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    Memorable Dreams

    1. Manatee Costume

      by , 10-12-2014 at 10:42 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #370 - DILD - 5:53AM

      I am in some church that looks a lot like the last one my father preached at in Texas. I am standing in the back leaning on the back rest of a pew while someone drones on up front. I come to awareness as I am staring off into space being introspective. I decide this is probably a dream and wonder into a back room.

      I remember the costume task for the task of the month and look for my manatee outfit. There is a white toy chest behind a stack of chairs. There seems to be a bunch of stuffed animals and puppets in there. This is perfect for what I need. I reach in and pull out a grey hoodie with a plush manatee head for the hood. I decided before hand that I didn't want a complicated costume but this unexpected item is genius. I find a full length door mirror so that I would have a visual ground as I slip the costume over my head. My reflection doesn't cooperate and is making funny faces at me. It's not even doing the same movements I am. I decide this DC is annoying and move to another mirror. My reflection is still making faces but at least it's cooperating. I carefully slip the hoodie on while I keep a visual on the mirror. Once I have it one with the hood up, I turn around and imagine being in the water.

      The hallway behind me quickly fills with water to the roof and I start swimming. Air bubbles swirl around me as I level out and make swimming motions. The dream fades here a bit but I focus on memories of snorkeling and quickly find myself in something similar to King's Bay. I even act the part and pretend that I have fins for elbows as I 'walk' the bottom among the vegetation. after a few seconds, my vision fades to black again but I decide that I have done the task so I let myself wake up.

      I go ahead and nose plug but blow through. I set up and find myself outside next to my wife. I have the Manatee hoodie in my hands. I say to my wife, "Look, it's a Manatee hoodie! I just made it up on the fly but you would really love to have this. I wonder if it exists." My wife doesn't say anything but just smiles. I decide that I should do a web search when I wake up. This thought sends me into another FA.

      I nose plug and am upset that I can't wake up. I am really worried that I will forget doing the task. I try really hard to wake up but just have some SP feelings instead. I quickly recall the costume dream and feel I have a good memory of it so I go ahead and allow myself to have some more lucid dream time. I sit up and feel slightly bored not knowing what to do next. I see my wife lying next to me and get some ideas. I'll skip the details, but I enjoy some rough anal sex with her stopping just before I reach completion not wanting to have a wet dream.

      I have another FA and I nose plug. What the hell? I see my wife fully clothed looking into the mirror on the closet door. I am not at satisfied from before so I enjoy some oral sex. I feel that I am being ridiculously rough with her but decide that it's ok in a dream. I have an intensely satisfying release at the end and feel that I have now had a wet dream. Annoyed, I decide should wake up and change.

      I have another FA and nose plug. I shout out, "Goddammit mother fucker!" my voice is vivid and loud. I spend a few seconds trying really hard to wake up, but I just can't. I decide to let go the worry of forgetting the dream and needing to change and decide to be thankful for such a strong LD. I open my dream eyes to look around and instead of a ceiling, I see a vivid, clear deep space view of a bright blue planet nestled next to a golden nebula. I am in awe of this sight and spend a few seconds taking it all in. I want to fly to the planet and explore so I reach my arms up to it as I lay in bed. I try to fly up to it but can't seem to move or float up. I don't want to try to stand up or do much of anything because I don't want to ruin such a beautiful sight. Fixated on the view, I relax hoping to float up but I have another FA.

      This time I can hear the box fan humming and I try to move to get up. The effort jerks my physical body and I wake up for real.

      10:25AM - Non Lucid - CanisLucidus At The Event

      My wife and I are with CanisLucidus and his wife in a limo. CL is talking to his wife about getting tickets to some Glenn Beck event. His wife told him not to worry about it because she order early and got an awesome deal on some first class seating and there were going to meet Glenn Beck. I am a little disappointed that we didn't think of this. We had to order cheap tickets last minute.

      We separate and I am with my wife in a crowded street like it's New Year's Eve in Times Square. There seems to be a million people here. I am talking to my wife about random stuff and I tell here that all it will take is just one person to turn into a zombie and then everyone will quickly be infected and wiped out. I somehow know this is really about to happen so I keep a watchful eye on the people around me. My wife seems to think I am nuts but I am ready to fight the zombie hoard.

      Now I am watching CL with his wife like it's a movie. CL is narrating and I feel like I am reading one of his DJ entries. I see everything as from CL's point of view. He is next to his wife. She is in a fancy evening gown and CL is wearing a gray suit. They are high up in some balcony like in an Opera House. There is some conversation. I say to myself that I like how this is playing out like a movie with a plot. It's also skipping back and forth between characters like a movie. Seeing from CL's eyes, I look down at the jewel encrusted wine glass in his hand as he takes a sip. It looks like a moscato or some other white wine. There is some fine cursive lettering etched on the base of the glass. Now I am not looking from CL's eyes, but like I am there. I take the glass from CL and look closer. It is part of CL's DJ entry. It's hard to read and I don't remember it all but it says something about how he likes how he knows were are the DC's are in this part of the dream. This is just before 'it' all happens. He uses actual names rather than DV nicknames, but he tells where He and his wife are, where my wife and I are, as well as Dreamer and OpheliaBlue. There is something about how he's disappointed that I had to join the crowd down below but I had volunteered to help out with the event. I thought this was totally wrong and I begin to wonder what's going on. I try to read more of the small print to get some understanding but can't seem to see what the words are anymore. I am suddenly woken up by my wife getting out of bed.
    2. Elves, Jawas And The Pumpkin

      by , 10-12-2014 at 09:33 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #369 - DILD? - 4:38AM

      I scored two LD's last night and I'm super excited because it has been awhile since I have had this kind of high level lucid. I really didn't employ any sort of technique this time other than being super motivated and highly worried that I was going to have another G fail as I enjoyed a 45min WBTB. I suppose I did a sort of MILD tech; while doing some basic body awareness, I imagined being lucid and feeling the walls with my hands. But really, I suspect my paranoia of screwing this up was what brought my awareness up while dreaming. I guess I need to worry more!

      In this first one, I don't recall how I became lucid and I was probably only semi or low level lucid to start.

      I am in some elven chamber with Royal High Elves like in something from The Lord Of The Rings or Elder Scrolls. I am given a strange looking mace or blunt weapon made of a bright magical metal, but that is only the covering for a short sword. I draw it out at the handle letting the blunt part fall off and hold a bright glowing sword. I know that I have been sent into the darkness to defeat an enemy. I turn and see some sort of open portal that takes up an entire wall. There is a darkened and distorted courtyard full of humanoid creatures hiding from the light. I don't really want to rush out there and be overwhelmed so I decide that I'll try to coax them out one by one. I notice some grapes growing up the interior walls and wonder why they are there. I dismiss it as one of those funny dream things and decide to enjoy it. I pluck a handful and munch on a grape or two; the taste is as expected. As I do this, a few creatures rush in past me, but I let the elves worry about that and focus my attention outside. One of the creatures has a bow and arrow and starts shooting at me. I take cover close to the wall and throw some grapes out. I tell the bowman to come out and almost call it like a dog. I sort of hope it will try to eat the grapes but it doesn't seem interested. The more I study the creature hiding under a structure, the more it looks like a Jawa. For some reason this helps and I am less afraid. Maybe I just need to know what I am facing. After a few seconds, I realize it's not going to come out so I rush out to attack in spite my previous apprehension. I forget that I have a magical sword, but I am carrying a dagger in my right hand. It is enough. I stab the Jawa in the chest and look up in time to see movement to my right. I turn the dagger and strike out sinking the blade deep into another's face. More twisted and evil looking Jawas are coming and now I remember the magical sword. I blind summon and lift the glowing blade into the air. The dark creatures shrink back as my field of vision is engulfed by a white light. The dream fades from there and I wake up.

