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    1. A Game of Skyrim Thrones.

      by , 07-04-2012 at 12:58 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      1) A Game of Skyrim Thrones

      I am working as a stunt man but its like I am watching myself doing stunts and seeing how it all goes together in a movie.

      Then I am sitting in a crowd and we were all watching me but it was on stage not a screen. The setting is medieval but modern. I am high born and I am sitting with other high born. We are all richly dressed and I holding a crown. It has no jewels but it is immaculate. It is solid gold and embossed with detailed design. It feels heavy.

      I am engaged in deadly witty banter with my mortal enemy, Joffrey , but older and not as ugly and not king. I call him Joff.

      So we are going back and forth with subtle but harsh insults and threats. He says something insulting and I say, "Yes, much like a man and his betrothed". By the statement I am cutting him with the fact that his betrothed hates him and wishes him dead. (Sansa?) Then I look him in the eye and stare him down unflinchingly. I tell him out right how I long for the day that I look down on his dead bloody body. I can see a vision in my mind of us fighting with swords to the death.

      Then he is suddenly expected to do a photo shoot. He and his betrothed are told to do different dances while the photographer takes a picture. I see him glare at me from time to time but he does as told. It was expected of him. I jokingly think to myself that if I have to do this kind of thing at my engagement party I will die. I glance over at my betrothed who is quietly watching the party.

      Then I feel a hand on my right shoulder. It is the signal. I know that if I look at the hand on my shoulder I will see a red leathered glove peaking out underneath richly robes. The Dark Brotherhood is calling. Yes, that's it! The Dark Brotherhood. I am one of their assassins. I could kill him but my love could find out and I couldn't have that.

      I see a vision of her telling me she can't marry me. Her name never comes to mind but she is a beautiful and kind faced woman.

      "Yes, I know my brother was an evil shit that needed to die. But he was my brother and I loved him. I can't love the man that killed my brother!"

      No. I could never have that. But I could ask Astrid to do me a favor for her "brother". I know Astrid has a contract for me and is waiting but I need to draw up the plans for my own contract. I quickly start writing. I wake up.

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    2. Medical Paddling, I Eat Monsters, Winner?, Work Sucks, Wal-Mart

      by , 07-01-2012 at 04:28 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      1)Medical Paddling

      I was having restless legs and i think thats what triggered the dream. There was a method to paddle your feet. Sort of alternate moving your toes. It was medically beneficial. I watched as some people worked out toxin build up. They had gray spots on their feet. A doctor had me try it.

      2)I Eat Monsters

      I see a floor vent appear on the foot of my bed. I am alone and in a different house. I mentally see the duct run under ground to a empty house across the street. Then, an evil clown doll (it looks a lot like the It clown) comes out to kill me. But I am ready. I swing at it and it goes back in.

      I am afraid but I'm really pissed it is bothering me. Then I am screaming at it. "Hey! Come one you little bitch! Let's go little bitch! I'm waiiiitiinnnng! What's a matter? You fucking bitch! Little pussy run and hide? Come on! Come on! Piece of shit!"

      Then it pops out and I have a pair of orange handled scissors. I try to chop its head off but it has the same pair and blocks me. We snip our scissors at each other for a bit before he ducts back down. I take the vent cover and slam it on.

      Then I see a little claw like a bears pushing the vent off. It comes out and crawls onto my bed. It is detached and moving on its own. I just watch and wait. It looks really odd like its made of a nutty bar. But I know it is the clown in disguise.

      So I quickly grab it and start eating it. Want to kill it so I just take bites and chew it up real fine and spit it out. I am a little scared to actually eat it. It is soft but tough like beef jerky. I find a metallic piece in my mouth. It feels like a earphone jack. I just chew it up too and spit. Chew and spit until its gone. I see chewed up evil clown bits on my white blanket. Then I see my daughter telling me something when I wake up.


      I win like $150 playing pool with Richard. Then it get weird the game is like some sort of machine and the pool balls are on cup things. I am taking my final shot and I win again. The machine spits out my winnings. I see Richard and he is drunk. I look at what the machine gave me and it is vouchers and checks. I look at his checks and it is just signed and has the amounts. something like $43.37 and $69.15. But there is no other information so I ask him but he is drunk and useless. I head to the bank hoping to get my money.

      4)Work Sucks

      There is something about the mold shop. I don't remember why I'm there. Something about Frank. He said he want to bid out. We seem to be waiting to leave. Then, I am leaving work and walking outside to my car. But everything is messed up. There are new out building and we have more parking area. I see Jeremy and Jon and I tell them something about how I miss one day and everything changes.

      Then I am alone. I am walking on a gravel road. I parked way out there. So I start jogging. I hear car coming too fast behind my. I heard the pops and crunches the tires make and it is real close. I glance back and see I better move. It is a truck and it goes around me fish tales on the curve. I notice the truck is gray with a darker gray bed. There are some sort of red decals on the side. The hubcaps are odd. They are gray and solid with something like a spider decal in the center. The windows were tented. I didn't recognize the truck and I couldn't see who it was. I just gave them a dirty look and shrugged it off.

