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    Night of Tuesday 4/9/24 (Comp Night 12)

    by , 04-12-2024 at 08:59 PM (51 Views)
    My dad is being investigated by a stereotypical gumshoes style detective.

    Champion of Farore:
    I’m in a volcano area. Similar to Death Mountain Crater from Ocarina of Time.
    There is a game mechanic where you must choose one of the three goddesses to support. I’ve chosen Farore.
    She has a large wizardly looking hat. This outfit that has the best stats, but there is another more simple one with tan cloth.
    There is a menu screen similar to Final Fantasy. I’m using an item called token and it teaches a move with very high special attack called Prometheus. But it won't be active until tomorrow. I understand this to mean tomorrow, real world time (not game time).
    To progress, you have to equip and unequip specific gear to show support to your goddess and then talk to npcs by doors leading deeper into the mountain.
    My point of view is similar to Pokemon now, where there are trainers that must be defeated with the gear equipped.
    Din’s trainer is a bulky looking bald guy, and he is the last one I need to defeat.
    The doors have opened pre-emptively but I go to defeat the last trainer anyway for the experience points.

    I’m in a park area, and there is a bulletin board in front of me. There is a war happening. Chaotic scene.

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