      I roll over to find my DJ, but something feels off and very dreamlike. I do a nose plug and blow cleanly through. I am a little shocked and do this a few more times. I am actually a little disappointed and worried that I will forget my dream but I get up anyway. My lucidity is now at a high level but the dream is dark. I wonder into the living room and peer into the darkness trying not to give this hang-up too much power. I decide to call out and interact with the environment, "Helloooo?" Nothing responds as I feel my way to the kid's room and open the door. I can now see a little bit and I hear the toilet flush in the bathroom. "Hello? Who's there?" I am back to coaxing creatures out of the darkness and wonder why there seems to be a connection to the previous dream. The door slowly opens and my two cats run out. I chuckle to myself and pick up Sputnik, my one-eyed, black cat. I walk to the front door talking to her in a high-pitched teasing way, "Let's go outside. Do you wanna go out? You little black asshole." I talk like this to my animals all the time in waking life.

      Once outside, I immediately recall the pumpkin task for the task of the month. I must have dropped my cat or it vanished because I have no other memory of her from here. I use a strong sense of expectation as I walk around to the side of the house. Just as I thought, there is a nice looking pumpkin in the driveway resting up against the house. It looks pretty solid and I briefly wonder how I am going to cut it open. I recall OpheliaBlue's dream and remember hers was sort or soft so I decide that's how mine will be. I reach down and rip the top off; it feels really pliable and half rotten. When I take a look inside, I see many smaller pumpkins among the typical stringy pumpkin guts. No seeds; just miniature pumpkins. I feel a little disappointed that I didn't find something cooler but this is kind of neat. I get the idea to open the biggest mini pumpkin, but the inside of that one was just solid pumpkin mush. I begin squishing and playing in the mess like a kid in the mud. Not far into this, I wake up and do a nose plug to be sure.

      I later recall a non lucid about going to the grocery store down the street. There had been an explosion with the propane tanks and part of the building was blown out. I was still able to go inside and do my shopping.

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    3. Red Room, Blue Room, Ugly Marilyn

      by , 08-19-2014 at 02:44 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      This lucid dream is a part of a study with University of Missouri St. Louis conducted by SleepingSYNAPSE.
      I had to the opportunity to visit the campus and examine a room (Red) in waking life and revisit it in a lucid dream to measure dream memory. I was unaware of the other room (Blue) as being apart of the study and I found that I had very little waking memory of it.

      SleepingSYNAPSE, I am including additional info that may not be in the packet as well as this more thorough account of the dreams. Yes, dreams. I actually had a hard WILD before the more successful but the first yielded undesirable outcomes. I didn't have the extra papers for two dreams so I recorded the better of the two. Still, I think you will be interested in reading both here.

      On a more personal note, thanks for meeting with me on a Saturday and for the good times we enjoyed afterward. I was hesitant meeting a stranger in a big city, but I feel I have gained a friend. You are a good person. Your hospitality was appreciated by my wife and I.

      Pre-bed Supplements: A shot of cherry flavored vodka in a small juice glass with Coke.
      Bedtime: 9PM
      WBTB time/length: 1:00AM / 3min
      WBTB Supplements: 8mg Galantamine, 400mg Choline, cold pre-made mug of peppermint tea/4 bags (menthol)

      #354 - WILD - 2:10AM

      I enjoy a smooth WILD but enter a very unstable world. I do my usual dash for the front door and make it outside. I feel I need to rush to get the task done so I move quickly. I decide to "Hulk Jump" in the general direction of my goal.

      When I visited the university in waking life, I took careful note of the building's exterior. There is a nice park there with a pond. I had decided beforehand to make that my landing site since it is a unique feature of the campus.

      I make a giant leap over some trees and land in Bug Lake at the university with a splash. There are no physical feelings here; just the sound. I have some dark void issues so I splash around with my arms to stabilize as I think of the interior of the building.

      I am now in a hallway, but it doesn't look like I recall. The walls are colored like some sort of abstract mural painting. Grass and sky? The dream crashes.

      DEILD - I have some floating sleep paralysis sensations for a full minute or two.

      I visualize and re-enter the hallways. I see something like an "under the sea painting" on the walls. There are way too many rooms and I feel lost. I really focus on finding the Red Room and eventually find a door that looks close enough. The dream is still really unstable as I enter the room. It's dark inside and I think to feel for a light switch but I know this almost never works.
      I feel like I am in the void again so I focus on seeing.

      When the lights come on, I see that I am in an empty and really tiny version of the room. I stretch my arms out and my hands touch adjacent walls. I wake up and think to DEILD but for some reason the dream felt really long so I decide to journal instead.

      #355 - DILD (In-dream-WILD) - 3:16AM

      After the first dream, I tried to WILD and again and thought I had done it but I later recall other things that happened first.

      There was something about being worried about alarm clocks. I was afraid of it getting too late to get lucid and having to wake up. I look at the clock and see that its about 4:4[?]... almost 5am (Wake up time). I have a really hard time making out the last digit. It gets blurry and morphs a little. I recognize what is happening here and lay back down to complete my WILD efforts.

      After a second and some SP sensations, I realize there is no need to still be laying here so I quickly get out of bed. I notice I am in my childhood home of Luling, TX. I find this annoying and try to imagine being at the university again. I look down as I walk and try to visualize some common tiling or an imagined version of what I think may have been the flooring at the university. I see some generic brown speckled tiling but I am still in the same house. I try to deny it, but I just can't make it change over. Time for plan B.

      I go to the front door and have to actually unlock the dead bolt to get the door open. I recall the conversation with SleepingSYNAPSE about the guy that had a semi-lucid dream where he locked his wallet in the house and thought to summon the keys but not the wallet. This felt equally dumb, but I let the thought go as I start down the sidewalk.

      At the end, there is a dark colored compact car running with headlights on. It's dark but when I get to the car, I see Jeremy B, from work sitting in the driver's seat. I recall how this scenario worked well for the Angel Falls Task Of The Year and get really excited. I look into the open window on the passenger side and Jeremy says something that I perceive to be really dorky but mildly funny (much like waking life). I think I may have found an intelligent and somewhat witty DC, but I am not sure what he said so I ask.
      He stares at me like I am the dumb one for a second then says, "Oh nevermind. Just get in."
      When I sit down in the passenger seat, I find myself teleported to the driver seat. Jeremy is now standing in the street peering in the open window on the driver side. Without a word he plugs his nose and jumps feet first into the blackness of the street as if it is deep water. Seeing him do this seems extremely cheesy and bizarre. I chuckle and say, "Well... Ooookay. Thanks."

