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    Victor Oddo was a meanie ;_;

    by , 03-13-2018 at 05:58 PM (78 Views)
    I wanna record this fragment of my dream from this morning.

    I met Victor Oddo (a spiritual YouTuber who helped me at the beginning of my spiritual journey. The kind of help he gave was drastically important to me).
    I was so excited to meet him, and he invited me into his house. So, I walked with him up the hill to his apartment block.
    In his house, there were quite a few people there. The atmosphere was weird. It was very chill. But it reminded me of what a room full of druggies feels like.

    I said something to Victor, I can't remember what.
    He responded, I can't remember what, but I remember it being very cold and uncaring. It frustrated me a little bit.
    I think I said something else, and he responded even colder. I got weirdly upset about this, because Victor in real life seems like a top guy!

    Eventually my frustration and sadness turned into full-on rage. I screamed at him, something like, "FUCK YOU, YOU COMPLETE FUCKING PRICK. YOU'RE SUCH A FUCKING ASSHOLE..." And I stormed out.

    Later in the dream, I saw Victor again and I apologized to him, because I felt like I was completely unfair to him, and because I probably simply misunderstood him.
    He said, "That's okay man, I understand." And he said something wise, like he does in his YouTube videos. Then he invited me back to his house.
    We got into his house again and the exact same thing happened. He turned into a total asshole as soon as being around all his friends.

    I think this repeated like 3 or 4 times before I gave up with him. I got sick of apologizing for his own assholery.

    Later in the dream, there was snow and I was building a tiny igloo next to my sister and her igloo. I got in the igloo and it felt like me and my sister were competing against each other (in what way, I have no idea).
    I still felt angry about the whole thing with Victor. I was so let down.

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