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    1. 6/23/17 - Hobos and Star Spray

      by , 06-23-2017 at 10:31 PM
      I’m at this very low-scale housing complex. It’s apparently part of some city project to provide low-cost houses to homeless people so they can stay off the streets. However, most of the houses are in serious disrepair - many have giant holes in the ceilings, one or two are missing doors and windows, and one is missing an entire wall. The people there aren’t exactly the best-looking either - I spot one woman smoking a crack pipe, and another guy is pacing back and forth uttering “no door, no door” repeatedly like a madman. I finish whatever errand I was sent there to do and hop back in my car, which some guy I apparently know is driving.

      We head off down the road and continue for a few minutes. After a while, I look over to say something to the driver, but he’s disappeared! I grab the steering wheel from the passenger side and try to keep the car on the road, since it seems to keep accelerating for some reason. I quickly realize this isn’t working, so I try to climb over to the driver’s side and regain control. It takes some maneuvering, but I manage to plop down in the seat and look up - just in time to watch as I pop over the curb and into someone’s yard. I slam on the brakes and turn the steering wheel to the left, hoping to veer away from crashing into the house, but my momentum is too great and I slam through the wall of the house.

      I quickly realize I’m fine, but turn to look at the huge hole I’ve created in the brick wall. I start freaking out, worrying about paying for the wall, paying for the car repairs, and probably getting my license suspended. This can’t be happening, I think to myself. I instinctively plug my nose to RC,
      and much to my relief, I realize I’m dreaming. I get out of the car and stabilize a bit while I walk. I notice the previous driver now standing at the curb - he waves at me and decides to accompany me while I walk, but I don’t say anything, since I’m focused on the TOTM that I’ve had in mind all month.

      I imagine shooting stars falling from the sky, and soon enough I see one falling and landing somewhere. I try willing one to land closer, and eventually one lands on the other side of the street. I walk over to the landing site and pick it up. It’s shaped like a star bit from Super Mario Galaxy, and it’s made of semi-transparent plastic, so I can see something else is inside. I pry it open and inspect its contents - a small perfume spritzer with a white feathery top. I spray it on my arm to smell it - the scent is fruity and incredibly pleasant. In fact, it smells so good that I decide that I have to taste it too, and I quickly spray several times into my mouth, finding that it tastes quite fruity as well. The guy following me asks me if he can look it, so I hand it to him, and he continues to spray it all over my body. The smell starts to be a bit overpowering, but it’s still quite nice. He stops, and I look down to see that my skin is glowing, and all over my body is a distinct tingling sensation. I feel my body start to lift into the sky, but I soon wake up.
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    2. 3/3/16 - Road Trips, DG's Anonymous, and Lucky Shots (2016 Lucid #26)

      by , 03-03-2016 at 06:28 PM
      Alright, I'm back now. Last couple lucids have not really been worth writing down, but last night I had a good one with a TOTM thrown in, so I figured I should write/type it.

      I start out with a kinda weird nonlucid. All I remember was one part where I was with a bunch of guys in a Jeep flying through space. And somehow that didn't seem weird at all to me…

      I woke up for a bit, and did sort of a lazy WBTB. I'm in a car with my parents, driving home for spring break. I look at my phone and see that the date is March 13. Weird, I don't remember March 3-12. In fact, why are my parents driving me home for spring break anyway? I usually drive myself. I ask my mom if I'm dreaming, and she says no. I plug my nose to double check, and I can breathe through it,
      so I become lucid. I decide to ask again, “Am I dreaming?”
      “Of course not, honey!”
      Wrong answer. I manage to phase out of the car and fly behind it for a bit. It's a purple minivan, not even my parents’ car. I pick it up by the back bumper and lift it off the ground. I swing it around and finally launch it off into the distance.

      I stop to take a look around. I'm in this strange little Western town just off the highway that looks more like a speed trap than a city. I remember the advanced task to call out for your dream guide, and I think it'll be easy, since I already know what I'm looking for. Still, since I'm a bit of a completionist, I say “I am ready for my dream guide.” Nothing happens, so this time I shout it into the sky.

      Just then, these two short men with cowboy hats walk out of this nearby saloon. They both kinda look like Yosemite Sam, but I notice that they have 3 rows of teeth. I'm kind of freaked out by this, and I hope to myself that they aren't actually my dream guides somehow. They ignore me though, and continue walking to my right. I turn around and thankfully see Vi’s familiar face. She motions me to follow her, so I do.

      We walk into this building that looks like an arcade of sorts and head into a back room, where there's a small group of people already gathered and seated in a circle. Apparently this is a conference with other lucid dreamers and their dream guides. After Vi and I sit down, we start some kind of group discussion. Two more people walk in shortly after, and one of the members jokes about them being late. Another guy in the group jokes back, “It can hardly be considered late when half of us don't even exist in time and space.”

      We go around the circle and introduce ourselves. I don't really pay attention, since I'm kind of amazed at how vivid and clear everything is, like I'm actually in the room. I start getting lost in the vividness, and actually start to destabilize. I try to hold on, but then the two people next to be grab onto my arms to help me stay grounded in the dream. It works, as the dream restabilizes and returns to the same vividness it had earlier. The meeting continues as normal, as if there was nothing weird about one of its members almost blinking out of existence.

      The meeting doesn't take very long, so we soon head out into the arcade. The place is packed with people, but luckily no one is using the games themselves. I head over to this shooting gallery, and a guy hands me this airsoft rifle. I take aim at a target that's incredibly far away - I can hardly even see what I'm aiming for. I try to stabilize the gun, but I can't. I take two wild shots and somehow hit the target both times. I'm about to take a third shot, but the dream destabilizes.

      I'm at home, getting ready to go to a concert. I suddenly get a call that the lead singer of the band has gone missing, and I have to take his place.
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    3. 2/2/16 (nap) - Flying and Dancing (2016 Lucid #16)

      by , 02-03-2016 at 03:20 AM
      No dreams from last night, since I only slept for like 4 hours. Did get a nap in, however.

      I immediately WILD into the dream. I'm in the main building for classes at my college. My parents and brother are here, and we’re in a long hallway. My brother is walking somewhat ahead of me, and my parents are way behind me. I notice I’m just kind of floating down the hallway, which feels pretty cool. My dad shouts something for me to tell my brother, but I can’t hear him. Besides, I’m lucid, might as well do some things. I mainly just enjoy flying around a bit, while this random woman follows me around, asking if I want to join her in private. “Not until I get some tasks done first.” (*pats dream self on the head* Good boy)

      I decide to start with the basic task - look up at the sky. I see this room off to the side that looks almost like a cockpit to a plane, with a huge control panel against the wall. The windows are huge, so I go in and look outside. The sky looks an incredible shade of blue, with several clouds that look almost copied-and-pasted across the sky - it reminds me of the wallpaper in Andy’s room in Toy Story. The horizon starts to turn orange - the sun is rising. However, I can’t shake this weird feeling that something hilarious is gonna happen. Sure enough, as the yellow circle rises up, inside is Michael Jackson dancing to Beat It, with all his backup dancers barely visible in the background. Immediately I can hear the music start up, and I find it funny. Before I even realize what’s happening, I’m dancing along with the music, doing pretty much all the choreography from the music video. (*smacks dream self on the back of the head* Dude, what the heck?)

