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    Bleached Hair/ DEILD attempt

    by , 07-15-2021 at 05:14 PM (304 Views)
    Bleached hair
    -DEILD attempt

    Iím upstairs with my wife. The house is in total darkness but I can make out her hair has changed colour and has gone a bleach blonde and looks oily and curly. I canít believe whatís happened and I assume something must have gone wrong with her hair dye. ďIím sorry to tell you this but somethings happened to your hairĒ I say. She gets up and walks to the bathroom.

    I suddenly feel odd, as though this isnít real but it all looks and feels so real? I then go to turn on the bathroom light for her but no light comes on only a faint flicker? I think thatís odd and I suddenly feel uncomfortable in the darkness with no light. Itís then my wife turns and jumps on me, grabbing me like sheís some possessed creature.

    This scares me and the struggle jolts me out of the dream and into the dark void. Iím now fully aware Iíve just exited a dream. All is black and I know I can get back into the dream if I try. ďDive, dive, diveĒ I repeat to myself. This was a mantra I had heard on dreamviews when attempting a WILD. It was all I could think of on the spot. I start to feel that pulling and falling sensation as if the darkness is pulling me into another dream but then I hear the sounds of the waking world and suddenly feel my body in bed. I am awake.

    Analysis: Another nightmare scenario and again it took place in my house around my bedroom which is where they tend to occur. Funny thing is this time I wasnít even sleeping in my house! Again as in other similar nightmares it all took place in the dark and the light switches didnít work. A common nightmare trait and probably a fear that stems from childhood. It seems to be this that triggers some of my nightmares. Itís as if as soon as the light switch doesnít work I decide something scary is happening and the dream morphs to fit that fear. In this case my wife turned possessed and attacked me which knocked me out of the dream and into the void but at the same time made me aware I was dreaming! I was almost lucid in the dream as well. I noticed something was off at the start but I was taken in by how realistic it all was. When I ended up in the void though I was lucid and able to think clearly enough to try get into another dream but the attempt sadly failed. Maybe I was too awake at that point.
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