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    My 5th Lucid Dream

    by , 06-01-2013 at 01:49 PM (266 Views)
    Saturday Morning 1st June 2013

    Again i was horrifically drunk last night and wasn't expecting to have a Lucid Dream this morning, but i got one. I've found being hungover makes it very difficult to stabilize the dream, takes some effort! It's also harder to recall your dreams, but here is what i remember.

    I don't remember much prior to being lucid, just being at some druggie sort of hide out in a dark area. This guy come up to me and started on me, it came to me pretty quick that i was dreaming. But i almost lost the dream and took me a while to get proper control. Anyways by the time i had it sorted the guy had gone, lucky for him.

    Next i was on top of what seemed to be a massive climbing frame, like really high! I was on a platform overlooking lots of building on a nice sunny day. My dad was there working, (i work for my dad, scaffolding,) i said to him,

    "I told you yesterday i wasn't working."

    He replied,

    "Well you might as well now you're here."

    I thought i'd teach him a lesson. I turned around so i was overlooking the rooftops. I looked towards the sky and blew out gently, like you do when you're blowing on hot food. As i blew the sky darkened, the clouds moved in, and a hurricane style wind come steaming through knocking over anything in it's path. Dad was clinging on for dear life, he was panicking. He said he was sorry and asked me to stop. I put out my hand, palm down, and lowered my hand softly, as i did the wind died down, the clouds parted and the sun came back out.

    I have a bit of a memory blank after this. The next thing i remember there was a lady there (still on the climbing frame thing,) i don't know who she was or what she'd done but she had definitely annoyed me.

    I stuck my hand out, and used my mind to lift her off the ground. I walked her to the edge of the climbing frame, and off the end, still under my control. I lowered her down to ground level where there was a river flowing alongside us. I levitated her above the water for a bit, before dunking her in and back out repeatedly. She was struggling for breath and i was getting bored or dunking her so i dropped her in.

    This was the last i remember of my lucidity. I then had the struggle of making myself write it down while i was feeling so ill and just wanted to sleep!

    Thanks for reading

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