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    Timothy Paradox

    1. 18-04-11 Flying

      by , 04-12-2018 at 04:30 PM
      I remember floating around a space, and pushing myself off from something.
      Tags: flight
    2. 18-04-07 Lily Was Here, Fighting Back Against Killer

      by , 04-07-2018 at 05:47 PM
      Some stuff happened and someone said my theme song is Candy Dulfer's 'Lily Was Here'.

      In the next dream me and a group of people were desperately trying to escape a house to get away from a homicidal maniac. I tried the back door leading to the garden (now I realize the layout was from the place my family used to live) but it was blocked by plastic. The other people near me immediately gave up and started looking for another way, but I kept tearing at the plastic until I could open the door. But then for some reason, I went back into what is the kitchen in real life, and together with another person, attacked the homicidal maniac. The killer was a woman, and I think she wore white face paint. She did not expect her victims to fight back. I stabbed her multiple times, and shot her with my gun. Even after she was down, I kept shooting.

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    3. 18-04-02 Hell Dreams

      by , 04-03-2018 at 05:29 AM
      Before waking up, I had a hallucination of a train coming closer. The 'frame' of the train moving reset every second, snapping back to its original position, like in a time loop. A bit later, I learned I could manipulate time and push the train backwards (or make it drive back as time is reversed).

      I was standing in a street at a house my family used to live (not). The house was gone and replaced with other, newer houses. A more 'urban' area a bit further down the road (which I recalled had shops and businesses) was also gone and had been suburbanized.

      I was with my mom and dad, walking in a forest. We were following my grandpa, who was a good 100 feet in front of us. I suddenly realized he's supposed to be dead. I tell my dad this, who says he sensed grandfather's presence a few days earlier, and after he made a typical grandpa joke, he was sure it was him. We kept following him down the path, but the path and environment started to change. A forest became a burning horizon, and the dirt and leaves of the forest roads turned to smoldering embers. We were walking into Hell. I didn't think too much of it, though. I tried to use my phone camera to record our descent into Hell, which worked (to my surprise). We came up on two buildings. Big farmhouses, but they were old, abandoned and partially overgrown with creepy, unnatural vines. A feeling of intense evil emanated from those buildings. I followed grandpa into one of them. It started to dawn onto me that something wasn't right. There were things he couldn't know, but did (something involving melons on the ground, don't ask). But when he said something sinister in a devilishly evil voice (couldn't see him when this happened), we were all like 'yup, it isn't him', and we noped out of there immediately. What followed was an attempt to escape Hell the way we came. But the path on which we arrived was now covered in logs (?) and we had to climb over them. There was also a ceiling somehow, so we had to crawl through on our stomachs. I looked sideways and saw the demonic face of what used to be my grandfather looking at me. I tried to shield myself from it, as I think it had some kind of ranged attack. Then someone talked to me and said it was a scene from a scary movie.

      Still in the hellverse, at the end of a completely unrelated scene. Someone triggered something, causing demons to break out. I tried to escape to the other side of the map (it was a game) by using glitches and walking on top of walls. Once on the other side of the map (where I'd come from), I saw the demon approach me super fast. I realized it was rubberbanding and I wasn't supposed to run away from it. Instead of attacking me, it gives me something. Something with three colors (red, blue and green) that I was supposed to balance? A key?

      The next unrelated scene, still in Hell. We were exploring some kind of stone large structure. It looked like an altar, or temple. While exploring a dark room, people started vanishing. I felt an evil presence. We returned outside, to the altar/temple, which turned out to be some kind of huge teleportation stone, a gate between Hell and reality. We were all (dozens of people) gathered on the stone, and around it. I remember hanging from the stone, calling for help and being ignored, and eventually dropping down, walking around and climbing back onto the stone a bit further. Someone used their phone to call someone, and tell them to teleport them back to reality. A voice, representing Hell, answered and said it wasn't up to them to decide if we could leave or not. But then, people started vanishing in rapid succession. I was seeing in third person how I vanished as well. So I was gone, but 'still there'. I saw my family, as it used to be in the 'good old days' (including my younger self), and a voice said they were declared the winners (and cleared to leave Hell).
      Tags: demon, familiar, hell
      non-lucid , nightmare
    4. 18-03-28 Shootout, Noah