      I drive to the end of the block and make a right. As I do, use expectation to believe that the part of the university I want is on the next block. That would be the direction of my old high school in waking life so this allows an easy connection in my mind. The building looms just ahead in the night. There are the scattered trees with Bug Lake to the right. I grip the steering wheel for the first time... or maybe I just pull back on it like airplane controls, but I will the car to fly to a window, second from the top story. I don't bother counting floors this just feels right and I know it's all what I want to believe anyway. It's the fourth floor in waking life.

      As I am about to crash through a large window, everything seems very much like something from a Harry Potter movie. A suit of armor spies me through a whimsical-style, barred window and runs out of the way. I phase the car more than crash and I see a Filch-look-a-like just outside of the room. Any other time this would have been freaking awesome as I have a "Patronus" goal in mind for the future, but at this moment I am very focused on the task. I dismiss the oddities without a second thought. Actually, I am more worried about the interior being too dark. The room has red carpet and looks vaguely medieval with gas wall sconces on either side of an open door giving very little light. However, the hallway that Filch was meandering down is brightly lit.

      As I phase out the driver side door of the car, I feel the entire thing dissolve. I have desire to look at the effect, but decide that I better not, just in case I ruin the effect. Plus, I feel I am much cooler this way. I feel like some grand wizard doing amazing things, but not being particularity impressed with himself. Mastery. I leave the room in search of the rooms.

      I spend what feels like a lot of time lost in a maze of hallways until I find the main room of the study. I really can't recall much here, but I thinking it was mostly garbage imagery anyway.

      Now, I am in a strong and fairly accurate representation of the main room. I see a red door on the left and a blue door and the right. There is a counter and a hood vent on the other side. As I grab the door knob to open the red door, I have a feeling of anticipation. I note how very vivid the dream is and I feel pleased.

      Inside, the room is disappointingly very much empty, but it's at least the correct size this time. The first thing I note is that the shelves to the left are gone so this excludes several items. There is no digital painting in front of me. The desk and end table are gone. The walls are a pea green and this seems right. I recall a something sleepingSYNAPSE told me in waking life. When he dreams of his house he notices what things are missing or incorrect. I feel the same way about this room and begin copying what he said he did in his dreams. I point to the things mentioned and say stuff like, "That's wrong. This is gone. That's not right. This should be there."

      Something catches my eye. Where the large poster of the blond white woman should be, I see a very different one in it's place. It's really blurry and watery so I step closer to take a near-sighted examination of the picture. After a moment, it clears. The face is blurry but I see an African American man wearing a blue graduation gown, standing with his arm up in triumph. There is a mock diploma in his right hand and a huge grin on his face. I get the feeling this is some sort of lame university advertisement. There is some large black lettering on the bottom but I have already lost interest. Suddenly, I remember the last object to look for. CLOCK!

      I turn around and see it where is should be to the left of the door way, overlapping the trim. At first the numbers look Roman but as I get closer, still having some slight nearsightedness, the numbers look Arabic. I recall there is a time question on the sheet in waking life so I take note. The hour hand is on the 6 and the minute hand is one the 7. No, there is an 8 where the 7 should be. I will it to be a 7 but the number really wants to be an 8 and there is a type of tug-o-war with it seeming to morph into an 8 on its own as I struggle to keep it a 7. I decide this little detail probably doesn't matter since I recall the waking life time to be 6:15. I try to think what the time actually is here but I quickly realize that I can't even begin to think about how to read the clock so I just make note of the hand locations one last time and then step out of the room.

      Feeling somewhat accomplished and a little surprised that the dream is still going, I am ready for the Blue Room. When I step back into the Main Room, I notice there are a few changes. Mostly, there is now an extra blue door and instead of having a large pill-shaped covering, they are now entirely covered in blue construction paper. In fact, it all looks gift-wrapped. I start to go for the extra door but it feels wrong and there is some instability so I decide to go for the more correctly located door.

      When I open the Blue Room I am surprised to see a vast bedroom with blue walls and white trim. The style is sort of Victorian with 3 twin beds and a dark wood chest of drawers. There is a large mirror mounted on top with something like a wash basin. It seems like there was a dark colored rug on the floor but I may be be recalling that wrong at this point. I feel shocked and confused so I step back out into the main room not really noting anything there and then back in. The room is basically the same but there is a sense that the furniture has moved slightly.

      At this point I pretty much forget the University task as I feel this part of the dream has played itself out. Not really recalling any secondary goals, I start messing around with the dreamscape on impulse. I walk around the room and come to a very low light fixture about chest level with 3 or so unlit bulbs. I recall a scene from Oculus where Karen Gillian thinks she eats a light bulb while thinking it's an apple when it actually is an apple (Yes this movie is that weird). So, I decide to try eating a light bulb as I know I won't cut myself like she did (or thought she did) in the movie. I think to unscrew the bulb but decide that is too much work and I just pull. It resists a little put easily pops free. I put the entire fat end in my mouth and look in the mirror. My lips are distorted from the effort but I notice I look even more strange than that. My features resemble River Song from Doctor Who but with shorter hair and a melding of my waking life facial features and hers. I stare at this for a few seconds trying to will myself to look right but it's not working very well. I remember the light bulb and decide to chop down. I am surprise when I feel like I am biting into a plastic ball-pit ball. I spit it out and step away from the mirror.

      At this point, I think menthol starts having it's adverse (or desired as some see it) effect. It seems like a really good idea to reward myself for having put so much effort into this dream experiment. I recall how I did something similar for the Cretaceous Period Task Of The Month awhile back and start searching the beds for a female companion.

      Before I go on, I think I need to explain something. I visited SleepinSYNAPSE's father's restaurant in waking life while in St. Louis (Very nice place and awesome food!). In the men's restroom there were several posters of vintage female movie stars. The one that caught my attention the most is this classic image of Marylin Monroe's Breakfast In Bed.


      Almost immediately, I find her in a sheet with one leg out. I don't think of her as MM but I'm not really concerned with the face. I know it's a dream and it's all not real. However, during the act, I do happen to take a look at the face and notice a very ugly version of MM. The hair was right but the face was very distorted. I pause for a second, unsure if I want to continue but I decide to just focus on other parts as I quickly finish up.

      I decide that this dream has gone on long enough and I should wake myself before I forget all the details. I fall into the void but don't wake right way. I realize what is happening and struggle to shift back to the physical. I have images of making dream notes on my Galaxy Player, but I know this is false. I hit SP but instead of struggling to move the dream body I am doing the opposite until I reenter the physical. The effect was like a reverse WILD or reverse OBE... Very strange.

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    4. Burn With Me

      by , 07-08-2014 at 01:33 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #334 - DEILD - 4:31AM

      I have to say this dream is really memorable for me. Inspired by Dreamer, I decide before hand that I would devote an entire lucid dream to learning pyrokinesis. Not only did I begin to see a breakthrough in something I have been struggling to learn but did something completely insane. The amount of pain that I felt tops any dream pain I have ever experienced. It wasn't intolerable but it was definitely uncomfortable. To compare it to waking like I'd have to say it was close to the feel of a slight oven burn a few seconds after the fact. I know it sounds slightly masochistic but I really enjoyed the sensations. It was fascinating how pain can be so realistic in the dream state. It makes me wonder what the limits are.

      I have a strange work dream where they got a new wire cut machine. It's in the old facility and everything is arranged all wrong.

