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    Timothy Paradox

    Some Notes on Flight

    by , 10-24-2017 at 01:24 PM (643 Views)

    I'm listing some techniques I've tried throughout the years, what has worked and what hasn't.

    Thruster hands

    Basically, you imagine you're Iron Man, and your hands are jet or rocket engines. This involves holding your hands down by your sides, like Iron Man, or it won't work. That's an unfortunate limitation. It's worked for me once or twice, but it's not instinctive as I like having my arms in front of me in the Superman-pose.

    Verbal commands

    Much like how some LD'ers shout "increase clarity" to improve the stability of their dreams, I've found other dream abilities are equally susceptible to verbal commands. While flying, I shout "faster!", and I actually feel a burst of acceleration propelling me faster. And it works almost every time, up to ludicrous speeds.

    'Reaching' forward

    Pretty such the Superman pose. I find that by "reaching out" in front of you, it's kind of like a mental cue that you want to head towards this thing you're reaching out to, helping "mental propulsion".


    Gaining altitude/transitioning

    After all this time, I still have trouble gaining altitude vertically, maintaining altitude when flying horizontally, and especially transitioning from vertical flight (straight up) to horizontal flight forwards.

    Perhaps I could try verbal commands to make it easier? Like "higher!" to climb, "forwards!" to go from vertical to horizontal.

    Or avoid this problem entirely by not going straight up, but by taking a running start and climbing gradually. It's a lot easier.

    Maneuvering in the air

    I find it hard to make maneuvers, for example to dodge a building or other obstacle, while flying horizontally at speed. It's almost like real-life laws like inertia and aerodynamics apply to me. Turning feels hard, and I have to really physically turn my body and then apply intense concentration to make my body actually fly in that new direction (or inertia would just make me continue drifting in the previous direction).


    Speed. My flight speed feels very variable, and changes from dream to dream. Sometimes I reach speeds that feel like barely 200 mp/h. Sometimes closer a 800 mp/h, or even speeds that are completely impossible to real-world standards, like Europe-USA in 10 seconds. Not sure what causes these variations. Sometimes I just can't go beyond a certain speed, no matter how hard I try.

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    1. Psionik's Avatar

      I too experience inertia while flying... Both in LD and astral projection. If I'm relaxed and concentrated enough I choose to fly through objects.
      Often I hear as if I have jet engines somewhere behind... maybe where my feet are, but I don't see them.
      For me it is instinctive to have hands spread when I'm maneuvering, and by body(as ironman) when I'm flying fast. Never in front of me. I also never used commands.
      My max speed was measured somewhere in millions light years per second... I was flying between galaxies very fast
      Timothy Paradox likes this.
    2. Timothy Paradox's Avatar
      Yeah, I've "phased" through objects before too! Oddly, I'm never too sure what'll happen when I make contact. On a few occasions I burst through a building, shattering concrete, glass and coming out the other side, and other times I harmlessly phase through as if the building isn't even there.
    3. Psionik's Avatar
      That happened some time before.
      Also flying through window used to make windows to behave like a bubble... made of thin rubber. It held me briefly but I passed it eventually and it didn't shatter.
      But for quite a long time I just pass through objects when I want that.
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