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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 12-03-25

      by , 03-31-2012 at 01:56 PM
      I remember touching a hot pipeline (I work at a chemical company in real life), probably steam, and my rubber acid-proof glove sticks to it, melting slowly.

      Another dream took place in a place in Luxemburg, or the place was mentioned or shown on a map. Something like that.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. 12-03-18

      by , 03-18-2012 at 11:33 AM
      I'm in a room where some kind of red laser beams (that had a healing effect?) near the floor are being reflected by metallic suitcases placed there on purpose.

      I'm watching the non-existent sixth season of heroes, and noticed that it sucked big time. The music during conversations was weird, and Claire Bennet (whom I normally fancy) looked a bit fat, and generally quite unattractive. The plot was very, very boring.

      I'm watching Tim from the game 'Braid' coming home, and the princess (who was at home) opening the door for him. All of this happened before the princess ran away from him in the game.

      I had plenty more dreams, but wasted my chance to record them by going back to sleep.

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    3. 12-03-xx

      by , 03-16-2012 at 09:33 PM
      I was with a group of criminals or mercenaries, and we had a deal set up. We descended into some kind of basement, resembling a bunker. The boss told us to disperse and prepare for trouble. I asked him if he didn't want some people to stand by the entrance, but he said no. I wanted a shotgun, but he handed me a sniper rifle instead. Slightly disappointed, I headed down a corridor 50 meters or so, so I could oversee the whole thing from a safe distance. When it was over, my contract was completed. I was free to do whatever I wanted. I left the bunker, and headed up a hill. I knew that there was something to be had there, maybe someone left a drop there or a courier would come by later. I stood there, until the cops zeroed in on my location and busted me. Miami Vice?

      I was at the bow of a sailing boat, entering a small harbor. We were looking for a certain boat. I check all the moored ships and found a few similarly named ones, but not the one we were looking for.

      I was going to study biology or biotechnology again. It's nothing more than a fragment now.

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    4. 12-03-15

      by , 03-16-2012 at 09:24 PM
      I was in the Carribbian with my dead grandmother from my father's side. I wanted to buy some drugs, because I saw some other people do the same. I wanted cannabis. The Jamaican dude was prepared to sell me some kind of painkiller (a stronger version of imodium), but I had to accept a subscription of some kind using my credit card first. I suspected a scam, and backed out of the deal.

      There was a war or armed conflict of some sort going on. I was with the soldiers (Americans, from the looks of them) even though I was no soldier. We heard voices and agonized screams coming out of a hangar. were getting ready to bust in and terminate any threats, and I felt very nervous. This was the first time I'd see action. A guy from work, Roel, was with the team as we went inside. There was a single hostile in the hanger, a man, but he was extremely agile. Everybody opened fire on him, and he jumped up into a corner of the building, up against the roof. Baffled by this (and scared at the same time), I drew my revolver and opened fire. I had never killed anyone before, and it felt strange. Sure, I've fired guns before in real life, but it was weird to realize that this time, I was pointing that thing at another human being with the intention to kill. My body was full of adrenaline, and I forgot to aim the first few shots. So yeah, I didn't hit much. When I aimed down the sight and got ready to shoot, a young black man ran up to the hostile, and jumped up to him. Somehow, this caused some soldiers to finally hit and kill the target (and the black man) with a few bursts of fire from their assault rifles. When it was over, the black dude turned out be a teenage girl, and she had apparently come back to life. We thanked her for her help. A bit later, I was in some kind of waiting room with actress and obsession Hayden Panettierre. I sat there, thinking about why I did all this. About how I throw myself into violent situations, just to feel worthy of being alive. Worthy of her. Explaining more would require extensive knowledge of my mind, so let's keep it at this.

      There were four people, including me, and two of us were not what we seemed to be (not human, maybe?) but no one knew who. I chose two others and claimed it was them. But them it was revealed that it was in fact me. I was convicted together with the other person, and violently killed by being hung from a skyscraper... Another dead condemned person hanging next to me looked like the actor Damian Lewis.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    5. 12-03-16

      by , 03-16-2012 at 08:59 PM
      I was with my brother in a dream world. I told him I was looking for a girl, but he said there were other ways to find one (he thought we were in the real world). I told him that we were in a dream inside a dream, and somehow that made everything more acceptable for him. I think that a bit later in the same dream, we/I met the girl, and her female friend(s). She had long, blonde hair, and I thought she was absolutely gorgeous. We may have talked, I'm not sure. Somewhere after that, I woke up for a few minutes. But I managed to fall asleep again and enter the same dream world again, only two or three days later. I felt bad about not having called the girl again. I was too scared and anxious, too dependent on the comfort zone of my TV and computer. I wanted to see her again. I frantically searched the web for her username, trying to track her down. I remember seeing a screen from the game Gothic 4. Some time later, I met the girl again "by accident" when she was riding her bicycle with her friend. I stopped to say hi, and apologized for not calling her sooner. She was forgiving, and suddenly it was established that she would be my girlfriend (yes, it's *that* easy in dreams). Her friend wanted to explain "the rules" first. She told me she had broken bones before, and that we would have to face the language barrier (she explained she lived in flemish town near the wallonian border, the southern part of Belgium where people speak french instead of dutch). A bit later we were standing on the terrace of a café or bar. I felt exhilarated to finally be successful with a woman, and we were talking and laughing. My "friends" (some guys I know from school, Tim L. and Robin) were there too, laughing and mockingly congratulating me that even *I* finally found a girl (and managed to get her, that is). He jokingly (I hope) said that next thing we knew, I'd drink the bouncer under the table. The bouncer, a buff and tall dude, came towards me. I pointed at the guy who said that, and denied the claim.

      Fun dream; but then again, dreams in which the loser gets the girl are always fun.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    6. 11-04-17

      by , 04-21-2011 at 07:57 PM
      I vaguely remember being with a very attractive girl from high school. Seeing as how I was always a pariah, I never even came close to standing a chance; but in this dream I felt there was some potential because I'm more romantically oriented than most of the immature types she usually dates. I don't remember too many details about the setting - maybe a gaming or model building store...

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
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