      I wake, move around, stretch, cough and get comfortable. I feel pretty awake so this time I focus on breathing meditation and body relaxation. After a while I am back at work but too focused on breathing to be lucid. I am standing at a computer terminal and a DC tells me that I am breathing too fast. I see a window on the screen with the value '100'. I am able to edit, so I change it to '70'. My breathing slows way down and I become self aware again.

      Now, I am in bed still focused on breathing. I have a little trouble with it like usual but I try to maintain while I relax my body. I realize I was waiting for vibrations but understand it's not going to happen this time. I do notice my body feels oddly flat, so I try to move and get out of bed easily.
      I am in my childhood home in Texas. I'm getting pretty used to this location so I just treat it like normal and make my way outside while still focusing on breathing. When I reach the front door and decide I am too excited and let it go allowing my breath to speed up.

      Outside, I decide to walk the streets while practicing my ultimate dream control wish; shoot fireballs from my hands. I thought about this some in waking life and had decided to use some energy practices from AP before hand. It doesn't seem to be doing anything, so I go with something I am more familiar with like throwing rocks. I blind summon softball sized stones and throw. I don't see them leaving my hand but I see them hitting the road and rolling away. It's a start, I suppose.

      Now I try to move on to fire. I think of how easily Dreamer uses fire in her dream and how she says it's all about belief. I think of a cigarette lighters as I try starting a flame by snapping my fingers, but I am only getting sparks. Still, this is really encouraging and I continue for about a minute. Eventually, my fingers get twisted up and I can no longer snap. Rather than getting too caught up in the finger issue I try to think of another way to go about this.

      I have been walking quite a bit and notice I have been walking my usual path to my old high school and have arrived without even really trying. We used to live really close so this never took very long even in waking life. As I take steps closer, the building morphs into the inside of the school cafeteria. I see a rack with small bags of Lay's Plain Potato Chips and something in the center with a flame like a pilot light. I get an excited idea to start my fireball by first setting my hand on fire "externally". When I touch the flame I feel a sharp, intense, constant pain. I loudly whisper, "SHIT! THAT HURTS!" Stubbornly, I keep my hand in a little longer. When I feel that the tips of my fingers are holding the flame I move it out and lift my hand up like a torch. The pain is still there but has lessened a little. I see cafeteria workers milling about in white uniforms in my peripheral vision. They don't seem to care that I am lighting my hand on fire and I mostly ignore them. After a moment, the flames seem to be dieing away and I look for the pilot light again. I find a pot boiling cut up potatoes but instead of steam rolling from the top I see fire. This time I put my entire right hand in. The pain is way more intense this time. It's probably the worst dream pain I've ever experienced. I just keep my hand in muttering, "Shit that hurt's."

      After a satisfactory amount of time I withdraw my hand seeing it fully engulfed in flame. The pain is still really bad but I do my best to ignore it. I stare at my hand enjoying the beauty of the flame and doing my best to take in all the little details; I want a strong visual for when I actually summon fire later on. I enjoy the realness of the vivid colors; yellow and orange/red ending in blue. But most importantly, my flesh is unharmed in spite of how bad it hurts. It almost looks like really good, but really bad CG. I begin to think about trying to shoot flames or fireballs but before I can try it the dream fades and I return my physical body awareness.
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    5. Meteor

      by , 06-08-2014 at 09:24 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #324 DEILD 5:46AM

      I have a bad dream about my dad stepping around in my garden. I become overly angry and shout horrible things at him. He doesn't seem to understand what's doing on and I complain to my mom.

      I wake and enter DEILD. This time I say a mantra and focus on forming energy in my hands. Within a few seconds I notice that my hands are moving back and forth really fast. I know that I have entered the dream and it feels natural to open my dream eyes. I note my physical eyes feel shut but also open and I stare at the ceiling for a moment suddenly unsure if it's the dream or reality. The early morning light is filtering in the window and all seems super realistic, but I note the feel of my body. It has a physical quality but also numb like I've applied Novocain all over. Rather than worry too much about this, I decide to get up out of bed. Instead of my usual transition, I have to make all the necessary movements as in waking life. The numbness is really noticeable here, but I get too caught up on it; I am too excited to attempt the Meteor Task Of The Month.

      I step out the front door and see the sun rising in the east. The amount of light is just enough that I don't have to struggle to see for once. For some reason, I am really surprised how pleasantly cool the air feels. Why did I think it would be hot? I chuckle and comment something out loud. To start up the task, I begin looking around at the sky with expectation. I try to imagine and visualize a fireball plummeting to the Earth but nothing forms. I even try making fiery sounds with my mouth, but sounds really lame and kiddish. The steet is empty of all traffic and people and the clouds seem extra colorful and fluffy. I am tempted to try flying, but I remain focused on the task.

      I decide to walk around the area some still expecting a meteor. I notice that I haven't taken a step this whole dream. I just glide everywhere. Somehow, this gives me a though to Hulk jump to a new area, but it becomes more of a puny moon hop. I try flapping my arms to try to gain more height and I only hover a few feet in the air. Ok I give up.

      Whatever travel took place during all this, was actually more that I had thought as I am now in front of the high school stadium, several blocks away. There are no people around, save for an middle aged Asian woman behind a classic lemonade stand. I can't see what she is selling but she is wiping down the counter as if trying to keep busy. I think maybe I will ask her to summon the meteor for me as I cross the street. When I am near enough to speak, she doesn't look at me though I feel she saw me. Before I can open my mouth, I see a bright fiery flash of light to my left. Realizing that of course no words are necessary, I smile and wave at the woman and turn to the meteor impact.

      There's a blue and white townhouse on fire opposite of the stadium and several people are running around making a huge commotion, but no one seems to know what to do. I glide over to the house and stop at the unpainted picket fence. A man seems overly frantic so I give him a job, Hey. Why don't you go call 911? The man nods and runs off. I shrug and float closer to the house, but something weird happens.

      I am now standing in front of an extra large doll house that's nearly as tall as myself. I am amused and a little annoyed that the townhouse shrunk like this, but I think I can still finish the task. The entire thing still burning and the fire has become translucent and hardly noticeable. I see a large hole in the roof and another in the floor of the second level. I reach in to try to grab a the meteor though I don't really see it. It doesn't matter because it's like I am a ghost and my hand passes through anything I touch. An adolescent boy runs up, pushes past me and takes something out of the house. He turns to examine his cupped hands and I assume he grabbed the meteor as I look over his shoulder. I am surprised when I see he just has something like a large sliver of dark brownish glass like from a broken beer bottle. I hear a chiming noise that shatters all dream content. I wake, cursing myself for not silencing my cell phone before going to bed.

      I thought to DEILD but there was too much light in the room and I could not go back to sleep.

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    6. The Wine Bottle

      by , 02-10-2014 at 12:46 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Well I don't feel I should add the near WILD and DILD to my count Screw it. A lucid is a lucid. Even if I'm not happy with my LDs, I had an CRAZY wonderful morning of dreaming.

