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    1. 1/31 - prison field trip / semi-lucid to AP

      by , 01-31-2023 at 03:55 PM
      I was chaperoning a school field trip with my husband where the kids went to observe a prison.
      The prison guards escorted the kids and us to an upstairs viewing area behind chain link fence with barbed wire on top. the kids sat down in front of the fence and were observing the prisoners while my husband found a spot to peek through as well. The kids were having a good time and talking and pointing, but they were unusually well behaved. Even though the viewing area was ~ 12-15 feet off the ground, we were on the same level as some of the prisoner's heads since they were abnormally tall. The guard begins to give a speech, but the dream changes....

      me and my husband are at the jail's waiting area/loby alone. We are sitting together on a bench. the area is in an open air patio with entrances to the prison on our left and right. In front of us are some vending machines with a large oak tree providing canopy. I begin to see an hotel room out of my left eye as if im slowly opeing my eye while sleeping.
      This makes me think im dreaming. the rest of the dream switches to the hotel room scenario where i am laying down in a bed and have the familiar tingly feeling of being semi-paralyzed. i think to myself 'since im already awake, i should try AP once again'. I do the rocking technique, but something very strnge happens. Just like I was seeing the image of the hotel room out of my left eye as if i was opening it, I began to see the image of my room since I had begun to open my real eyes. So I was seeing the dream and my actual room superimposed on eachother. In the dream and irl i began to sit up and leave my body laying down. the dream faded, but as soon as I was done sitting up, my astral body slingshotted back into my physical body

      After this, I felt like my physical body was not calibrated with my astral body: I felt about half a milimeter further ahead than my physical body, and the tingling sensation remained in the back of my head. The feeling is gone now that i have written this, though my head still feels a bit tingly.