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    Inner World حلم Gamma Waves


    by , 01-11-2017 at 02:45 AM (181 Views)
    I am in my old city town apartment staring at the window thinking about nothing. When I turn around I see a man in a green monk robe push me back with his hands without his hands touching me. I immediately felt in danger and reacted by lifting my hand in his direction and pushing him back to the back door way. I started feeling strange as I wasn't sure what's going on. I see him beginning to get back up so I lift my right hand up again and felt my head had a huge spike of electricity which made me lucid. I felt very calm as I hurled him with enough force that the pressure of whatever it was knock him out of the back door and sent him down to the grass outside.

    Since I am now conscious of what I am doing, I notice that I still had control over him as once I fold two fingers away, he was able to control his right leg and arm and I could no longer control those parts of him. Once I made my entire right hand unfold again I felt the same cold zapping in my head and I knew I could move him entirely again and I did. I knock him down on the ground and notice a lawn mower who was very close to the monk started panicking. I accidently lift him up in the air when I really trying to tell him that I wasn't going to hurt you. But it seem like where ever my hand move it would take effect.

    I decided to lose lucidity.

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