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    Night of 4/11/24 (Comp Night 14, Final)

    by , 04-12-2024 at 09:10 PM (47 Views)
    Before WBTB

    The Deal:
    I'm in a haunted house, a sort of Scooby-Doo scenario with a group of people my age.
    We’re in a room with fake doors, foam blocks cut up and filled into chasms. I start trying to feel out the walls, looking for fakes.
    I'm out in front leading the group because this type of thing doesn't really bother me.
    We get to the end of a hallway and there is a pantry. We all fill into the small room and I end up behind a woman.
    I understand that this woman can see smell. I engage with some NSFW stuff with this woman.
    Later, somebody says “things aren't so different after all”.

    We’re in the front yard of the mansion and we are trying out keys to several gates.
    I try one and clearly the key is wrong, but the door can be forced open. The group decides we shouldn't win this way.
    My coworker L is here and he has made a deal with a friend. The friend eventually shows up from inside the mansion but L is asleep on a bench now.
    The group moves away, not wanting to deal with the rough looking guy, but I stay.
    The guy starts going through L's jean pocket back looking for money. I keep watch.
    L wakes and catches him. L gets mad and starts threatening to kick his ass, but it seems like the deal was OK.

    After WBTB:

    I’m in a destroyed house, similar to the inn at Westfall from WoW but smaller.
    I’m chasing an animated character from a show I'm watching.
    Eventually I catch her and we start some NSFW stuff.
    I wake up pretty turned on.

    Something about being in a gas station store.
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