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    1. 3 interesting dreams ( 2 failed lucids, 1 weak lucid )

      by , 01-30-2013 at 12:26 PM
      Hi, today i slept 3 hours more than i should. i suspect this have a role here, my brain may have awakened a bit, just like wtbt or cat tecnhique may work.

      well, i had 2 failed LD's --> i realized i was dreaming but the dream quickly faded, my DEILD attempt failed too. first i was flying with a board, second i watched my hands after feeling unusual sadness.

      in my last failed LD, after i woke up i attempted to move my dream body which i could but it would return like a spring, so i strained too much and actually moved my body

      after like 11 hours of sleep ( very unusual for me ) i find myself playing pool and lucid. i dont know how i got here and got lucid, my feeling is that it was a vivid visualization or a weak lucid. i was playing pool and somehow the table quality was not quite that good, and balls were somewhat smaller. well, i headed for the door, and i found another table as i wanted. i was amazed, impressed with the vividness of it, and my control.

      i was so confident that i attempted a teleportation to moon ( without knowing the tecnhique ): i closed my dream eyes and i visualized moon surface but i couldnt get out of blackness, so i woke up 4 good
    2. 2nd Mild- false awakening-like

      by , 01-17-2013 at 08:06 PM
      tonight after 6h30 sleep, i woke up from a lucid dream where i saw my grandmother ( rip) and became lucid with a strange excitement

      then, i tought i was awake because the dream scene went black, but i couldnt move...so i guess it was sleep paralysis

      in a brief time i was getting out of bed but in a strange house..i i thought «ok i im still dreaming !»

      i visited the wall of the house and entered a room where my parents were watching TV..

      all i was thinking was « how can this be so real ?? ». i looked at my parents astonished with the vividness.. then my father came to me and hug me and the the dream was gone

      it was my 2nd lucid dream..i should have stabilized it better and perhaps decided to do another thing :
    3. OBE and LD ?

      by , 01-07-2013 at 06:04 AM
      Well i Woke up seeing my body in bed. Now of course i realize im dreaming. I rub my hands and against the Wall but i got somehow impressed with the vividness of it and i decided i dont want to dream like OBE. So i returned my body and this feeling was weird, very realistic.

      I could have explored the dream but I'm glad I made some progress.

      I think I have both LD and OBE, so I guess it's pretty much the same thing
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