      As I do this one spin move, I realize that I should get back to doing stuff, so I instead continue to spin a bit to stabilize the dream. Unfortunately, it seems to have the opposite effect, and I wake up. I almost manage to DEILD back into it, but my roommate decided to watch YouTube videos on his big speakers, which jolted me awake when they fired up.
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    4. 1/7/16 - Village Inn, Electric Wheelchairs, and Baseball Tiles (2016 Lucid #3)

      by , 01-07-2016 at 07:50 PM
      I had a short lucid this morning after accidentally falling asleep after my alarm. Still, it was long enough to knock out 2 more TOTMs.

      After the WILD transition, I am in a Village Inn restaurant (conveniently, where I ate last night). I make sure to RC and stabilize, because the whole dream is kind of fading in and out. For some reason I feel like flipping the table I was seated at, as some sort of RC or something. I honestly don't know what I was thinking. Maybe I was just trying to get some sort of reaction out of my DCs.

      I recall the TOTMs that I haven't done yet, and remember the drinking/getting high one. I walk back to the kitchen and open the door to this refrigerator, to find one convenient beer sitting on the bottom shelf. I twist off the top, and as I take my first sip, I immediately lose my balance and fall over. Man, I'm such a lightweight.

      I try to get up but keep falling over, until I somehow fall face-first into this small hole in the concrete. It's not very deep, so my body's still like half-way out of it. I take a moment to restabilize, since the dream is still pretty shaky. While I'm at it, I decide to try my hand at getting high. I imagine a blunt between my fingers, and inhale deeply. It takes a couple tries, but I eventually am able to make a huge puff of smoke when I exhale. I start to feel a bit lightheaded, but the dream is pretty stable now, so I crawl out of the hole.

      I find myself in a ditch beside one of the sidewalks at my college. There's some kind of electric wheelchair race going on down the sidewalk. But everything seems to be going in slow motion, most likely because I'm high. My vision is really distorted too, almost like tunnel vision. I look down at my hands, and they seem really inflated, kinda like rubber gloves when you blow them up. It all seems, well, like a dream, which makes a lot of sense.* I shake off the high and everything returns to normal.

      I think of the next TOTM, which to change gravity for a DC. I watch the people on electric wheelchairs race past me, so I decide to try it on them. I focus on one of them, and try to make him lift off towards the sky. On my second try, I finally succeed, and he and his wheelchair start flying upwards. I stop exerting my energy, and he falls back to the ground. He doesn't really react much, he just quickly gets back on his wheelchair and rejoins the race, like a very determined computer-controlled character in a racing game.

      I remember the last task is to enter the void, but I don't really feel prepared for that, with the lack of stability my dream has already had up to this point. Instead, I go flying off towards the finish line of the race, and see several of my friends walking towards this huge baseball stadium. They're carrying a ladder over to the stadium so they can take some of the decorative tiles off the outside of the building. I have no clue what they need them for, but just to show them how it's done, I fly up to the tiles and pull off a few for myself. I notice the dream starting to destabilize, but since I don't really have anything else planned for the lucid (and it was an accident that I fell asleep anyway), I just let it destabilize and wake up.

      *In the words of Dan from Game Grumps, "Every time you talk about the effects of marijuana, it drives home 50 times over how you've never smoked weed once in your life..."
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    5. 1/5/16 - Cats, Books, and Cards (2016 Lucid #1, #2)

      by , 01-05-2016 at 10:22 PM
      So it’s been a long time since I’ve typed up any of my dreams on here. And it’s 2016 now, which I guess means it’s resolution time as well. So in addition to striving for 100 lucids this year (which I managed to accomplish last year ), I’m also going to strive to type out every single one of my 100 lucids. And since I had two good ones last night, there’s no better time to start than right now.

      I’m in an episode of the Office, where I’ve just been hired by Dunder-Mifflin. There’s a conflict over where my new desk should go, since it’s currently stashed away in the corner with the rest of the storage supplies. While everyone else is arguing, I walk over and search the storage area and find a neat flute/ocarina thing. It’s even kinda Legend of Zelda themed, with the sound holes on it shaped like the Triforce. However, instead of being rounded in shape, it’s more straight, like a very wide recorder or flute. I’m told it’s a beat-box ocarina, specifically made so you can beatbox while playing it. I try it out, and the song I make sounds pretty cool, but because of the weird shape of the mouth piece, I pretty much flood it with spit.

      I wake up here, much before my actual WBTB alarm is set to go off. I go back to sleep, but I don’t recall any dreams before my alarm goes off. I get up for a bit, and then try to go back to sleep, which, much to my dismay, takes quite some time.

      Fortunately, the WBTB works and I transition straight into a dream. I’m standing in the backyard of my old childhood house. I stabilize, and am suddenly amazed at how vivid everything is. I try to think of what to do, and for some reason I decide to just try to fly up as quickly as I can. I squat down a bit, and then launch myself up at a pretty impressive speed… straight into a cloud. I can’t see anything above or below me, it’s just a huge fog, so the dream quickly destabilizes.

      I’m not sure if I really woke up or just had a FA, but I transitioned into a new non-lucid dream. I’m now in this weird game about alien abduction. I have to keep these cats in the bottom of this Egyptian pyramid from being abducted by these small UFOs that were coming to take them (if you’ve ever played the UFO mission in Majora’s Mask, it’s kinda like that). It’s difficult, but on my third try I manage to pull it off. I then spend some time playing with the remaining cats in this strange little area in the basement.

      I wake up again, write down this dream, and then transition back into another dream. I’m now in my old childhood bedroom, which is now set up like my current dorm room. My two roommates and I are all in bed, and one of my roommate’s friends is lying in a sleeping bag on the floor. The roommate and the friend have some kind of argument and the friend storms out. I realize this is weird, but I’m still only kind of half-lucid. I go to get out of bed, only to feel some weird crawling on my arms and back. I turn the light on to find these creepy bugs all over my bed. They’re each about the size of a penny, and they’re shaped kinda like stinkbugs, but with all different colors. I try swatting them off of me, but they keep flying back on me, trying to burrow into my pants. I run over to the computer and do a quick search to find out how to get rid of them. I’m too preoccupied to type, so I just voice search it.

      “Hey Siri, search for ‘small, colored bugs that swarm your bed and itch like crazy!’”
      Soon after I get a response. “The African Dung Beetle. Prefers dark places, like your buttcrack.”

      I soon remember that this is just a dream, so I quickly stabilize, which makes the bugs disappear, or at least not itch anymore. I try to think of a better thing to do than flying like last time, so I decide on some TOTMs. I start with the easiest - find a book and read its title. I walk over to the bookshelf, where all my toys were stored as a kid. I finally find a book and pull it out. It’s a fairly big book, about 300 pages, and on the cover in purple text is the title:

      Ensuring Your Wedding Cake is Adequately Sized and Appropriately Proportioned for Maximum Portability
      (Because He's Going to be Taking It Home With Him)

      I find this incredibly hilarious, so I lose control of the dream, and it transitions to a new scene. I’m now on this weird island, heading to go crash some kind of wedding. I remember that I’m dreaming, so I try to think of the next task to complete. I decide to summon Sensei, both to fulfill the TOTM and to get some help with dream control. I tell myself he’s somewhere at this wedding reception. My vision zeroes in on this one tall, stocky blonde guy (which I know for a fact isn’t what Sensei looks like IRL, but whatever), so I walk over to him.

