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    Timothy Paradox

    22-03-03 First LD in Ages

    by , 03-03-2022 at 09:07 AM (329 Views)
    Finally (without making any special effort) had a brief lucid episode. It was early in the morning and I was struggling to fall asleep again after a period of insomnia.
    I was daydreaming with my eyes closed, which turned into real dreams. Don't remember what happened, but at some point I was lying down (as if in bed, sleeping) in the middle of a street. I looked to a crossroad with another street, which was blocked off. There was a guy wearing a "Heroes" (TV-show) T-shirt. I remembered looking at some behind the scenes pictures of that show earlier that day (this really happened), and I figured the odds of that happening + a guy wearing a shirt of a show from 16-12 years ago were astronomically low. I decided to do a nose pinch reality check, and it was negative! My vision was very dark, though. I felt like it was all very fragile and unstable and trying to get up would probably wake me up. I tried to detect my real hands but couldn't. As the seconds ticked by the stability reduced further to the point where I just decided to open my eyes and return to reality.
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