      Prebed: moderate amount of beer
      WBTB: Galantamine 8mg, Choline 400mg, Alpha GPC - 200mg

      4:37AM - My Assassination

      I am a woman in a red dress and I feel as if I am beautiful and sexy. I need to leave my house but there are people trying to kill me. I have a team of body guards around my house with guns. It's time to leave but we know there is a sniper someplace in the hills. My house is open with lots of glass but there is an exterior wall that I'm going to use as cover. When I go out I catch a glimpse of the sniper. He sees me and I duck behind the wall. A bullet chips off some of the top brick. I run for it from the end of the wall to a tree and bushes. I hear gun fire and dive for cover. Somehow I take a bullet to my lower back on the left side. The pain is horrible! (This is the worst dream pain I have ever felt. Or at least I perceived it that way.) I lie face down in agony and rage. I repeatedly shout, "KILL THE SON OF A BITCH!" As I lie there with my eyes closed, I think, This is how I die. And I accept that. There are some more random thoughts and images as I wake up.

      5:52AM - WILD - Vibes

      I wake from a dream I do not recall. A failed WILD attempt. I go back into WILD mode and get vibrations. I spend a lot of time floating and turning with strong vibrations but I can't seem to do much with it. I become bored and annoyed so I try something different. I wait in the void and relax my mind focusing on meditative awareness. Soon the vibes stop and I wake up. I try to WILD again but fail.

      The Metallic Werewolf War

      A non lucid dream forms. My wife and put my son in something like his high chair. I look up and we are in some class room. There is a young woman arguing with some monstrous, metallic, transformer looking, werewolf about the war between there kind. The woman keeps pointing out the atrocities committed against her people and the werewolf keeps countering with, "But it was WAR."

      I think about the war and the dream changes. I am in some post apocalyptic area. The buildings are rubble and the sky is black with smoke. I see the woman, who I now realize looks like Maggie from Walking Dead. Glenn is next to her, but his left hand is a cannon made from nano-tech. He is shooting fiery energy at the enemy. I look at who he is shooting at and see that we are on top of what looks like a cobblestone version of a huge dam or fortress wall. There is a horde of the shiny black metallic werewolf creatures battling their way towards us. I wake up.

      6:51AM - #277 - DILD - The Wine Bottle

      I am getting gas. Someone pulls up in a flatbed pickup with various sticks and stones for sale. My wife wants to buy some for crafts but I tell her no. I tell her just go outside and look for your own for free.

      I turn and now I am in a Wal-Mart. I see a bottle of wine on the shelf. The lettering is crystal clear but makes no sense. "ISOP?" Somehow this triggers lucidity. I am glad for it and I turn away trying to remember a goal. The dream that was so vivid and clear is now getting dark and blurry. I fight against it and begin rubbing my hands. I look down an isle but its just a blur of color now. I focus on my hands but its not use. I fall on my face into the void. I try to stay calm and focus on awareness. I tell myself that no matter what happens I will stay aware. I am falling and turning slighty. I wait.

      Then I am fooled by a false awakening. I try recalling the dream in the dream (or was I wake?) but fall back to sleep.

      Vampire Sisters

      Now I am refinishing the hardwood floors of my house. I am nearly done and some vampire woman walk in on my wet floors. I am annoyed but they are fighting. Another vampire woman comes in and tells them to stop. She says something like, "We are not fighting each other, but our greatest enemy." Then she looks alarmed pointing at one of the vampires sisters. "What clearance did you give her?!"

      I have a vision of a slice of supreme pizza on the floor. It some how represented the vampire sister in question. There are alien looking arthropod beings long tongues or labrum like a mosquito. They put their labrum into the pizza. I get the feeling like they are some how infecting her mind or possessing her. I wake up.

      8:25AM Tidal Wave

      I am at a rocky beach with my wife wading into the ocean. I keep reaching into the rocks and pulling out oysters. I easily pry them open and eat them raw. The third one is ridiculously huge and the texture is like the cheese on a pizza. The taste is like canned oysters. I try to get my wife to eat one but she is grossed out and scared of what might be in the water. (She would) I think about that and say I am only scared of sharks. My wife screams and I look. There is a huge tidal wave coming in at a slow motion. The effect makes it see even bigger. We run a fast as we can as the water comes rushing in behind us. Water is at our feet as we get into a random car. I am trying to start it as the water takes us and the car away. I wake up.


      Horrible acne

      I am tilling the garden

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    7. Only At Night

      by , 01-16-2014 at 06:32 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #266 - Multiple - 5:52AM

      I debated if I wanted to add these series of dreams as one LD or not at all because I really didn't do anything in any of them. But still, the number of times I was lucid was impressive since I wasn't really trying. I think the thing the put me in the right mindset what the fact that I watched all the available episodes of Lucidity Web Saga in one sitting yesterday. Obviously, it was on my mind when I fell asleep. By the way, if you haven't watched it you should!
      Lucidity: The Web Saga

      ...Or maybe it was the DayQuil I took before bed?

      The first two LD's are a blur. I was tired and didn't record. Im not sure what I did in the first one but I think there was some conflict with someone. The second, I woke immediately after I became aware. I thought I would totally remember the dream to DJ later but of course, it faded away.

      I was pretty pissed about of this and really wanted to try to induce another one but being ill with the flu has made dream recall difficult in general. Induction seemed even more so. I settled for mantra and hoped to DILD.

      I am looking out my childhood bedroom window in TX. It's dark outside and there is a Mexican family sitting in lawn chairs facing the street. They seem to be looking up. What the hell do they think they are doing? Oh Yeah maybe there's a parade or fireworks nearby. I dismiss it and move to an old desktop Windows computer. It looks like XP or 98 but something is messed up with the display. The desktop is far too large like it was somehow zoomed in. I am able to pan around but I can't seem to open up the display setting to fix the screen resolution. Right clicking seems useless as well.

      I realize that I feel cool air and notice it is coming from the air vent. OH! The A/C is on and my window is open. I move to close the window and feel the mix of cool A/C along with outside heat. That family is still there. I become annoyed this time but really don't want to deal with them; they aren't really hurting anything. Still, It made me mad, so I loudly slam the window shut. I can feel them looking at me but I don't look back as I quickly close up some white curtains and then a second set of red.

      I turn and see my bedroom door is open (In this house my bedroom was connected to the kitchen and on the other side the back door.) I notice the back door is cracked open just a hair and I think that I should close it. But... Wait a minute. There is bright daylight coming in the crack. Remembering that the other side of the house was dark just a moment ago, I become lucid, but immediately thrown into a FA

      I am fooled, but not fooled by this one. I am still self aware but I don't realize it's odd to still be in my childhood bedroom in Texas. In fact, I think this part is reality. Regardless, Im not ready to give up so I go into DEILD mode. Vibrations hit and after a moment I get up. This part of the dream is fuzzy and hard to remember, but basically, I just ran around blind for a few seconds until I was thrown into an actual awakening.

      I go into DEILD mode again, this time in my actual bed. Vibrations start quickly but its faint. I'm never sure when it's "go time" or "wait time" so I just focus on the vibes until the seem really strong. While I am waiting, I am suddenly jolted fully awake by the motion of my wife turning over. DAMN!

      Again, I DEILD and I feel slight vibrations. I wait, but then do not get any more intense. I don't feel I am deep enough in, but I try moving my dream body the way I normally do in this state. Nothing. I try it on the more physical side and my leg jerks and the vibes go away. I try to stay focused but at some point I just fall back into non-lucid sleep.

      The next dream reminded me of how completely amazing NLD's can be. Sometimes it's ok to get caught up in the action when the dream is so detailed, plot driven, and completely vivid.

