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    4/13/12 Fragmented Dreams

    by , 04-13-2012 at 12:22 PM (841 Views)
    I know I haven't updated in about a week. I've been almost too lazy to record my dreams. :/

    The Past
    I remember only parts of this dream. I was upstairs in a small library. This room seemed familiar for some reason. I found a cupboard full of past drawings I had drawn when I was little, and other scraps of paper.

    I decided to move all these somewhere else. I took each stack inside the cupboard to a table. I think I was going to sort them or something.

    By now, someone was with me. I donít really know why they were there, though. I just remember them running downstairs and coming back up to tell me something important.

    Fragment 2
    This dream took place in what looked like a mixture of my two parentsí houses. This dream was blurry and fragmented, so I donít really know what everything looked like. I remember going up to my little brother and asking him something in an upstairs room.
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    1. GoldenLight's Avatar
      That's a very interesting dream. Do you still draw?
    2. Sydney's Avatar
      Haha thanks. And yes I do.