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    Don't Push Me.. I'm Close To The Edge (DILD) 6/7/15

    by , 06-07-2015 at 12:57 PM (820 Views)

    I remember being at my mom's house in my slightly dark bedroom. The only other light that was in the room came from overcast light outside. About 5 other people were in there, out of those five I specifically remember Sim, Erin, and Mike being there.

    My bedroom had 4 other twin beds put in there, and my room was a bit bigger. The beds were side by side, and each person was laying on one with blankets. We were taking turns playing some sort of game of charades.

    I remember that it was my turn. I walked up to my desk with one of my blankets, and sat down in my desk chair. I didn't proceed to act out, though, because Sim and Erin were talking and I was talking with them.

    Suddenly, as if it was totally normal, I began to sort of "conduct" this music that was playing. It was the "20th Century Fox" theme music that plays before most movies. I don't know where it was coming from, but I didn't think it was weird or anything, in fact, I was having a lot of fun.

    After that ended, I was still sitting in the chair. Suddenly, Sim got onto her knees on her bed, held her blanket above her head so it made a sort of "cave" over her, and proceeded to "whip" her hair in a circular motion. Sort of like a stripper.

    "Wait, Sim no..." I said. "Don't do that.."

    Erin saw it too and was saying the same thing. "No.. you gotta do it like this." and Erin proceeded to whip her hair up and down.

    After a couple seconds, I said, "What am I even doing up here?" I got up from the chair and went and "sat" on top of my bedside table. Mike was to my right, looking at me curiously.

    Some urge of mine told me to open the cabinet of my bedside table. I reached down to the light tan cabinet knob of the bedside table, and opened it. Oddly, there was another door behind it. The same exact one, in fact, like I had never opened the door in the first place.

    Realization overtook me. "Wait a minute..." I said.

    I reached up to my nose, pinched, and breathed in. I was actually DREAMING!

    Suddenly, all noise had stopped. There were only three people in the room now. I could feel a weak presence at my right elbow; there was someone walking beside the bed to the left; and myself. This dawned on me in about a half second.

    Ignoring whatever was at my right, I slowly got off the bedside table and acted like I was walking towards whatever person was walking towards the bathroom now. It looked like someone I knew, but I couldn't really tell in the semi-darkness. Once my feet hit the floor, I suddenly felt someone push me from the right, my shoulder. I heard a large grunting noise from right beside my right ear, sounding like "ERR!" I expected that I would hit the ground. But instead, I kept falling. I couldn't see anything or feel anything. I felt like I could have been floating. From the time I was pushed to the time the dream ended, it had been about 3 seconds.

    Then I woke up, for real.

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    1. CloudOFmichael's Avatar
      Isn't the sensation of breathing through your pinched nose so amazing ^_^
      LOL loved the story! You should've stripper danced with them
      Sydney likes this.