      “Hey Sensei.”
      He laughs. “No one’s called me that out loud in a long time.”
      “So I still need help with firebending. I just can’t get it down consistently.”
      “Well, show me how you’ve done it.”

      I do my normal motion, which is kind of a forward thrust of my wrist, like Spiderman launching a web. Much like usual, nothing happens, even after two or three tries. “Ah, I think I see your problem. It's not so much a thrusting motion as it is a throwing one… Have you ever tried throwing playing cards?”

      He hands me a deck of cards, and sets up a few bottles on a table near us. He then shouts “Go!”, and starts throwing the cards like ninja stars at the bottles. Not to be left behind, I start throwing them as well. After a few throws, I get the hang of it and quickly pick up speed. I exhaust the deck and slam the empty box on the table. Sensei smiles and tosses his last few cards at me. “Now try it.”

      I back up a few steps and try the card-throwing motion, and manage to successfully create a large fireball. “Better,” he says. He then snaps his fingers, and the cards that are scattered all over the table and the floor start floating and go back into their boxes, kinda like the dishes in that one scene of The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

      “Man, how do you get that good at dream control?”
      “Lots of practice.”

      I reach over and take a slice of cake from the table next to me, and I'm about to stick it in my mouth, but I wake up.
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    6. 7/10/15 - Trees, Nerds, and Fingers

      by , 07-11-2015 at 06:05 AM
      I’m at a friend’s house. He and his friends are talking about some new musical that he wrote. I say it’s fine as long as he’s not singing it too, he can’t sing a lick. I walk around his house for a bit, until I realize I’m in my old living room. Wait, this doesn’t seem right. I instantly become lucid. I was now the only person in the house, so I decided to do some tasks. There’s a plant in a pot next to me in the living room with a couple seeds on it. I go to grab one. OUCH FREAKING HECK. The seeds are incredibly sharp to the touch, almost like a large sand spur. I try to find a less sharp one on the plant to no avail. I just decide to pull a seed out of my pocket, and sure enough, I find a small orange-seed-looking seed. I plant it in this small corner of my living room that is made of dirt. I turn around and back again to find a small tree in its place. It’s very short, but the trunk is very big around. A small stem with 3 leaves stuck out the top. I figured that was good enough.

      I next wanted to talk to an inanimate object. I flew up to the attic for some reason, but had no luck talking to anything there. I tried a couple different objects around the house, but still nothing. I kind of forget what all happened next, but I ended up with a fairly heavy trash bag of something (I vaguely remember that it might have been the chopped down tree, but it could have been something worse like a body). I walked a bit out the front door and tossed the trash bag to this large tree with a face that was growing in my front yard. As it landed at the base of the tree, I shouted out at it.
      “Thanks, tree!”
      “No problem, boss.”

      I wake up in my bed back in my present home. I have this weird feeling that I usually have after waking up from a nap - it’s like I can’t feel the sheets or bed, so I feel like I’m floating just above the bed. I can usually break this feeling without much effort (though it usually feels so pleasant that I don’t bother). However, for some reason I feel fairly paralyzed and can’t move. On top of that, my legs are actually floating higher than the rest of my body. They continue to rise as I inhale, eventually pointing up to the ceiling, and then lower themselves back down to the bed as I exhale. I hear footsteps coming down the hallway, and I start to panic a bit, wondering what my parents will think when they see me floating with my legs pointed up in a strange position. I exhale and try to keep from breathing, and I slowly lower back into to the bed, finally able to move. I sit up as my mom walks in. We head out to this elevator to go downstairs.

      The elevator is really small and has not many features other than its cold metal walls and the red screen to show what floor we are at. I start to get a bit panicked, since usually in my dreams elevators tend to break and plummet. Wait, in my dreams…
      Of course, I’m an idiot. The elevator jerks to a halt, but before its inevitable fall to the ground, I quickly shove open the doors and get out.

      I’m now in this large hotel conference room. I have no idea what’s going on. It looks like as big of an event as Comic-Con, but there’s not anyone dressed up or anything. I grab a flyer and take a look. “Fourth Annual Nerd Convention.” The convention’s literally a large gathering of incredibly smart people. I feel kinda out of place in this large crowd of nerds, so I make a break for the exit. Instead, I find myself in another room of the nerd convention. I walk through several rooms, each time finding another section of this massive Nerd-Con. I get incredibly frustrated, and in a fit of desperation, I shout “NERDS!” angrily at the top of my lungs. Everyone turns to me and happily shouts “NERDS!” as well. Soon, a chant of “NERDS!” starts sweeping across the convention center.

      I wake up again. This time my laptop is in my lap, and I’m now on DreamViews Chat, talking with Mismagius. “Woah, that’s a pretty crazy dream. ^O^”
      I try to type, “Pretty much, yeah”, but the words keep coming out wrong, and I have to try to retype it several times. Wait a minute, I didn’t even tell him my dream yet.
      Oh, I’m still dreaming, dang it. I now try to type out, “Oh wait, I’m still dreaming”, but the keys still aren’t quite working right. Wait, why am I even bothering to type? I’m freaking dreaming! I throw my laptop on the bed and get up to try some more stuff.

      I recently read this thread on transformation, and since I’ve always struggled with transformation in dreams, I figured I’d give it a shot. The guide suggests starting out small and getting used to the feeling of controlling new body parts, by growing extra fingers and feeling how you can still control them individually. I look down at my hands to find that I only have 4 fingers at the moment. I grabbed my pinky and stretched it out towards the end of my hand, forming a fifth finger and returning my hand to (relatively) normal. I continue to do this until I have about seven fingers, and then I try bending each one individually. I shake my hand to return it to normal, but instead this just mixes up my hand even more. I have fingers sticking out of other fingers, and eventually I even have a finger that stretched across my other fingers, holding them all together. I pull this finger off my hand completely, but I don’t know what to do with it. I make sure no one’s looking, and then toss it in one of the laundry hampers. Shortly after this, however, I wake up for real.
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    7. 6/6/15 - TOTM Palooza, Sinking Trees, and My Minecraft House

      by , 06-07-2015 at 01:58 AM
      Actually had two different wake-up times today, with several tasks completed in each one.

      I was at work (during the summer, I work with a Dell contractor setting up computers at elementary schools), but there were a ton of annoying kids that kept asking what we were doing. They kept stealing some of our equipment, and we had to chase them down to get it back. It took us forever to finally finish the job with all the setbacks.

      I was at my childhood house, when I spontaneously became lucid. I was able to remember the TOTMs, and one of them was staring at a mirror. I walked over to this body-length mirror we had by the bathroom and stared at my reflection. I had a 5 o’clock shadow of a beard, and was initially wearing a green hoodie (kind of like my avatar), but then everything kept changing. My face kept changing shape, mainly getting fatter and skinnier. My facial hair kept changing from a beard to clean shaven to a goatee. My hair changed styles, eventually growing out until it hung down to my shoulders. Even my hoodie changed colors, from red to blue to purple. I stared as long as I could, but I had to look away for fear the dream would destabilize.

