I look at these large pipes that aern't there in real life. Theres one red cap right near another red cap thats connected to a giant cylinder of metal for something else and I tell my dad this is probably it and he comes down to watch. I open the cap and theres this disgusting puke like substance spewing out and for some reason I know its called "peroxide ____" just dont remember the second word. I start saying GET A BUCKET and i run away and throw up then i find a bucket a few yards away. I go back to put a bucket on the floor and my dad just shoved a carpet under the spilling puke stream so i put the bucket on top of the carpet/doormat thing. Thats about all I remember.

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