      As I am walking down a street in a run down and dirty area of town, I somehow I know the Zombie Apocalypse has happened. I have false memories of seeing lumbering zombies in the dark and know they are only out at night. The daytime hours are completely safe. Still, the world is in chaos and much of society has shut down due to the huge population loss and the after effects of the "shit hitting the fan". This time-line of the Zed invasion seems to be a generation or two ahead with much progress made toward rebuilding life as we knew it. But still, THEY rule the night.

      I start to enter a gas station and realize I had been eating some Greek yogurt out of a large tub plastic tub. There's still a creamy feel with some bland taste in my mouth. The store clerk is outside smoking and as I pass. I stop and say, "I'm bringing this in." I don't want her to think I am stealing it when I leave.
      "What brand is it?" She asks.
      For some reason I have a paper towel around my yogurt and have to peel it back to see. It vividly read's HAMPTON'S OHIO with a graphic logo.
      "Hapmton's" I say.
      She shrugs, "Oh well we don't carry that anyway."
      I nod and go on in.

      I spend some time at the soda fountain. I'm not sure if I want Coke or Dr. Pepper. Fountain soda is always hit and miss for me so I take a small sample of both. Neither one taste quite right. Fuck it. I'll just pay extra for the bottle. I remember that I swore off soda, but also remembered that I decided one a month would be the most I ever drink. (True story) I walk around looking for the refrigerated section but dont see it in the tiny store. Feeling like I surely must have missed something, I look again. Ah! There it is. I have a slight thought of hey that wasnt there a moment ago, but shrug it off. I take a Dr Pepper from the top shelf.

      The scene skips now and I am with my "crew" a ways down the street from the store. Apparently, they stumbled across a stash of explosives and ammo. There's absolutely no one around. We arent sure if the owners are dead are just out but we decide it's too good to pass up so we work quickly loading trucks. Theres some strange missiles in this warehouse that we easily move some type of explosive parts from. They look like really large ammunition rounds. I think something seems odd but I let it go. Multiple explosions?

      Now we are outside and there is some really loud sound like an alarm. My view has switched to a movie scene. All I can see is everyone looking past the camera, then freaking out and leaving in a hurry. I say something like, "I wish they would just show us already." The trucks leave and pass between two other truck with burning logs on them. I worry that the explosives with go up but they make it through fine.

      Now I am back in the action. I realize they left me because of my inaction. I should have ran with them. I finally get to turn around and see what the fear was about. The sun is going down and and I realize that alarm was to give an early warning to everyone so they have time to get indoors.

      I panic and run to the nearest building. It turns out to be my old work place back before we moved to a new building. I see my old boss sitting in the break-room with a few other people. Out on the shop floor, I spy Vanessa working. I walk over to her and jokingly say, "Hey, it only took a Zombie Apocalypse to get me to stay here all night."
      She totally ignores what I said and replies with a sour expression, "You're signed up for overtime."
      Before I can reply Hobbie comes storming through yelling, "I may stay here all night, but if they expect me to work, they can kiss my ass!"
      I follow him back to the break-room and yell the same words back at Vanessa.

      In the break-room my old boss gives me an evil glare. This makes me wish I was home. I really just want to be with my wife and not stuck here. I quickly decide it's better facing the zombie horde outside. I step out and see it's not quite dark enough for zed to come out and several children are running as fast as they can to get back home. I think about where my house is in relation to my workplace. It's not that far. Maybe I can run for it. I look at the sky. There may not be time. I might have to fend off a few zombies, but I think I can handle it if I have to. What I could really use is a bicycle. There's an abandoned house next door so I quickly take a look around back. To my relief, there is a mountain bike laying in tall grass. I pull it, but notice the front wheel is locked up. I take a closer look once I get it free from tangled grass; the wheel is horribly bent. Oh my God. NO! I begin to feel real fear and panic and I think maybe I can make it work anyway. I get on and try to ride it but the wheel just wont turn. I wake up.

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    8. Astral Flight

      by , 10-15-2013 at 10:21 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #237 - DILD/DEILD/OBE - 3:48AM

      The first thing I can remember is laying in bed next to my wife. I look over to my right and see my mom lying on a smaller bed. She tells me, "I was laying here and I thought my body had not moved but it felt different. A cop came and said this was a dream and that I was having a lucid dream within a lucid dream."
      I feel excited that my mom finally experienced a lucid dream. I say, "Oh wow that so cool!" I hope my wife heard about this and will have a lucid dream too. Then it all dawns on me. I think I am the one dreaming. I do a nose plug and blow cleanly through.

      At that instant, I am on my back in the dark. I feel the vibes and transition out of my body. It is dark but I can barely see where I am going. I strain and there is a breif flash lighting up the room then dark again. I head to the front door while rubbing my hands and concentrating on seeing. Just before I reach the door. I feel a force sucking me back to my body. I try to grab onto something and fight against it but it is of no use. I slam hard back in bed. I realize that I was never on my back but am on my left side.

      I feel vibes again and am encouraged to try DEILD. Suddenly, I am gripped with fear and feel that there is a presence behind me. I can feel something like large cat claws lightly digging into my back. I roll over and blindly point at whatever it was and say, "Go away in the name of Jesus." Then, "Jesus help me." Immediately the fear lifts and the presences goes away. I am lying on my back and I begin to float upward. There is a slight sensation as I feel myself moving through the ceiling and rafters in the attic. Then I see a bright light as if through closed eyes. A feeling of total joy and peace envelopes me. I begin to hear music. A sitar plays something beautiful while a choir of angels sing a wordless tune. I relax and let the feeling wash over me as I enjoy the music.

      After a few moments I ask, "Show me a past life." At that, I float back down to the bed. I get up and head outside still in the dark but this time unhindered. The front door looks different this time. It has a window in the middle of it with blinds. There is a small window above the door and I realize I must be floating along the ceiling since I am eye level with it. I try to phase through the glass but get caught up in the blinds. Rather than make a big deal about it I just open the door and step out. My body is light and I can't help but fly. I float up the roof and push off making swimming motions. Once above about the trees, I look at the ground in front of me. Its still really dark but I can see that there are no other houses next to me but I see some colorful lights along the horizon. Against it I see the silhouette of a city on a shoreline. I still feel that the dream can show me a past life and begin chanting, "Show me a past life." I make more swimming motions toward the city. For I moment I it looks like I am looking at a nebula and stars around it. I look down and see more stars. I think this is not right, and focus harder on getting to the city. I am quickly sucked towards it.

      I hear a swooshing sound and find myself coming in hot to a parking lot. When I plant my feet down I realize I am barefoot and though there is no pain I feel my feet skidding on asphalt and gravel. I think that I may had gotten road rash but try to ignore it. The feeling of this gets me thinking about the surgery task and I totally forget about seeing a past life. I look around in a parking lot and see several people walking next to some parked car that look like something from the 40's or 50's. There is a man getting out of something like a Studebaker. I stop and for some reason show him my left forearm and ask, "Have you ever had surgery.... On yourself?"
      He looks at me and roboticaly says, "No I have not had any type of surgical procedures." I suddenly wake up.

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    9. Dumbily-Wumbily

      by , 08-25-2013 at 04:09 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      This series of dreams were a little disappointing. I am embarrassed at how sloppy I've become. I made a number of mistakes and really didn't get anywhere with my goal. At least I got multiple lucids!

