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    My Fourth Lucid Dream / Nightmare Prevention (Part One)

    by , 05-29-2013 at 01:22 PM (248 Views)
    Wednesday Morning May 29th 2013

    I was pretty happy with myself this morning as my previous three Lucid Dreams were all as a result of the WBTB technique. The whole episode that you're about to read was over by 7am, the first time i remember waking up.

    The first dream i remember seemed to take a turn for the worst pretty quick. I was lying in a bed, not mine, with some blonde woman i don't recognise. The room was small and lit only by a lamp. We weren't alone for long, when Jamie (my best mate) walked in. The mood in the room turned instantly frosty. A few nasty words, which i can't remember, were exchanged between Jamie and the woman. Then suddenly Jamie pulled out a pair of scissors, followed by the woman pulling out a knife.

    I realised that something was wrong and became Lucid pretty quick!

    My first reaction was to jump in between them and hold them apart. I tired shouting,


    For about a second or two they did, then they lunged at each other again. I was trying to think of how i could change the situation as I've read about doing. I pointed at the woman and shouted,

    "Turn into a little girl!"

    She started to shrink and change appearance until she was a little girl about three years old. I then turned my head to Jamie who i was holding back behind me and shouted,


    And as quick as i said it, he'd vanished! I turned back to the little girl who was just sitting down with a cheeky smile on her face. I said to her,

    "Good girl, go put your shoes on."

    She wondered off out of the room leaving just me. This is when i tried to wake myself up, (which normally i can do without any problem,) so i could write the events down in me dream journal.

    I will write part two in my next dream journal entry so it's separated and doesn't drag on forever...

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