      I next decided to walk outside and take on more tasks. I immediately saw a rainbow canopy hanging over the door to the garage. I thought about eating it to do the rainbow task, but figured that wouldn’t really meet the requirements. Instead I looked in the sky, and saw 3 or 4 rainbows that seemed decently close to the ground. One looked like it was right above the top of this tree in my backyard, so I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone and climb the tree to eat it. I started climbing the tree, but after I got about halfway, the tree started to sink into the ground. I managed to get to the top, but by that time it was too low to the ground and I couldn’t see over my house. I jumped off and flew over to another tree in my backyard. I landed fairly close to the top, but before I could take in my surroundings, the tree started sinking again. I was about to try it on one more tree, but the dream switched.

      I was now in this futuristic dystopia in what seemed like a space station. Flying robots patrolled the halls, and were required to escort you from one part of the station to another, to make sure you didn’t try to escape. I apparently had done something bad, so I was being escorted by the robots to the police. They brought me to this area outside (if there is an “outside” on a space station) with a large catapult. Next to the catapult, a man was standing with a revolver pointed at me. He didn’t look like him, but for some reason I knew that this guy was a resurrected Joseph Stalin. He threatened to shoot me if I didn’t launch myself from the catapult through a large hoop in the air about 100 yards away. “You’re insane, why do I have to do that?” He cocked his gun, so I reluctantly agreed. I flew through the sky, but missed the target by a lot and fell. Luckily, I respawned next to the catapult, again with Stalin pointing the gun at me. I tried several times, but I missed every time. Eventually, I decided I didn’t want to launch again. I tried to knock the gun out Stalin’s hand, but instead it fired into my stomach, and I died. I respawned yet again, and tried several times to knock the gun out until I woke up for real.

      I was at the house of my 6th grade teacher. I was hiding upstairs because I was naked, and tried to find any clothes I could use to cover up. I thought to cover my nether regions with toilet paper for some reason, so I wrapped myself a nice pair of TP underwear around my legs and crotch.

      Spoiler for ”R-Rated Content”:

      A young girl, probably about 5 or 6 came upstairs, and thankfully didn’t seem to care about my lack of clothes. She told me to come downstairs, so I did,but I also spontaneously became lucid. I remembered another TOTM, with the magic show. I got their attention, and then pulled out some scissors and cut off my finger. At first they were a little concerned, but then I waved my hand over my finger, and it reappeared. I did it again just for the heck of it, and they were both impressed.

      Next I remembered the house quest. In an attempt to make sure my intention came true, I leaned down to the girl.

      “Do you want to check out my house?”
      “It’s not only my house, it literally represents me.”
      “Woah, cool!”

      I take her by the hand and we walk outside. Everything looks like it’s built in Minecraft style. We walk over to my house. The exterior of the house had large windows for every room. We walked around the back of the house, and I could see that every room had a single plaque in the middle of each room as a centerpiece. I walked through the back door into a small library, where several of my old friends were sitting at some tables. One of them waved me over to tell me something (which I don’t remember now). I talked to them until I woke up.

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    8. 4/12/15 (nap) - Rivers, Holes, and Winter

      by , 04-14-2015 at 07:02 AM
      It's been a while since I've updated this, mainly because I've been too busy with school and work and life to even try to dream. Pretty much haven't had any interesting dreams anyway. If you're interested in how the Vi situation is going, I had a few semi-lucids a while back where she appeared, and I asked her a few questions. Of course, my recall was horrible, so I don't remember anything other than that.

      Anyway, I did manage a decent lucid during a nap yesterday, and just got around to typing it up today. So this entire dream was kind of in and out, mostly since there was a lot of noise in my room, between my roommates playing Minecraft and annoying dormmates barging in and being loud. However, I did lay still through all of it, kept drifting in and out of a dream (usually a different scene each time), and eventually did have a long enough period of actual sleep to get some quick lucid stuff done.

      After all the mini DEILDs and stuff, the dream was still pretty unstable, but I found Vi in a mineshaft of some kind. She was pushing a minecart while I walked beside her. I asked her where she's been lately, and she mentioned something about hiding, although she disappeared before I could find out what she was hiding from. I then found myself on this floating island that looked like a planet from Super Mario Galaxy. A long, straight, shallow canal ran down the center of it, and I jumped in to swim. I tried to remember the Tasks of the Month, and for some reason I thought one of them was to drink water through a straw. I was going to drink the canal water, but it was filthy and looked disgusting. I got out and found a water fountain instead, so I drank from that. There wasn't really any refreshing taste or anything, the dream was too unstable for any of that detail.

      I finally thought to stabilize a little, and I finally managed to get a little more clarity than my hazy semi-lucidity. I thought if there were any more tasks that I could do. "Of course, how about the one I came up with!" I reached into my pocket and felt around, and managed to pull out a round circle of black fabric about the size of a grapefruit. I threw it on the ground, and it formed a hole. It grew a little bit, but was still too small to fit into. I did stick my foot in, however, and it felt like I was dipping my foot in jello. I then continued to pull out different torn pieces of black fabric out of my pocket, and they each turned into equally shaped holes in the ground. After getting desperate, I stopped, took a deep breath, and reached in my pocket one last time. I felt something like a squishy grape, so I pulled it out. It was a small black sphere that I can’t really describe other than being a blob. I threw it onto the ground, and it grew to a decent sized hole. I jumped head-first into it and actually had no problem getting inside.

      I found myself in this back alley, which was covered in snow and ice. I walked down the alley until I reached the back loading dock of this big department store. I passed this guy and started to make small talk.

      “Lovely weather we’re having…” I sarcastically remark.
      “Speak for yourself, bud. I’m sick of this snow.”
      “Well at least it’s supposed to warm up soon.”
      “I don’t care. This winter has lasted long enough. I say we end the tyrannical reign of the cold. WE SHOULD BOYCOTT WINTER!”

      He continued to shout, which actually drew quite a crowd for his bizarre cause. Meanwhile, I snuck away awkwardly and went into the store before I woke up.
      lucid , task of the month
    9. 3/12/15 - Portal Trouble, Mirrors, and Shadow the Hippie

      by , 03-12-2015 at 05:58 PM
      The beginning of this dream was fairly foggy, but I eventually became lucid somewhere in my house. I decided to try to portal to Vi, much like I did during my last quality lucid. I used the same technique as last time, pointing to the wall and drawing a circle with my finger. I then tried to pull the portal up to size, but after I got it to the size of my hand, it became kind of stiff and wouldn’t open any more. I put all my energy into trying to open it, but then eventually gave up.

      I walked back to my room and decided to try something different. Instead of a wall portal, why not a floor one? I tried the same technique, and this time it was much easier - in fact, the portal appeared just by thinking about it, instead of having to draw it. I had some false memory about someone telling me that floor portals were dangerous, and you had to have something prepared on the other side to catch you. I didn’t think too much about it, and dove in. I fell through and found myself in a purple void, falling with no end in sight. I felt a slight tingling in my body, which then turned into some strong vibrations. I stopped falling, and was now just floating. I stopped to take moment to realize how pleasant this sensation felt. The purple void was replaced for a bit with an orange and green sort of checkerboard pattern everywhere I looked. These soon faded however, but the vibrations continued for a bit.

      I now found myself back in my bed, but I was facing the wrong way, so I knew I was still dreaming. The vibrations wore off, so I stood back up, eager to try the portals again. However, I passed by two mirrors and remembered the mirror TotM. I was a little confused on the description at first, I just thought I had to interact with it and describe the effects. I grabbed the smaller of the two mirrors off the wall, and tried to push my hand through it. It went through with relative easy, and I could see my hand stretching through the back of the mirror. It stretched almost like spandex, and felt kind of funny in a good way.