      I took a longer WBTB than usual (longer than 5 min) with this one and got on Playstation Home Doctor Who pack and explored the TARDIS a bit trying to take in all the visuals of the inside. I think it would have been helpful if I had actually summoned one up or just materialized myself straight inside versus making the blue box first. I was worried about insomnia when I went to bed as I was super wakeful. I had to use my technique for falling asleep and abandon any lucid induction. I was surprised to DILD but with Galantamine it's almost effortless the first few hours. I really need to concentrate on my techniques after my mini awakenings instead of just falling back to mantra. It works... sort of, but I think the experience would be much better with a little more focus. A lot of times I just want to get back to sleep as fast as possible but still try for lucid. Mantras seems to be my fall back method during these times.


      #216 - 3:25AM - DILD

      I have an FA and find my self getting some coffee. The set up looks like work but its a checkout line at Wal-Mart. I try to grab a Styrofoam cup but they are dirty with holes in them. I move the to other side and see some clean new cups. I get coffee from the dispenser. Mary, the janitor is standing next to the coffee machine. I nod at her and walk away sipping my coffee. (No physical sensation or taste)

      My cousin starts texting me while I am walking and though I cant read the words I seem to think that I know what we are saying to each other.

      Suddenly, I am in my living room on the floor next to the couch. I still have my coffee in my hand but I am not really drinking it. I am in contemplation and I feel something is off. I am drinking more caffeine? This isn't a good idea if I am going to go back to bed and try to get lucid. SHIT! I should always RC after any awakening I do a nose plug but don't really put thought into it. I don't even know if I blew threw or not. Then, I hear someone going out the front door. It's my wife. She tells me that she is going outside to get something and I can hear the keys jingle in her hand. No. She should be asleep. That's not like her at this hour. I AM dreaming! I walk to the front door and remember to pause and take in the detail. I look at the door and notice it is very different than waking reality. There is a large window in the middle of it. It's wooden and the paint is weathered and peeling off. Then I forget this and rush outside because all I want to do is get in the TARDIS.

      Outside the air is cold. Always the air is cold in lucids. Why is this? I enjoy the feeling of it, but I begin to notice that I feel really odd like I have a head cold and there is cloth wrapped around my head, chin to top. It feels heavy and I try to ignore it. I wonder if something is happening to my body in bed. I suddenly feel myself lying on my back and there is nothing on my head now. No don't want to do that. I focus and continue to walking with no other distraction. There is a street lamp to the right and void to the left. I let control slip a bit and just allow myself to wander in a random direction believing I will go straight to the TARDIS. I realize that I am walking barefoot but this time I feel like I am wearing shorts with a hoodie instead of the usual underwear only. Suddenly, I feel a sharp and realistic pain in my left foot and assume I stepped on a peddle on the sidewalk. I let out a whispered, "Ouch!" And grab my foot for a moment. I am shocked at the vividness of the pain but quickly put it out of my mind. I come around to the driveway side of the house and stop. I think it should be appearing now and can faintly hear that unique sound of it's engines. I get several brief and dim images of the TARDIS spinning in flight and appearing in various positions in my driveway. Suddenly, I hear the explosion of a gunshot from somewhere behind me. My physical body jerks in reaction to the sound and the dream breaks apart waking me up.


      #217 - DILD - 4:29AM

      I hear my son crying and my wife gets up. The light is on but I have a blanket over my face and lying on my left side. I try not to move because I think I am trying to WILD and I am still in the same position that I laid down. Something feels odd. I can feel the air of the ceiling fan on my face and my breath is not obstructed in the least bit. Then, I hear an electronic robotic buzzing sound from behind me and the blankets vibrate like a strong wind is blowing. I immediately know that I am dreaming and do not feel frightened. The sound stops.

      I get up and am in the kitchen. I see my wife standing there in the doorway looking very sexy. I grab her and we passionately kiss like its the first time. After a moment, I remember my task and let her go. We can do this later. There is a coffee pot full of coffee on the edge of the sink. I laugh. What is it with coffee in my dreams? I spend several minutes aimlessly searching the house for the TARDIS but don't have any real focus.

      Then, I see the front door, but it's not a door at all. It's a large mirror. I run to it intending to dive head first. I pass a DC. Was it my daughter? She says something but I am focused on the mirror. I can see my reflection as I get closer. There are two of me but for some reason I think it's normal. Then, as I dive there is no reflection and I focus on reaching beyond. I get stuck at the waist for a second and wiggle through. I stand up and realize that I went from a very clean and tidy version of my house to a very dirty and messy version of my house. I look around still trying to find a TARDIS but suddenly, the dream collapses.

      I try to DEILD but find myself stuck in bed. I realize my head is floating and not touching the pillow. I roll into the floor and stop. I am in another bed with my head floating. I roll again, fall once more and stop on the floor. I suddenly wake up.


      #218 - DEILD? - 4:47AM

      I either wake up or have a FA. I berate myself for letting awareness slip again. I mantra, "I am dreaming." but suddenly realize that I either I never really woke up or I went straight into a DEILD. I say, "I am still dreaming." (from the times maybe there was not so much a gap after all.)

      I am in the kitchen again. No... a different kitchen. I see a very large fridge and decide to turn it into a TARDIS . There only seems to be one light source in the middle of the room and the area the around fridge is cast in deep shadow. Feeling the fridge, I circle around it into the void phasing past cabinets and walls. I am blind now but my physical sensation is vivid. I imaging how the outside of the TARDIS should feel and it quickly takes shape. When I think I have it, I open my eyes. The sensation of my eyelids feels startlingly real. I pause a moment but realize I am hugging a huge blue box.

      I excitedly step back but it just looks like some wardrobe with solid wood doors painted TARDIS blue. I become annoyed and obsessed with getting it at least somewhat right. I spin the front around and try again. I just want to see "Police Call Box" on the front before I go in. When I spin it back around there is some cheap ass black label with white random letters on it. Something catches my eyes and I look left. There is the damned Police Call Box sign handing from the ceiling above the kitchen sink.

      I decide to let that go and turn my attention back to this half formed TARDIS. To my dismay, the blue box has turned to a type of plastic cardboard. I try to straighten it out and shape it back into a box but not matter what I do, the entire process is clumsy and the material becomes increasingly floppy and weak. I stop and realize the humor it in all. I take a moment and just laugh at it. Then I let out a mocking "WHOOOOHOOO!" I enjoy the sound of my dream voice and shout out again. Laughing I say something Doctor Who-ish, "Dumbily-Wumbily." I just laugh at myself and suddenly wake up.

      The next time I wake is around 7:50AM with no other recall. For some reason I thought I had 4 lucids. The feeling of forgetting something is maddening!

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    10. The Phone Call [Mutal Dream Attempt #1]

      by , 05-25-2013 at 12:03 AM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      I was going for WILD after my WBTB but I was very tired and my WBTB was too short. I had several awakenings but only remember two of the dreams.

      I am at work with some silver can in my hand it looks like a tall boy beer. I get the idea that has huperzine in it. I take a long drink and note the taste. It is very sweet and fruity with a pleasant alcohol after taste. I look at the can and see its Blueberry Pomegranate flavored. I remember taking huperzine earlier and try to calculate how much huperzine is in my system now. I worry that it will be too much.