      by , 03-29-2018 at 03:52 PM
      I was in a building that's honestly too hard to properly describe. A bunch of corridors and rooms. One little building looked like a guardhouse, like one you'd see next to car barrier gates. The whole place felt mildly industrial. The place was littered with corpses. A massive firefight was going on. I'm not sure who killed them all, me or 'him'. I had a pistol I was wielding. I was on the ground at some point, crawled over to a dead enemy, and took his revolver. From another corridor came two men. I aimed, shot and killed the first. He was wearing a suit, and didn't look like a merc like the others, but everything happened too fast and I didn't think. Right behind him was Noah Bennet. I immediately recognized him, and disarmed my revolver (gently letting the hammer down). Noah was cautious and kept his weapon on me. He had me put down my entire arsenal (I'd collected several handguns during the fight). We briefly talked (he wasn't really hostile anymore), and I followed him into another room. I briefly thought about asking him about Claire, but decided against it.
    5. 18-03-29 Underground Base, Nuked City

      by , 03-29-2018 at 03:35 PM
      I was navigating a large underground base of some sort. The tunnels were concrete, and were well maintained and well-lit. I climbed down a series of ladders to get down to the lower levels. Almost at the bottom of the stairs, I was hit by a very strong draft. The draft got so strong, I had to hang on to the ladder for dear life, hanging horizontally with my legs being sucked back. Luckily, it stopped and I could safely continue on down. There was a man there, whom I spoke to about the draft. I found myself in a large open 'market', where food like fruit and vegetables were being traded. I wondered how that was possible, with such strong winds blowing through every once in a while. I was told the drafts came from the Endurance, a large spaceship that was being constructed in a hangar further down into the base.

      In a second dream, the plot was apparently continued. I exited an underground area after a lot of puzzling, and possibly blowing up a passage blocked by collapsed rubble. This area wasn't like the base, it more resembled an abandoned and dilapidated subway. Anyway... Once on the surface, I found myself in a major city, possibly NYC, which looked like it had been nuked. All that remained of the once proud skyscrapers were tall and partially molten down metal skeletons. There were a few people roaming the streets, looking ragged and dirty. Survivors. One man stood in front in the middle of the street, and tried to get their attention. I think he was a politician. I think he was calling for elections, saying it was man's last chance at restoring some semblance of order to society.
    6. 18-03-24 Trump, Colleague

      by , 03-26-2018 at 04:08 AM
      I was with a group of people, one of them being Trump. I said something to him, but kind of said something else and ended up feeling stupid.

      I interacted with an ex-colleague of mine, Mark (Arnouts). It was in an industrial area. He reeked of gasoline, so I told him this.
      Tags: basf, trump
    7. 22-03-18 Elevator Escape, Escort Mission

      by , 03-23-2018 at 07:16 AM
      I was leaving a scene with two others. We got into a small, industrial elevator. I pressed the button (in a hurry, a guy with swords was chasing us I think) but nothing happened. I found a kind of power switch, and set the power from '1' to '2'. The elevator started moving when I tried the button again. I went like "ooooh, yeah!" and high fived the guy next to me.

      Once down to the parking lot, I started collecting guns. Everything was third-person video game style. I picked up a ton of guns, but the people I was supposed to escort had already left without me.

      I went after them, and discovered their pursuers had crashed their car. It was upside down. I thrust my sword through the window, killing everyone inside with one stab. My sword was badly damaged, but whatever. I walked toward the car of my allies, who were swooning over my awesomeness. I was wearing a suit at this point.
    8. 18-03-20

      by , 03-23-2018 at 03:14 AM
      This night's series of dreams ended with two TV dudes (one of them Jeph Loeb) blabbering on in an interview about 'more episodes'.
      Tags: jeph loeb
    9. 18-03-21 Saving Girl From Storm, Jules Winnfield

      by , 03-23-2018 at 03:11 AM
      There was a dream in which I was trying to save some chick from what I think was a storm. I was flat on the ground (high winds), clawing closer to her using some kind of stick (like how rock climbers use a climbing axe), which was previously a sword. Either way, I got her out. That event was somehow prophesied. Anyhow, a guy I knew in school (Stig) was standing by some electrical wiring, and he said my actions somehow rerouted power and revealed a location we had to visit next. The villains' base at the bottom of the Mariana trench. This was a cliffhanger for the 'sequel' (my dreams now play out like TV episodes).