      I then started to grab the other mirror, but my mom barged in my room and started yelling at me again
      (she does this a lot in my dreams as of late, but to be fair she has been nagging me almost the whole time I’ve been back for spring break). I don’t even remember what she was yelling at me for this time. I grabbed the second mirror and tried to stick my body through it, starting with my head. However, as I stuck body parts through the mirror, they turned invisible! I had a little trouble fitting all the way through, but eventually turned my entire body invisible. This caused my mom to finally leave.

      I somehow reappeared, and decided to go back to trying for the portals. I found a clear spot on the wall, but instead of the pointing and drawing, I just decided to point until a small hole appeared on the wall, and then I tried to pull it apart. Instead, I managed to pull the drywall off. Inside the wall were the wooden studs, which had little termites running all over them. I thought that was kind of disgusting, so I moved to another section of wall and tried two more times, with much the same result. Finally, I tried changing it up one more time. I pointed at the wall with one hand, and then drew a circle around it with the other hand. This actually worked surprisingly well, as the outline of the circle I drew even showed up on the wall. When I completed the circle, it suddenly changed into a large circular mirror. This one was large enough for me to actually get into, so I ran a full speed into it. It offered little resistance except a little tingling, but then the scene went white, instead of the black that it usually fades to.

      I had a false memory of someone on the forum saying that running through mirrors takes you to the spirit world. As I kind of waited for the scene to reappear, I wondered if that was what had actually happened. But then the scene started to appear, and I noticed it was a 16-bit video game of some sort. It mainly showed a map of “the spirit world”, which looked a lot like a map from Final Fantasy or something. At the bottom, a dialog box appeared, and actually showed my thoughts on the screen. I was kind of weirded out by this, and decided it probably wasn’t worth it, so when the box asked me if I wanted to enter the dream world, I “clicked” no. The scene now faded to a 16-bit version of my room in 3rd person. I could see my avatar in my bed. A little health bar over him showed that he was about to wake up, but a strange lady walked over and sat on his chest. This led to a somewhat humorous Game Over screen, with the big words “Sleep Paralysis” flashing on the screen. I thought this was more funny than scary, so I laughed until the scene went black again.

      I found myself in bed one more time, but everything seemed somewhat normal. I wondered if I was still dreaming, so I walked over to the mirror again and tried to push my hand through it. The mirror gave way almost like liquid, so I knew I was still dreaming. I walked out of my room and found myself in one of my old classrooms from Junior High. I became just semi-lucid at this point. There were computers on tables all over the room. The teacher was there, talking about some evil plan he had to use the computers for. I was more interested by this one girl (who, in retrospect, may have been Vi) playing a Sonic game on one of the computers. I walked over and asked her about it.

      “Yeah, I just love how fast he runs everywhere.”
      “You think that’s super speed? Check this out.”

      I took off into a hard sprint around the room. I felt the wind whipping through my hair, even though it didn’t actually look like I was moving that quick. I somehow managed to run “fast” enough that I ran up the wall, and continued to run around the entire room on the wall. However, just before I finished the first lap, I tripped over a wire from the computers and fell flat on my face. She still though this was amazing, however. “Wow. You’ll probably be better at this game than me.” She hands me the controller.

      Apparently this was the newest Sonic game, which (as expected) got horrible reviews. Somehow I knew the plot already - that Sonic and friends got stuck in the spirit world, and as such they had taken completely different forms. For example, I was playing as Shadow, who for some reason had long, Ozzy Osbourne-like hair that was dyed purple, as well as purple sunglasses like Ozzy’s. The internet had nicknamed him “Hippie Shadow”, which I thought was pretty hilarious. The level I was playing was somewhat difficult, especially since the controls were some weird combination of the keyboard and mouse, but I managed to complete it. The cutscenes were even weirder, including Tails being in a romantic relationship with a female version of himself. I found this so weird and hilarious that I woke up.

      A poorly photoshopped rendering of Hippie Shadow, just for the lulz:

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    10. Mods, Buses, Teachers, and TOTMs

      by , 12-26-2014 at 09:14 PM
      I had a short dream fragment to start. I was just promoted as a new moderator of DreamViews. I was to be in charge of chat, and my title on my profile was "The Nicest Mod". *wink wink nudge nudge*


      I was at my college, trying to get a 71 bus back to my dorm. I jumped on the first bus I could find, and an old friend T was there. We talked for a bit, until I realized that I was on a 72 bus instead. I got out at the next stop, and I was in this suburban area that kind of looked like the neighborhood I grew up in. I saw my friend M, so i asked if he saw a 71 bus. He ran around the corner of the block where there was another 72 bus parked. He looked down the street, and then said that a 71 had just left. We decided it was best to just walk.


      I was back at my high school, in one of the old classrooms. Most of the people from my graduating class were there, as well as a few younger kids who looked to be in second grade. They were all working hard to make a rope out of beads so they could escape out the second floor window. Just then, a teacher looked in through the window in the door, saw what we were doing, and came in and yelled at us. Then the scene kind of restarted. This time, I helped them tie some of the beads together, and we finally had a long enough rope to get out. Unfortunately, the teacher came in and busted us yet again.

      The scene restarted again. This time, I was counting the seconds until the teacher would show up. I tried to warn everyone that the teacher would be coming, but I had something in my mouth and throat that made me unable to say anything. I started banging on my desk and motioning towards the seat. My friend M realized what I was doing, and yelled for everyone to sit down. Everyone rushed to their seats and looked like they were behaving. We waited for about a minute, but the teacher never even walked by. Everyone got back up and went back to work. One girl asked me why I thought that the teacher was coming. I told them that I had just kind of sensed it, since I had had this dream multiple times before.

      I thought of what I was saying, and then it occurred to me that this was a dream. Just then, everyone rushed to their seats again, and the teacher walked in. She lectured us for a little bit, but then yelled at one of the students who didn't address her as "ma'am". She treated us like little kids, and then she decided to give us a quiz on "10 differences between birds and humans". By this point, I had had enough. I raised my hand.

      "Yeah, can I ask a question?"
      There was a collective gasp from everyone in the classroom, and a slight murmur of fear.
      "Well, what is it?"
      I did a quick nose plug RC to make sure I was really dreaming before I dropped the bombshell. "What exactly is the point of this?"
      There was another loud gasp from the class. This made me feel like more needed to be said, since it was obvious this teacher had been abusing the students into submission, so no one had the backbone to stand up to her.

      "Why do you think you can drag us - students who graduated from this school almost three years ago - back here and force us to listen to your second grade lessons?"
      The gasps of surprise changed to shouts of "Yeah", and "That's true!" I felt powerful, like I was about to start a revolution.
      "And furthermore, how can you punish us for doing the right things wrong, and punish us for doing the wrong things right?"
      Even in the dream, I knew this comment made zero sense, but it made the class go crazy. They were just about ready to burn the witch, basically. The teacher was furious and stormed out of the classroom to the applause of the class.

      I figured one coup was enough for today, so I decided to actually get some stuff done. I thought of the TOTMs and remembered the coal task, although I thought it required giving the coal to a little kid. I reached in my pocket for coal, but I couldn't find any. I affirmed to myself that there was coal in my other pocket, but I couldn't find it there either. After two or three attempts, I realized that I was saying the words, but still had some doubt as to if it would happen or not. Once I did an RC and reminded myself that I was dreaming, I patted my pockets and felt a hard lump in my right pocket. I reached in and pulled out a lump of coal wrapped in wax paper. It had icing on the top, which made it look like a cupcake, but I scraped it off as best as I could. I looked for the younger kids that were in our classroom, but all of them were gone. I walked out into the hallway, but it was empty.

