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    Part Two - Following On From My Fourth Lucid Dream / False Awakenings!

    by , 05-29-2013 at 02:03 PM (498 Views)
    Wednesday Morning May 29th 2013

    So hopefully you've read part one which leads straight into this. I had just used Lucidity to prevent a nightmare, followed by forcing myself awake so i could write it down in my Dream Journal.

    I can't remember exactly where i woke up but i went straight over to pick up my Dream Journal. I took it downstairs where i saw Jamie. I told him i'd just altered a nightmare and had to write it down. He mentioned that i'd been making lots of noise in my nightmare and heard me when i said things in the dream. Thought that was weird. So went into the lounge and sat down starting to write.

    Didn't take me long to realise that this was nothing like my house (i don't have bright green wallpaper) and i hadn't actually woken up. I closed my eyes and opened them again, straight away recognised the area as being in the tunnel at Old Trafford, Manchester. Obviously this meant i wasn't really awake again. Closed my eyes and tried to wake up again.

    This time i'd woken up to my actual bedroom, looked perfect. Suddenly my brother Robbie grabbed my arms, (i sleep with the bottom of the bed against the wall, and my head in the middle of the room so i have more space to stretch my arms while i'm sleeping.) He had me properly pinned down and i couldn't move. I tried yelling for him to stop but with no luck.

    It then dawned on me that this might not be real again. I managed to get my arms free, and did the thumb through the hand reality check, didn't work. I was convinced by now though. I held my nose and tried to breath through it, i could still breath! I ignored Robbie, plonked my head on the pillow and closed my eyes.

    I opened my eyes, back in my bedroom again, perhaps the detail even more convincing than before. Robbie was back in bed across the room asleep, just as everything should be.

    I went to sit up to get my Dream Journal, but something was wrong. My dream body arm moved up but i could feel my real body still lying down. I could feel the exact position i was lying in in real life, and my dream body was struggling to come apart from it. Every time i tried to move it felt like i was being dragged back down by my real body. So again i hit the pillow, and closed my eyes.

    I awoke with everything in exactly the same place. I tried to sit up, but again the same effect of being dragged down so i knew i was dreaming. Lay down and closed my eyes.

    I am back in exactly the same place with the same surroundings. But it feels so real every time! I go to move again, still stuck. I'm still lying on my side, so this time i try and fight it. I put both my arms on the bed and try and crowbar myself to sitting up. I managed to get to sitting position, but the force pulling back from where i can feel my real body is so strong. I struggled against it for a while then gave up.

    It reminded me of that 'Brer Rabbit Tar Baby' episode! I was a little panicked and annoyed at this point but i tried to stay calm. I lay down, closed my eyes and really tried to pull myself out of the dream without opening my eyes this time. It felt like it worked, but for obvious reasons i wasn't to trusting.

    I opened my eyes to what i had seen the last three attempts, lying on my side, Robbie asleep over the other side of the room. I tried to move my arms, i was free! I done the breathing reality check, it confirmed i was awake!

    Thank F**k for that!

    Has anyone experienced the sensations i was describing in the last few awakenings? It was really weird, not particularly scary, just strange.

    Thanks for reading

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