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    1. Night To Day

      by , 10-09-2014 at 08:31 AM
      It was the middle of night outside my house. I realised i was dreaming when i had to get to Amy, who was in mum and dads car. I found her phone in my pocket so i couldnt contact her. I thought, 'Well if this is a dream ill just jump in my car.' I was struggling to drive at all, it just span and jolted. I decided to look at my hands to gain control and stabalize. I had trouble staying lucid and my hands were just spinning round and round. I snapped out of it and was sat back in the car exactly as i was before. I took a moment to look around and realised how dark and alone i was. No street lamps on, and i panicked slightly as id had difficulty controlling the dream so far. Thats when i had bad thoughts - 'What if theres soneone behind me when i turn round?' And because i imagined it, i turned round and there was a white face sat staring at me above the headrest. An entirely white face, white eyes, with no hair or body. It made me jump and as i kept turning my head i noticed there was now more white heads sitting in each seat of my car. Pretty freaky actually. This all happened fast and i was very close to waking myself up, but i took a second to compose myself and remind myself i was dreaming and i was perfectly safe. I turned back to the head poking over my headrest, looked it dead in the eye and said "See you later lads," before putting my hand up to give his nose a little wiggle and getting out. As i opened the door all the heads gave me a smile to say goodbye. Now i was walking along the side of Sompting rec in the dark still. I decided the darkness didnt match my nightmare conquering good mood. So i looked up and could see the glow of the sun right down under the horizon. Using my hands and my mind i pulled the blazing sun across the night sky. It moved fairly fast for its size! The huge ball of fire replacing the stars with light. The sun was now directly above me with steam visibly coming off it into a big blue sky. I looked down again and it was just like a normal daytime dream again. Even the air smelt fresher, and i could see and hear kids now playing in the playground.
      Everything was much more homely. I took a minute to stabalize the dream again, running my hands down the bushes at the side of the school. As i was watching my hands touch each fern and leaf poking out of the fence i could feel the dream become more vivid again. I even ran my hands over a wet glistening spiders web within the bushes, ever so gently to avoid breaking it, but enough to feel the damp silk clinging to my fingers. When i turned round young Andy was there, and i was stood just outside Jamie's shed. Apparently Andy had seen me move the sun with my bare hands and was understandably amazed. He guided me in towards he shed, which now had a pool table in the middle of the room. He asked to see what else i could do, he snapped a pool cue in half over his knee and handed it to me. I held a half in both hands. Holding the bottom still in my right and running my left along the cue from the top towards the break. As my left hand past halfway and covered the break i imagined it being fixed. I pulled my hand off, and the cue was as good as new again. Andy was again impressed.
    2. Part Of A Lucid Dream

      by , 06-23-2013 at 12:18 PM
      Basically I made the mistake of not writing this dream down, I was too tired and couldn't be bothered, I know terrible attitude but I've learnt from it now. So I don't even remember what date I had this dream on. But the following is all I can remember from what I think was a reasonably long LD, so this isn't a very exciting read.

      All I can recall is how I became Lucid and the very start of the dream. I was standing on a wooden rope bridge type thing, In what looked like a jungle area. Suddenly I see a lion charging straight at me across the bridge. As soon as I realise I'm in danger I become Lucid.

      I stand my ground as the lion gets closer and closer. As it reaches me it leaps off the ground at me. Just before he lands on me I stick my hand out, not touching him, but am holding him in mid-air with my mind. I look at it for a second, then point my other hand at it and morph it into a cute little kitten, and put it back down again.

      Unfortunately this is literally all I can remember from my dream, lesson learnt.
    3. My 6th Lucid Dream

      by , 06-07-2013 at 06:34 PM
      Thursday Morning 6th June 2013

      So prior to this week i had been off work for six weeks due to a little operation, this allowed me plenty of sleep and time to get used to Lucid Dreaming. I had been worried about how it was going to affect me when i went back to work on Monday as i get woken up at 6.45-7.00. The first few days i had to adjust my sleeping pattern significantly, but on Thursday i had a Lucid Dream.

      Recent Lucid Dreams seem to start with something scary happening, not necessarily a nightmare but when something bad happens that's the most common way at the moment for me to realise i am dreaming. I know i was in some building somewhere with a group of people, and we were told to let nobody in as we wouldn't be disturbed. Suddenly the doorbell went and everybody started panicking. We didn't answer so whoever it was, i think it was basically people trying to kill us, just broke in. I was just about to wake myself up, like i always used to do, when i realised "hang on, if i'm about to wake myself up then i must be dreaming!"

      I reassured Jamie, (my best mate who happened to be there,) that everything would be okay. I ran towards the door, and as i approached the guys that were breaking in, i sort of leaped and flew at them full force through the doorway, causing like a massive shock wave knocking them over. And that was the last i saw of the bad guys.