      I try to remember where I parked. I am still jogging. I see really tall grass where I was trying to go and a lot of mud puddles. My car isn't there. I look on the other side. I think I see it past the tall grass. I start to run in there but I hear a strange sound like a snake. So I pause and go down a little more. I see yellow tubs were the grass is growing out. I finally see a path and take it to my car. I wake up.


      Fragment about working at Wal-Mart. I was going something in the back employee area and cash registers.
    3. Religious dream and carnival

      by , 06-27-2012 at 03:49 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      1) A minister prayed for me and black goo came out of my hands and vanished. I felt cleansed and at peace. Then my bro in law, A, was suspect. We convinced him and his wife. She said ew get it out. The minister said I had to do it but I didn't believe. in myself enough. It was only partial and he saw paralyzed with fear as the black goo ran from his hands.

      * religious dreams have a deeper meaning to me. This dream was about some negative emotions and stress at my job. It is up to me to have a different attitude.

      2) My wife kids and I were at an annual carnival. it was huge this year with rides. I think my wife is pregnant and she can't ride. I felt bad for her. I see my ex and her mom. oh great look who it is. I wonder around looking for addmission prices. A security guard stops me and tells me I can't cut in line. I tell him I. just want to know admission prices. He says he's doesn't know. I ask him why he's such an ass? He says alright fine its $2.

      * Both dreams very vivid and deatailed. I left details out because of time.
    4. Wild / sp / lucid / totm

      by , 06-23-2012 at 09:34 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      So I took a WILD nap today.

      I find myself bouncing from too much awareness to losing consciousness. I would start to get slight vibrations and tremors. A few times I felt my head pick up and slam down. My body switched a few times. All this jolted me back to too much wakefulness. So I kinda let go and almost give up on it. That must have been enough. Because suddenly I find myself with the beginnings of SP. So I tried focusing on my head but what I ended up doing is rolling my eyes back. It worked like a magic button. Immediately got full SP. Not so much in my legs though. Mostly my head and arms. But still this was it!

      The vibrations subsided and I heard a loud high pitch shrieking tearing sound as I felt the top half or my body slip out of itself. I try to get out of bed but I legs wont work. I lean over the side of the bed but my legs are glued into place and my body is on the floor. I try to move my legs but they are paralyzed. I look around but I see with one eye the mirror on the wall and with the other eye the carpet on the floor. My dream hand feel the floor. I think "I am lucid but I'm just halfway in my body!"

      I jolt back awake. I don't move. I just roll my eye back and boom! SP again. Then I feel myself sit up out of my body with the same indescribable sounds. And my legs and feet are still stuck.
      I wake up.

      I repeat the whole thing several times not giving up and a little surprised I can keep it going.

      I heard the shrieking tearing sound again. And then something else like many people running or a subway car on the tracks. So this time I visualized a subway station. I looked at my feet and just like in the Matrix and saw it all rush to me and my feet touched the subway floor.

      Now to be honest. There is a lot here that I forgot. The feeling and flashes that I remember is just me running around like a lunatic being overly happy that I am finaly lucid again. I feel like a god in my personal universe. I feel so powerful. (I'll have to learn some control)

      (Also this lucid dream was very non-vivid. Almost as if you were just sitting and fantasizing about whatever. That's how dull the visuals were. And probably why I forgot parts. I did at least have some very real physical sensations.)

      Then of course, I get horny. I walk into the womens locker room. Shower. I hear a woman scream. But the shower is empty. I keep looking and hear little girly shrieks. I run to another room and see a bath tub shower curtain. I move the shower curtain and it sounds like little girls but they run like a vampires. Like flesh colored streaks. They are just so ethereal and ghostly. I look for them and cant find them. One went behind me and one strait through the wall in the shower. I turn around and see a sink and mirror and door in the direction the one went but the door is boarded over and shut.

      Wait! What the hell? These are little girls anyway and thats gross. I'm lucid and I'm waisting it on being horny!?

      I look around again. OMG MIRROR TOTM! I walk to the mirror and look closely at myself. I am whereing a plain grey hoodie. My face and hair look pretty much normal. For some reason I am making really crazy looking faces at myself but I don't feel it on my face. I look closer and I look normal but not normal. Kinda blurry.

      OK enough. Go into the mirror. CAN'T. SOLID! I move back the mirror got smaller. Like the size of my laptop screen. I look and find another mirror on the wall. I place my head into. SOLID. I press really hard. I feel something give and I look around but it is just black darkness and then I am pushed back out. I try again but it solid once more. I notice that I can feel no sensation on my head so I really am dreaming. I wont why I can do in. I move back. No I am holding the mirror and there is a giant wall mirror behind a metal rack thing. I look at myself again. Trying to clear things up and really see. I look the same with a goofy expression. I press my head in again. SOLID.

      I begin I wake. I feel myself in bed. I thought I felt my wife moving around and thats why I woke up. I assumed she came home from work and found me napping so she joined me. I later realized my logic was totally wrong and I was still asleep.

      I went for the SP again. I rolled my eyes back in my head and concentrated on my skull. Yep get the tingles but as strong. Then I thought about what I was going to do which got me thinking about the whole experience and how I was starting to forget is all.

      I wake up for real this time. Alone and it had only been 2hrs.

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