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    Date: 2/7/17 (Tue – Normal work day) (5:13 am)
    Dream Title: (LD #65) Peeking in the window at Ex’s (**Lucid**)
    Dream: I woke up at 4:23 am from a dream which I recalled briefly at the time but do not remember now. I decided I wasn’t going to get up at 4:55 am as I usually do, so I reset my alarm to 5:30 am. I rolled over, stated my mantra “While dreaming I always remember to reality check” (which I did repeatedly before I initially fell asleep last night), and then repeated “reality check” six times. I dozed off shortly after. My wife and I pull up in front of a small house which I don’t recognize in real life, but I know is my in-laws’ house in my dream. I notice that the house I used to live in with my ex-wife (for 7 years, and then she continued to liver there for another 14 years) is right next door. This all seems normal to me. We walk up to my wife’s parents’ door and walk right in. The house if very small. We go through a small kitchen area and to the bedroom. My in-laws are in bed and the bed takes up most of the room. My wife goes in the room and sits on the edge of the bed. I stay in the kitchen/living room area. They begin to talk. I know my wife is telling them about my current struggle with my religious faith (this is something that is happening in real life) and I know her parents are very upset with me. I don’t want to be here anymore, I just want to get out. I decide to go outside. I kneel down and tie the laces on my white Nike high top sneakers (I haven’t had these shoes since I was a freshman in high school (33 years ago). I finish, stand up and walk out the front door. Suddenly I realize something is strange and look at my left hand. My fingers are just tiny nubs. I am lucid! I quickly decide that I just want to go see how the inside of my ex’s old house looks. I begin to walk across the grass, which is covered in dried leaves (it must be autumn). The house looks abandoned and it in horrible condition. The white paint (it is sided in real life) is peeling everywhere; the front porch railings are rotted and the green painted floor is worn to bare wood in most places. I walk up the steps to the front door and look in the thin window next to the door. It is dimly lit inside but I can see that it looks similar to how it looked when I lived there. There is a couch across from the door with a coffee table in front of it. There is a man lying on the couch. He is dressed from boots to hat in camo fatigue cloths (boots, pants, coat, and hat). He has his right arm draped over his face, so I don’t know who he is. I walk off of the porch and head to the back of the house. I’m kicking the dried leaves as I go. I plan to look in the back window in to the dining room area, but as I get around the back I see that the yard is a complete mess. The grass is waist high and there is scrub brush everywhere. Though the brush I can see a white “three decker” apartment building in the next lot, which isn’t there in reality. The dream fades and I wake up. It is 5:13 am.

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