      I walked outside into the courtyard. There were two kids on a miniature golf cart driving towards me. I stop them and tell them that I have a present for them. They seem excited, but when I pulled the coal out of my pocket, they seemed almost scared of it. They threw the cart in reverse and drove backwards until they hit a tree. I walked over and placed the coal on the dashboard of the cart and walked away. They drove forward for about 30 feet until they hit a bump. The cart rolled over and both of the kids fell out. I wasn't sure if I should go help them, but I saw a man (supposedly their dad) laughing and taking pictures with his phone. I lost lucidity at this point, and soon woke up.
      lucid , task of the month
    11. LUCID: Blood TOTM, and Super ADD Sci-fi Adventure

      by , 10-28-2014 at 08:33 AM
      I had an extra hour this morning since my college's convocation was cancelled today, so what better thing to do than take a nap.

      I woke up in my house. I knew instantly I was dreaming, since I woke up in the guest bedroom. I had already decided before I fell asleep that I wanted to do the blood TOTM, and preferably with dragon blood that would transform me into a dragon. I exit the room and head for the stairs. My mom is in front of me saying something that I don't remember. I think of sucking her blood instead, but I decide against it, as that would be creepy. I start to follow her to the kitchen, but the kitchen wasn't there, and instead I found myself in the bathroom. On the counter were what seemed like hundreds of little bottles of all different shapes, sizes, and colors.

      I found myself smack dab in the middle of a Macy's perfume department, basically.

      I try to find one that looks like it's blood of some kind, but nothing stands out to me. I can't even find one that was red. Okay, let's just try to make it appear. I start to visualize the bottle, from the bottom up. As I imagine the glass pattern and red liquid, I realize the bottle I'm envisioning is right in front of me. How convenient. I pick it up, but as I shake it, the red liquid slowly turns to blue. Neat. The top, which I hadn't visualized yet, was a cheap plastic trigger-spray thing. I open wide and spray a couple times into my mouth. It tastes metallic, exactly like blood. I keep spraying until I feel like I've ingested enough. Okay, so now to just let the dragon blood do its magic. Within a few seconds, my arms start twitching, and then shaking, and then convulsing. My back tenses up, and I feel something churning inside my stomach.

      Kind of like the last time I ate Taco Bell.

      I start to lose vision in my right eye, and then my left. The scene goes completely dark, and soon the convulsions stop, and there's a deafening silence. A few seconds pass. Suddenly, the scene reappears. I look in the mirror, and notice my snazzy new wings behind my back. They kind of looked like Charizard wings, but were more flesh-colored. Cool, it worked! I was honestly excited, as I haven't had any transformation work for me even that much. I try to decide where to take these babies for a spin, but I quickly wake up from excitement.

      I don't remember if this was a false or real awakening, but I lost lucidity. Still, I had a pretty amazing non-lucid at this point. Beware, it's pretty random at times, with lots of changes happening really fast, but it gets really good at the end. Just a glimpse into my ADD, I guess.

      I was at a waterpark with some friends. I went down this slide into this small pool at the bottom. I get out and stand a ways away, as another girl comes down the slide. She kind of stays in the pool for a while, as she's waiting for a friend to come down. I look over to the left to see an old lady in her 90's on a motorcycle. She's at the top of this dirt ramp a distance away, and closer to me was another halfpipe. At the sound of a horn, she takes off down the ramp and heads toward the halfpipe. Unfortunately, she crashes, but the motorcycle continues, shooting wildly off the ramp and careening into the pool next to it, where the girl still is waiting. It lands right on top of her, and she goes under the water a bit. Her head comes back up, but the water starts to turn red with blood. She doesn't have much of an expression on her face, but I know instantly that her legs have been severed off. I wave for someone to come help. Paramedics soon rush in. I see my friends on the other side of the pool. I walk over them, and one of my friends says that we need to pray for the girl that just got hurt. I agree, but I first need to put away the towel that I (suddenly) have in my hands.

      We are now on some kind of yacht. My friends are gathered around the kitchen table to pray, and I head to the sink to wring out my towel. I turn around to find I am now on a much smaller boat, and my friends are now tied up and sitting on a different boat. I run over to the edge to get a better look, and see this evil blonde lady standing on the other boat. She laughs maniacally at me.

      I originally thought it was some lady from my church, but now that I've googled "evil blonde lady", frick, I think it was Ann Coulter. This expression and everything.

      "I'm afraid I can't have you following me."

      She points behind me. I turn to see a Heavy from Team Fortress 2 dumping a bunch of gasoline into the bottom of my boat. The gasoline quickly comes up to my chest, at which point he steps out of the boat onto the dock. I remain cool and calm, as I know that "I've played this level of the game before." I walk to the back of the boat to a small white button that reads "Press here to exit." I click it, and the gasoline starts to drain. Well that was easy. I turn to my side to see the other boat speeding off into the distance. "Oh no you don't!" I jump into the driver's seat and give chase. We drive off the lake, down a river, and through the sewers. Meanwhile, the boat appears to get smaller and smaller, until it's about the size of a go-cart, just barely getting around my body. Still, it keeps me afloat, and apparently can fly, as I find out as I drive up a ladder in the sewers. It looks like I am in Counter-Strike, climbing the ladder while carrying the boat in front of me. I drive the boat until I come to a massive room that looks like a level from Portal. I walk down a hallway to my right.

      I don't remember at what point he joined me, but my buddy Mike was now with me. We walked through a couple dark office rooms that looked like they were abandoned.

      This is not Portal as far as I know, but it looks pretty dang close to my dream.

      "So, why are all these rooms dismantled?" Mike asks.
      "Oh, I cut the power to these rooms in an earlier level, so nothing in here works. It was optional, but it makes this part a heck of a lot easier."

      We come to another large Portal-like room. Lasers line the far walls, stretching diagonally at different heights. About fifty feet up is a small room surrounded by glass with the exit inside. There was a hole in the glass, and the wall on the other side was portalable, so it was a really simple solution. As I'm about to portal up, I hear footsteps around the corner. "Shoot, we gotta hide." We duck in a small recessed area in the darkness. The footsteps get closer and closer, until I'm certain we're going to be killed. Suddenly, I hear a quiet voice whisper,

      "Move closer, I can't talk very loud. If she knows I'm here, she'll kill me."

      I look up to see my friend Matt, who looks like he's turned into a half-man half-machine cyborg. There's wires running off of him connecting to different places on his body. I somehow know that he was on the boat that was kidnapped, and that he has been forced to work for the evil lady as her slave. He hands me a strange device.

      This is a barcode scanner. It's also apparently a futuristic flash drive of sorts.

      "I don't have much time to explain. She's set the facility to self-destruct in a few minutes, with all of us trapped inside. I've downloaded my conscience onto this drive. If you can connect it to the mainframe, I can override the explosion and get us out of here."
      I continue to stare at the device, somewhat confused as to what all is happening.
      "One last thing. If you are caught and capture, be sure to know four things. One, I was never here. Two, we do not know each other. Three, I am not American. And four..." He pauses for a moment, and a single tear runs down his face. "I always loved you."

