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    Back To School (Non-Lucid)

    by , 07-13-2014 at 11:53 PM (419 Views)
    I had a dream before this one, but I woke up and soon forgot it, I think it was a more exciting one, but I don't know.

    But when I went back to sleep, I had a dream where I went back to school, except it wasn't my high school, it was a completely different school and the classrooms were primary school-like. The rest of that part of the dream was a blur because it was so boring.

    Next I was in the bedroom of my old house, but still in my current house (I wish I took notice and became lucid) and I began tidying up my room. Apparently I had tubs of medicine that I had stored because apparently I loved the taste (I don't).

    I picked up a bunch of wrappers and uncovered a dead fly which I soon ignored and it must've disappeared or something. I picked more wrappers and a bee/wasp came flying out of it, I somehow teleported to my bed room door (of my current house) and the bee/wasp flew into my neck and had some kind of spasm (I hate things touching my neck) and thought I was going to get stung and woke up with my neck clamped to my shoulder and began cringing because I thought I could still feel it touching my neck.

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