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    Food commercials sequentially bash each other!

    by , 10-13-2016 at 02:50 PM (251 Views)
    This dream was hilarious upon waking up.

    It starts with a McDonald's commercial. Four people are sitting there talking about their first kiss. One of them stands up. "My first kiss wasn't a person; it was a thing." The words also appeared (with perfect grammar and spelling, might I add) on a yellow background, with 'person' and 'thing' in green, and the rest of them red. A young version of the guy is dared to kiss a wax sculpture of skinny Ben Franklin (honestly, he was really skinny. If he were alive, it would be considered unhealthy.), and he does. Ben's wax eyes dart about, worried(?). Employees laugh and give him a free meal.
    Announcer: "kiss a wax statue at McDonald's and get a free meal!"

    All of a sudden, there's pizza in the background.
    A Little Caeser's Announcer: "you know, they never get their burgers to look or taste nearly as good as they do in commercials. I wouldn't even eat one for free! Especially the bread. That's why we never give out burgers. We keep our bread on the side or the bottom, and cook it thoroughly before it enters your mouth hole. Something about hot n' ready pizza too!(He literally said 'something about hot n' ready pizza too!')

    Now the background is white.
    Arby's announcer: "there's a certain pizza company, who will remain nameless, who claims to give you pizza 'Hot And Ready.' When you say my pizza will be hot AND ready, I expect it to be at least one of those things. But you know what? It never is. Arby's. We have the meats."

    I wake up laughing and sort of confused. I wasn't at all hungry when I went to sleep, but these commercials were funny, and seem like things these food chains would actually do to 'bash' one another. It was hilarious.
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