      Next i was outside in what seemed to be a never ending field, it was night time. Jamie was just wondering off as if nothing had happened. I told him i'd prove to him that i'm dreaming but he didn't seemed fussed. So i went for a fly around anyway to prove it.

      I tried something else i'd seen in the X-Men films, (X-Men First Class,) there is a boy in it called Banshee who basically uses his voice to create sonic waves. He then learns to fly by using the right frequency to force him off the ground.

      So i tried that whilst flying, i copied the scream exactly as i had heard in the films, and it sort of worked, took a couple of heavy landings but i mastered it in the end. I practiced by dive bombing Jamie, felt pretty cool actually!

      Here is a link to show you - X-Men First Class Movie Clip (Banshee Flies) - YouTube

      I then tried to make fireballs in my hand, eventually i want to be able to control all of the elements with no trouble. I put both my hands out infront of me, (whilst levitating fairly high,) and twisted both my wrists quickly, from palms down to palms up. As my palms turned upwards i had two burning balls of fire in my hands, excellent! I moved them around in my hands for a few moments playing with them and then i seemed to lose concentration slightly and they disappeared. I tried the same technique to summon more fire from my hands but i think i was then trying to hard and woke my self up. Need to practice that!

      Anyway thanks for reading
    4. My 5th Lucid Dream

      by , 06-01-2013 at 01:49 PM
      Saturday Morning 1st June 2013

      Again i was horrifically drunk last night and wasn't expecting to have a Lucid Dream this morning, but i got one. I've found being hungover makes it very difficult to stabilize the dream, takes some effort! It's also harder to recall your dreams, but here is what i remember.

      I don't remember much prior to being lucid, just being at some druggie sort of hide out in a dark area. This guy come up to me and started on me, it came to me pretty quick that i was dreaming. But i almost lost the dream and took me a while to get proper control. Anyways by the time i had it sorted the guy had gone, lucky for him.

      Next i was on top of what seemed to be a massive climbing frame, like really high! I was on a platform overlooking lots of building on a nice sunny day. My dad was there working, (i work for my dad, scaffolding,) i said to him,

      "I told you yesterday i wasn't working."

      He replied,

      "Well you might as well now you're here."

      I thought i'd teach him a lesson. I turned around so i was overlooking the rooftops. I looked towards the sky and blew out gently, like you do when you're blowing on hot food. As i blew the sky darkened, the clouds moved in, and a hurricane style wind come steaming through knocking over anything in it's path. Dad was clinging on for dear life, he was panicking. He said he was sorry and asked me to stop. I put out my hand, palm down, and lowered my hand softly, as i did the wind died down, the clouds parted and the sun came back out.

      I have a bit of a memory blank after this. The next thing i remember there was a lady there (still on the climbing frame thing,) i don't know who she was or what she'd done but she had definitely annoyed me.

      I stuck my hand out, and used my mind to lift her off the ground. I walked her to the edge of the climbing frame, and off the end, still under my control. I lowered her down to ground level where there was a river flowing alongside us. I levitated her above the water for a bit, before dunking her in and back out repeatedly. She was struggling for breath and i was getting bored or dunking her so i dropped her in.

      This was the last i remember of my lucidity. I then had the struggle of making myself write it down while i was feeling so ill and just wanted to sleep!

      Thanks for reading
    5. Part Two - Following On From My Fourth Lucid Dream / False Awakenings!

      by , 05-29-2013 at 02:03 PM
      Wednesday Morning May 29th 2013

      So hopefully you've read part one which leads straight into this. I had just used Lucidity to prevent a nightmare, followed by forcing myself awake so i could write it down in my Dream Journal.

      I can't remember exactly where i woke up but i went straight over to pick up my Dream Journal. I took it downstairs where i saw Jamie. I told him i'd just altered a nightmare and had to write it down. He mentioned that i'd been making lots of noise in my nightmare and heard me when i said things in the dream. Thought that was weird. So went into the lounge and sat down starting to write.

      Didn't take me long to realise that this was nothing like my house (i don't have bright green wallpaper) and i hadn't actually woken up. I closed my eyes and opened them again, straight away recognised the area as being in the tunnel at Old Trafford, Manchester. Obviously this meant i wasn't really awake again. Closed my eyes and tried to wake up again.

      This time i'd woken up to my actual bedroom, looked perfect. Suddenly my brother Robbie grabbed my arms, (i sleep with the bottom of the bed against the wall, and my head in the middle of the room so i have more space to stretch my arms while i'm sleeping.) He had me properly pinned down and i couldn't move. I tried yelling for him to stop but with no luck.

