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    some fragments

    by , 05-05-2015 at 10:55 AM (651 Views)
    Waited too long to journal, almost everything is gone by now (noon), but I thought why not write that down anyways:

    I was going across country, had some goal in mind to go to, but I forgot what that was.
    But - the way led through a stall with pigs. And the guys working there and even me only traversing were rendered naked upon entrance, but not for any frivolities, but because one could afterwards easily get clean again by hosing down with a water tube.
    Seemed entirely logical in the dream and the pigs were nice...

    Another snippet - I went with a friend to a cafe and she found out they have a theater attached and also that taking part there, and generally going into theater would be her new goal in life and she went right ahead and started rehearsals with them.

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