      In another scene, I entered a room together with Jules Winnfield. I found my Glock 19 on the ground, and I immediately noticed it was still warm. Like it'd been used recently. I told Jules this was likely a trap (someone was trying to set us up and pin a murder on me, I guess), and I swore to him it wasn't me. We found some guy, I think wounded but still alive. I thought to myself we had to question him before killing him off.
    10. 18-03-18 Assaulted

      by , 03-19-2018 at 10:21 PM
      I was with some other people, being assaulted by what I assume were violent criminals. We were forced to run. I ran past a military checkpoint, where two armed soldiers (women?) tried to stop us at gunpoint. I was terrified enough by the people behind us not to care. These chicks couldn't possibly do anything to me the criminals hadn't already done (not sure what that was).
      Tags: chase, soldiers
    11. 18-03-19 Tsunami in City, Floating With Girl

      by , 03-19-2018 at 10:15 PM
      I was in a city, and a tidal wave was moving through the streets, washing away cars and people. People were desperately trying to get into buildings (skyscrapers) to escape before the wave got there. I moved through the crowd and got to the front door of one of the skyscrapers. I rang the doorbell. Some people told me not to bother. The door opened, though, and I moved through. Two people followed me inside. I lived in that building. On the 9th floor? I briefly wondered if letting these people inside was a good idea. It was every man for himself out there. We took the elevator up, to my apartment.

      I vaguely remember floating (not sure if it was in water or on air) with a girl holding on to me. We were both weightless. We were going somewhere. I remember having feelings for the girl, and loving having her so close to me. I felt happy.
    12. 18-02-24 Remote Viewing Events

      by , 02-25-2018 at 12:41 AM
      Had two or three dreams that were kind of like remote viewing events. I just saw a street, and a car driving. I think it was an Audi. The scene looked so normal and real, like I was somehow seeing a real place somewhere.
    13. 18-02-20 Creepy Creatures on Beach

      by , 02-20-2018 at 12:51 PM
      Myself and a party of people descended some stairs onto a beach. The beach was littered by rolled-up bags. The size of trash bags, but made from a material more like jute than plastic. We started grabbing them, and dragging them off to the side because they were littering the beach. That's when I noticed there was something inside the bags. On one end, the bag was 'swollen', and I could see whatever was inside was slimy, organic and warm. I felt very uncomfortable all of a sudden. I realized these bags could be like eggs, hatching some kind of bizarre creature inside. The others didn't care and continued, but I went back up the stairs, which I now saw was a heap of these jute sacks stacked like stairs. I moved to the top, and started throwing off bags to destroy the stairs and to ensure nothing could follow me if they started hatching.

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      Tags: bags, beach, creatures
    14. 17-02-19 Dark Version of Reality

      by , 02-19-2018 at 03:38 PM
      I was in a room with a DC. A younger girl, I think. She had a 'condition', or rather 'unwanted ability'. At some point, she started crying when she felt it coming. We both 'shifted' into a nightmarish version of reality (that was her ability, to move there). It was dark, gloomy and everything looked dilapidated. In the room we were in, we were attacked by a kind of shadow monster. It was smaller than a human (size of a large dog) and moved on all fours, and its legs had sharp claws to them (but made of shadow). There were a few 'lights' on its body, which I assume were eyes. They reminded me of the monsters from the sidescroller game 'Claire', which also features a nightmare version of reality, and a girl who accidentally travels to it. I think I stomped the monster to death.

      I went through double doors into a corridor, but at the end there was the shadow of a person. This dark figure suddenly started screaming loudly, and lit up in flames. The flames spread rapidly, and moved through the corridor towards me. I screamed back, and somehow this 'pushed the fire back' until the dark figure was completely extinguished. I think I rushed at it with random objects laying around, and tried to whack it. The figure telekinetically flung stuff back at me, trying to stop my progress.

      I think I was trying to protect the girl until she could get us back.

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    15. 18-02-11 Random Stuff

      by , 02-15-2018 at 07:43 PM
      I'm somewhere at some kind of event, it's 11PM. I remembered I had to return my rental car, but it was already too late (it was my own car, though). I had to leave ASAP. I packed my backpack with my laptop & other stuff, and drove off in a hurry.

      I was smacking some bad guys/humanoid monsters using a bag (?). I was trying to keep them stunlocked so they couldn't counterattack. I was trying to protect my allies, who were following me.

      Then, I was attacked by loads of beheaded kamikazes (enemy from Serious Sam). I shot at them with double revolvers, but they all hit me anyway. I somehow survived. I'd visited the 'Seriously' forums the night before. It's a fan site for the Serious Sam franchise. That explains that...

      In another scene, I was besieged by a lifeform that could assimilate and possess inanimate matter. I cargo shit, 'taken over' by the strange slimy lifeform (attached to the hull) rose up to the sky, standing on its rear end somehow. I fired on it, hoping to kill the creature, but it fell on top of me and crushed me.
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