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    Going to DC

    by , 02-27-2013 at 12:22 AM (349 Views)
    I did not record this in my written dream journal because it was a nap, because I only had 4 hours for I had to study for a quiz til 4 am then take the quiz at 9:30. Grades are a higher priority than lucid dreaming so I had to skip the entry for now, I'll try to record it in my written dream journal later.

    During my nap I had this dream, I was in a taxi cab and me and Russell were going to see Obama in DC, and we were driving the taxi cab. He parked it in the middle of the street then started walking, and I went to hang out with my dad and his girlfriend who were also driving a taxi cab, and my cousin and father were leaving their taxi cabs so my other cousin brooke would just pick them up. After my dad parked the car I had my schoolbooks and papers with me and I didn't know who I would be riding back with or what I would be doing after the speech Obama was going to give (never seen Obama in real life why is he always in my dreams?) so I had my school books and papers and I was going to hide them in Brooke's yard. I didn't know where to hide them and it was at night and although I've never seen her house in real life in the dream it was a normal suburban house and it had a smaller side house to the left of it if you are looking at the house. I was still looking for a place to hide my books and papers when the dream ended.

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