      It then dawned on me that this might not be real again. I managed to get my arms free, and did the thumb through the hand reality check, didn't work. I was convinced by now though. I held my nose and tried to breath through it, i could still breath! I ignored Robbie, plonked my head on the pillow and closed my eyes.

      I opened my eyes, back in my bedroom again, perhaps the detail even more convincing than before. Robbie was back in bed across the room asleep, just as everything should be.

      I went to sit up to get my Dream Journal, but something was wrong. My dream body arm moved up but i could feel my real body still lying down. I could feel the exact position i was lying in in real life, and my dream body was struggling to come apart from it. Every time i tried to move it felt like i was being dragged back down by my real body. So again i hit the pillow, and closed my eyes.

      I awoke with everything in exactly the same place. I tried to sit up, but again the same effect of being dragged down so i knew i was dreaming. Lay down and closed my eyes.

      I am back in exactly the same place with the same surroundings. But it feels so real every time! I go to move again, still stuck. I'm still lying on my side, so this time i try and fight it. I put both my arms on the bed and try and crowbar myself to sitting up. I managed to get to sitting position, but the force pulling back from where i can feel my real body is so strong. I struggled against it for a while then gave up.

      It reminded me of that 'Brer Rabbit Tar Baby' episode! I was a little panicked and annoyed at this point but i tried to stay calm. I lay down, closed my eyes and really tried to pull myself out of the dream without opening my eyes this time. It felt like it worked, but for obvious reasons i wasn't to trusting.

      I opened my eyes to what i had seen the last three attempts, lying on my side, Robbie asleep over the other side of the room. I tried to move my arms, i was free! I done the breathing reality check, it confirmed i was awake!

      Thank F**k for that!

      Has anyone experienced the sensations i was describing in the last few awakenings? It was really weird, not particularly scary, just strange.

      Thanks for reading
    6. My Fourth Lucid Dream / Nightmare Prevention (Part One)

      by , 05-29-2013 at 01:22 PM
      Wednesday Morning May 29th 2013

      I was pretty happy with myself this morning as my previous three Lucid Dreams were all as a result of the WBTB technique. The whole episode that you're about to read was over by 7am, the first time i remember waking up.

      The first dream i remember seemed to take a turn for the worst pretty quick. I was lying in a bed, not mine, with some blonde woman i don't recognise. The room was small and lit only by a lamp. We weren't alone for long, when Jamie (my best mate) walked in. The mood in the room turned instantly frosty. A few nasty words, which i can't remember, were exchanged between Jamie and the woman. Then suddenly Jamie pulled out a pair of scissors, followed by the woman pulling out a knife.

      I realised that something was wrong and became Lucid pretty quick!

      My first reaction was to jump in between them and hold them apart. I tired shouting,


      For about a second or two they did, then they lunged at each other again. I was trying to think of how i could change the situation as I've read about doing. I pointed at the woman and shouted,

      "Turn into a little girl!"

      She started to shrink and change appearance until she was a little girl about three years old. I then turned my head to Jamie who i was holding back behind me and shouted,


      And as quick as i said it, he'd vanished! I turned back to the little girl who was just sitting down with a cheeky smile on her face. I said to her,

      "Good girl, go put your shoes on."

      She wondered off out of the room leaving just me. This is when i tried to wake myself up, (which normally i can do without any problem,) so i could write the events down in me dream journal.

      I will write part two in my next dream journal entry so it's separated and doesn't drag on forever...
    7. My Third Lucid Dream (very short)

      by , 05-26-2013 at 01:48 PM
      Sunday Morning May 26th 2013

      I was getting a little bit annoyed as it has been ten days since my last Lucid Dream (and my first two came in quick succession,) however i went out last night and got very drunk, went to bed at 4am etc.. So i had basically written off Sunday morning to have an LD.

      Anywayyyy, i got up and did an unintentional WBTB cause i was hanging and needed the loo about 8am. I went back to sleep, then i am awake back in my bed again, but i realise i am dreaming instantly.

      I lay there looking at the ceiling for a minute, my hangover seemed to be very real in my dream too so i didn't really feel like moving.

      I looked at the light on the roof above me, it is in the shape of an aeroplane (i share the room with my little brothers.) I used my mind to play and alter the length and width of it back and forward for a bit. Then i noticed a deflated silver balloon hanging from the roof (which isn't there in real life.) I decided to see if i could inflate it without touching it.. I puffed my cheeks out, as you would if you were blowing it up, and the balloon got bigger, i released and it would go back down again. :bravo:

      This is when i woke up, felt crap and just rolled over and went back to sleep again.

      Quick question for you though. Out of interest, does this count as a false awakening or just happened to wake up in my bed for a Lucid Dream??

      Many thanks