      I embrace him for a hug, tears streaming down my face. "Thanks for everything, Matt. I'll never forget you." He turns and walks down the hallway we just came through, and Mike and I head towards a different exit at the floor level. We enter in what looks like a break room. It's dark, but I can still make out some things. I walk into the closet, and find all of my friends still tied up. Mike and I start untying them and tell them to stay quiet and hidden. Meanwhile, I look for some kind of computer or power box connected to the mainframe. Then, there's a noise.

      I turn around to see the evil lady walk into the room with a mug in her hand. She turns on the lights, looks up, and freezes. My friends and I all stare with a deer-in-headlights look. She quickly turns and presses the emergency button on the wall. The lights turn red, and I hear a computerized voice.

      "EMERGENCY! Intruder detected. Self-destruct initiated."

      She then rushes me. I grab the first thing I can find, a plastic fork on the counter. I stab her in the side, but the prongs of the fork break off and do no damage. She immediately retaliates and stabs me in the side. I flinch, expecting pain, but realize nothing happened. She pulls back her arm, and in her hand is another plastic fork with broken prongs. Looks like she had the same idea. She pauses for a second, and then humorously remarks,

      "We just had to get the cheap forks, didn't we?"

      She throws the fork over her shoulder and runs out the door. Meanwhile, a few guards rush in the other door and start firing. I duck behind an overturned table. The sprinklers overhead start spraying, until it's absolute chaos everywhere. So this is where it ends, I guess. I look to my side to see a very out-of-place port in the wall that fits Matt's drive perfectly. It's quite a ways away, and would be practically suicide to try to get to it. A voice comes over the intercom.

      "Explosion imminent. Evacuate the facilities. Destruction in 30 seconds."

      Yep, this is where it ends. No time to waste. I dart out from behind the table and dive for more cover, slowly inching my way towards the port.

      "Destruction in 15 seconds."

      I try to decide my next move. The port is still a good 30 feet away. I try to take into account the location of the guards, the positions of Mike and the rest of my friends, the odds that the sprinklers would give me just enough cover to make it.

      "Destruction in 10 seconds."

      Nope, I should probably just go! I pull out the drive and dart towards the port. Everything moves in slow motion. I can see the bullets moving towards me in bullet time. I can see my friends looking on in disbelief. I can see each drop of water pouring from the sprinklers overhead. Just a few more feet. I stretch the drive out in front of me. Time slows to a stop. Until suddenly, I wake up.

      I know, random WWE wrestler, I felt the same way.
    12. LUCID: Psycho Physics, and the Pumpkin TOTM

      by , 10-11-2014 at 11:41 PM
      I WILDed into my dorm room, as I almost always do. The dream seemed very unstable from the get-go, so I decided to wait it out before I tried anything major. I first walked around a bit, touching everything, reminding myself that it was a dream. I then got the weird idea to walk up the wall. Yeah, it was weird, but I figured, why not? I walked up to the door, put my foot on it, and then pulled my other foot up. I was now standing on the door, and my body was now parallel to the floor.

      This cat's reaction is also similar to my own.

      Well this is unique. I walked around beside the door to open it, and then fell through the hole/doorway. I landed on the wall in the hall, but then walked back down onto the floor, since I was beginning to get dizzy.

      I flew to the end of the hall, opened the door, and made my way down the stairs to the outside. I walked over to a tree by the road and looked up at the many oranges on it. I reached up, pulled one down, and proceeded to stare at it for a while. It suddenly reminded me that I wanted to do the Task of the Month. I looked around for a pumpkin, and found a big display of hay bales and pumpkins for some fall festival (how incredibly convenient). I grabbed one from the ground, but it felt really mushy. Well, I can just peel this one apart, I guess. I pulled apart the pumpkin, only to find that the inside was much like the inside of an orange.


      So there I was, holding basically a giant orange. I was curious, so I took a large bite of it, and sure enough, it tasted just like an orange. It tasted decent, but I quickly grew tired of it. I tried to remember whether the task was to open a pumpkin, or to smash a pumpkin. Eh, wouldn't hurt just to be safe. I picked up another pumpkin, which felt much more like a normal pumpkin should. I took it over to the sidewalk and

      Sorry, couldn't resist.

      It burst open, and about 50 small coins, mostly dimes and pennies, spilled out onto the ground. Hmm, not too bad, I guess. But I enjoyed smashing these pumpkins, so I picked up another one. I could feel and hear something rattling inside, so I wasn't surprised when I threw it on the ground and more coins came out. I repeated this cycle several times. I felt like Link smashing pots or something.

      Thankfully, no awkward dress/skirt thing in my dream.

      When I finally grew tired of this, I began to walk off and try to think of another TOTM, but I quickly woke up.
      lucid , task of the month
    13. LUCID: Randomness, Harry Potter, and Fortune Cookies

      by , 09-03-2014 at 12:30 AM
      Took a nice nap this afternoon. There was an interesting start, as I had some trouble transitioning, and I kind of got stuck between the real and dream worlds - distinctly hearing my roommate typing away on his keyboard but also interacting with my DCs at the same time. I kind of went back and forth in and out of sleep, until I finally got a nice long dream.

      I don't remember exactly how everything pieced together, but I had three distinct scenes. First, I was at work, working the support desk at my college's computer lab. An Asian girl and her 2 friends walked up and asked for help with her computer. I tried to take a look at it, but she suddenly came around the desk, leaned her head on my shoulder, and started flirting with me. I asked her to back up, but she moved in closer. I remembered that it was just a dream, so I shouted at her "You're not even real!" and ran away.

      The next scene was in some kind of warehouse. I was in the back trying to figure out what to do in my lucid. I remembered the TOTMs. I decided to start with the Expecto Patronum one. I first tried with just twirling my hand in the air and shouting "Expecto Patronum", but nothing happened. OK, maybe I need a wand of some kind. I happened to find a plastic straw. Well, gotta make do with what you've got. I spun the straw in the air and shouted the words, and this time I saw a trail of smoke run in a line across the floor. I tried once again, and this time the line of smoke was larger and more noticeable. I tried one last time, this time moving the "wand" in the air until I saw a blue aura around it. "Expecto Patronum!" The blue smoke shot to the ground, and suddenly a long snake appeared along the smoke line on the ground. The snake was about 15 feet long and started to move toward me. I tried to go around on the other side of it, but its mouth suddenly turned into the mouth of a crocodile and snapped at me. I dodged out of the way and kept walking.

      Finally, there was a scene where I was looking for a fortune cookie for another TOTM. Well, I'll probably find one in this kitchen. I walked through a door into the kitchen at my old house. I walked to the sink, and sure enough, there was a fortune cookie there. I opened it up and ate half of it before reading the inside. I pulled out the paper and unraveled it. All it said was the word "Help". Help? That's it? I looked inside the cookie to see 3 more papers bunched up inside. I took out the first one. "Me." And the second one. "I'm." Finally, I read the last paper. "A cookie." Okay, genius, you got me... I then proceeded to rip up the papers and eat the other half of the cookie before eventually waking up.
    14. LUCID: Foreign Languages, TOTM, and The Laser Games

      by , 08-27-2014 at 09:09 PM
      Early morning naps = long vivid WILDs

      The dream started much like my last lucid. I was in my bed, while some of my friends were in my room talking. I was lying down, but I had a hard time moving. I was basically moving like a sloth, as my arms felt like they were 500 lbs a piece. I wouldn't call it SP, as I was lucid in a dream. I slowly reached for the handrail by my top bunk. As soon as I grabbed it, I started floating, and me and the bar were transported to into this fairly dark "void", for lack of better term. I was being pulled up, so I held onto the bar to keep from flying away.

      At this point, I'm pretty sure I woke up, but then DEILDed back into another dream. I was on my bed again, and my friends were talking again. I was able to actually get up now, although I was kind of helplessly floating around the room. I finally managed to gain my footing on the ground. I then tried to head for the window to get out, but as soon as I hit the window, I woke up and DEILDed again.

      Again, I was in my room, although this time my friends were gone and I started on the floor. I tried for the window again, and this time I actually got through. I found myself in this alley, with a good view of the moon above me. I wanna go up there, I thought to myself. I squated down to prepare for a fast takeoff, and then jumped with all my might. I instead moved about 2 mph towards the sky. I got back down and tried again, but still no luck. I changed my mind and instead flew around the corner of the building, but then I woke up and DEILDed again.

      I was now walking down a hallway of my college. Maybe I should start doing something productive now. I remembered one of the TOTMs that I hadn't done yet. I walked up to some random guy. "Hey, do you know any other languages?" "Yeah, I'm fluent in German." "Cool, can you tell me a word?" "No." He walked faster to get away from me and turned into a classroom. I followed him in.

      There was another group of guys standing around talking. I walk up and ask if any of them know any other languages. They all in turn reply no. Why do my DCs have to be so American? Then, a girl walked over to me. "Do you know any foreign words?" "Oh yeah, I know lots of them." "Cool, can you give me an example of one?" "Well have you ever heard of 'juh-kan-uh'?" "How do you spell that?" "Jicanon." "There's a silent n on the end?" "Sure, why not?" "Okay then, what does it mean?" As she walked away, she turned back and shouted "It means armed with a laser." A laser, huh? Sounds like a pointless word to me. Little did I know just how applicable that word would be.

      I DEILDed one more time. I was now in the large auditorium we have at our campus. The entire student body was there, and we each has this small black sensor on our chest with a tiny LCD screen on the top. Our provost got up on stage and announced the start of the annual Laser Games. "You each have five lives. Last person standing wins. You have 10 minutes until the starting horn. Go!"

      There was a mad dash from the auditorium. I had no idea what was happening, so I followed the crowd. Outside there were boxes of laser guns of all different sizes. I grabbed both a pistol and a rifle, strapped them to my back, and took off. I met up with some of my friends at the hill by the auditorium. We quickly tried to build a fort or some kind, but before we could finish, a loud horn echoed from the speakers around the campus. The games had begun.

      I turned around in time to see another group ambushing us from behind. I grabbed my pistol and fired at the guy who was rushing at me. I felt my sensor vibrate a little, marking that my lives were being depleted. After some time, the attacker's sensor let out a loud beep, and an electric shock brought him to the ground. I stopped to catch my breath and looked down at the screen on my sensor. "1 Kill. 2 Lives." Hmmm, let's try that again. I rewinded the scene, and turned around to see the ambush again. This time my aim was much better, and I brought my attacker down in seconds. I looked at my screen again. "1 Kill. 5 Lives." Much better.

      I pulled out my rifle and went after the guys attacking my team. I easily took down most of them. Their last member pulled out a sword and came after me. Yes, a freaking sword. He took a big swing, but luckily I managed to dodge it. I quickly pulled out my pistol and took him down before he could swing again. He fell with a thud, dropping his sword at his side. "Hey, can I borrow this?" "Sure, it's all yours." You never know when a giant freaking sword might come in handy. I next heard another beeping sound, but this time it was my alarm, and I woke up.
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    15. LUCID: FAs Galore, TOTM, and the Search for Bart

      by , 08-22-2014 at 12:07 AM
      I had a late afternoon nap, and then WILDed into a dream. My dream recall's not to great lately, but I do remember the important parts.

      I was in my friend's dorm room. I was on the top bunk, and three other guys were talking about something. I realized it was a dream, so I was not interested in their conversation. I jumped out the window (or, more really crashed through it, since it was fully closed) and flew outside. I got a ways away, just doing random tricks and stuff, when the dream destabilized.

      Next thing I know, I was back. Back in the top bunk, while my friends were still talking. Okay, let's try that again. I jumped/crashed out the window again, to the same kind of scenery, except this time, there was less "rendered", for lack of better term. Just the area around my dorm was there, everything else was just black. I tried flying up until I could see all of it.

      And then I woke up. In the top bunk. My friends were talking. Seriously? This is getting old. I don't remember exactly how many times this repeated, but by at least the fourth or fifth time, I was aware enough to not let it happen. This last time, I actually had great control of my flight, and the scenery was full, minus one part where I flew over one area that looked like it hadn't fully loaded in Google Earth.

      And then I woke up. Thankfully, not in the top bunk again. Instead, I was in some kind of jail, right behind the metal bars. Okay, I should probably do something other than just fly. What were those TOTM's again? I racked my brain, since I hadn't even looked at the thread for like 2 weeks. The only one I could remember was the eyeball one. Okay, that one's not too hard. I pulled up my sunglasses that I was apparently wearing, and reached into my left eye. I kept telling myself it didn't hurt, and sure enough, with a little effort, it just slid out. I held it in my hand. Surprisingly, it was about the size of a baseball. I should have a little fun with this. I shifted my glance to the left, and the eyeball rolled a little to the left. I shifted to the right, and the eyeball rolled a little back to the right. It kind of looked like one of those novelty weasel balls rolling in my hand. Huh. I wonder if I can look through it too. Just then, a kind of ghost image appeared on the left side of my vision. It was facing an entirely different direction, like it was the direct feed from the eyeball to my brain. Okay, that's kind of creepy. I stuck the eyeball back in my head and went on. I somehow was transported to this large restaurant.

      Story Break. There was one thing I hadn't done yet in my dream. I have been trying to create a persistent dream character through cosmodius95's incubation method, which you can find here. So long story short, I have been trying to create this guy named Bart, short for Bartholomew, a wolf-like dream guide I had in one of my older lucids. As the story goes, Bart is my best friend, and has the ability to transform into a wolf at will. He's about 6'1", has brown hair, blue eyes.

      So I tried looking for Bart. The restaurant wasn't packed, but there were still a substantial amount of people, none of them matching the description of Bart. I finally asked a moderately intoxicated woman if she knew anyone there named Bart. She said yes, and brought me over to a buff, fairly intimidating looking guy. "Wait, no, this isn't Bart. That's Kevin." She brought me over to another guy who didn't look like him, and another, and another. Finally, she just shouted, "Is there anyone here named Bart?" One guy in the back stood up and raised his hand. I walked over to him. He was fairly short with black hair, so he still didn't match the description (in fact, he looked like one of my friends IWL), but apparently I didn't care. He acted like I was an old friend of his, and we did that sort of bro-hug thing that is all the rage nowadays. He asked how my dream was going so far. "Pretty good, got the task of the month out of the way." "Nice dude, about time." "Ha, I know, right?" He looked nothing like the Bart I had imagined, but he sure acted like him.

      And then I woke up. In the top bunk. Screw this. I jumped out the window and flew until I woke up for real.

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