      I see Frank walk by and he comments on my drink. Something about how he wants to try some so he can get lucid. I am shocked and happy that I turned so many people at work on to lucidity. (actually just 2 in waking life).

      I realize that having beer at work will get me fired so I try to hid it under my desk. Then, I not a horrible side effect of drinking huperzine beer in the day time. I am incredibly aroused and it will not subside. My boss asks me to come over to talk to her but I am too embarrassed get up out of my chair. I quickly wake up.


      I am at my old Jr. High cafeteria in Smithville, TX watching some play on the stage that was there in waking life. Then play ends but we they begin a second showing and every moans about it. We stay because we all feel obligated to support our children.

      The curtain opens and someone is trying to hang something on a wall that had busted out sheet rock. I am curious if this is the actual play of if they need to fix the set. I wonder up on stage and some toddlers come out to play with me. I talk to one and then realize I am on stage. I duck and army crawl away.

      I have a brief awakening and focus on my awareness and body.

      #186 - 5:18AM - DEILD

      I find myself back at my old Jr. High but I am outside in the commons area where we used to hang out before class. I am staring at the concrete and see the trash can that is always there. I look and see the grassy center and the structure around me. For a moment the memory is so vivid that it conjures up old indescribable emotions that are only connected to that time and place. For just that moment, I am completely overwhelmed and think that I literally somehow teleported there in waking life.

      I quickly recover from this and assure myself that I am dreaming. I look around at the scene and note how correct everything seems. After a moment my vision gets a little blurry so I stop and remember my task. I walk around toward the gym and shout out, "CANISLUCIDUS!" CL's name sounds and feel a little thick in my mouth so I shout out his real name which is much easier to say. Nobody shows up so I decide to just call him on my cell phone. I reach to my right pocked were it always is and at first I feel nothing but after a few pats I feel a lump and then the shape of my phone.

      I pull it out and blindly push something on the screen saying CL's first and last name then put the phone to my ear. I immediately hear a very stereotypical Russia man on the other end.

      The details are a little hazy with the dialogue but I remember basically what was said. I may have to paraphrase a little here.

      Man: This is [firstname][lastname].
      Me: Uuummm. OK. Where are you?
      Man: Rustonovic Farms (or something like that then some Russian phrase)
      Me: Rustonovic Farms?

      I repeat the Rustonovic Farms and the phrase several times to remember. I quickly decide this is gibberish and let it go.

      Me: I want to talk to the real [Firstname][lastname]

      There is silence on the line but I wait. Then...

      CL: Hey! How are you?
      Me: Hey! What's up,man? This is Mike. You know from the Internet. It's Xanous. (CL begins talking excitedly but I interrupt him.) I want to tell you something. You are dreaming.

      I want CL to actually be here so I look over to my right expecting to see him. He's standing right next to me on a cell phone but he doesn't seem to notice that I am here. I look at him while talking.

      Me: You are DREAMING. Get it? This is a DREAM.

      The light of recognition seems to come into CL's eyes now.

      CL: OH WOOOOW! Yeah I am.
      Me: Ok good! So here's my code word. It's [code word] Remember that. OK what's mine.
      CL: Account numbers.

      I realize we started walking together now and notice that we made our way over to the high school parking lot. I look over at CL and he still has the phone to his ear like he is talking to someone else.

      Me: Really? Account numbers? That's two words.
      CL: [Gibberish]
      Me: Ok so account numbers it is.

      I realize that CL's voice has gone sort of flat and lifeless. I wonder if he's lost his . I look back over at CL and I see that he is a boy now and we are at my waking life car. I open the door. The dream is getting unstable and my lucidity is starting to slip. CL climbs up into the car and sits in a car seat. I go with the motions and strap him in.

      Me: You're not really lucid are you? Are you even [first name]?

      The scene goes dark and I find myself in the void. I quickly wake myself to remember the dream.

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    11. My Headless Double

      by , 04-13-2013 at 03:15 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #162 - 4:42AM - WILD

      I WILD straight into a scene outside. I was thinking about the beach and I remember sand but not much else. I didn't really do any control that I know of and just went with the dream enjoying the hell out of every second of being lucid.

      At some point I have an FA. My wife keeps talking to me and I think she is the reason why I woke up. I tell her to shutup and leave me alone but she ignores that. After awhile I tell her, "I will slap you in the face if you don't leave me alone." She keeps talking then... WHAM! I vividly feel my right hand connect with her face.

      I freeze. She doesn't make any sound or seem to move. I feel totally awful that just hit my wife! I expect her to go ballistic on me but nothing happens. Then I realize this has to be a dream. I roll over a little to note the feel. Yep that feels like my dream body. Sluggish, numb, and a little slow.

      I move close to my wife to apologize. I still feel so horrible. We cuddle we automatically have sex.(menthol?) We do it for several minutes then I realize this is sort of a waste of time. The sensation isn't very realistic and I really don't want to risk waking up or *eehem* make a mess.

      This dream is super long and unfortunately I have a huge memory gap here as well.

      I am outside what looks like my back deck. I see the ground and it has no grass. I decide to teleport out of here but have no real plan. Just thinking about a sliders wormhole causes the view of my privacy fence to distort into ripples but there is no light or color. I raise a hand and see a sheet of rainbow static and then it breaks like glass. I summon the sliders device and point it at the fence. A beam shoots out and makes a proper wormhole. It doesn't last for but a second. Too bad. I give up and decide to teleport by falling backward. I relax and do the "Nestea Plunge"

      The scene goes black and I feel myself softly land in my bed. I feel disappointed. I wait and notice slight vibrations but wonder if that was just expectation. I RC again by slightly moving my legs. Yep that feels like my dream body. I throw my legs over the side and scoot out of bed. This time I feel slightly stuck but force through it. I stand up and feel a little wobbly at first but it straightens out. I begin to hear some strange whispering coming from behind me and it frightens me. I don't turn turn around to look. I just say out loud, "SHUTUP.". It stops. I notice how vivid my voice is and my awareness moves to my mouth. I marvel how I'm really in bed asleep.

      I walk into the living room and start to head outside. Again, I can think of no real plan just enjoying the dream. I begin to think about how super long the dream has been and think back to the beginning. I feel like I have it all in memory but I may have been lying to myself. During my retrospection I really didn't pay much attention to where I was going and was surprised when a DC stops me.

      He is standing there blocking my exit from the house. The really odd thing about him was that he was headless. I feel like I know him but I'm shocked and really creeped out now. I look closer and notice that he is an exact copy of me but with out a head. There is no gore where the head should be. There's not even a neck. It's just smooth skin from shoulder to shoulder with a slight dip where the neck should start. I command him, "Tell me what you represent!" No answer. I know that he doesn't have a head but this a dream and there is no reason why he can answer me. I poke him in the chest, "If you don't answer me I will throw you out of here."
      I wait and stare at him were his head should be. Looking at his neckless torso was just too much.

      Slowly, he answers in a small timid voice. "Second Contentment" (but it sounds like second contentiment)
      I'm still a little freaked so I come on really strong here. Annoyed, I yell, "SECOND CONTENTMENT? WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN!?!"
      After a moment, he even more timidly replies, "I don't know."
      I notice the door is wide open behind him and the porch light is on. I step forward to move outside and he moves with me. When we get on the porch I say, "Well guess what? I lied. Get the hell out of here." I push him off the porch and he flips into the flower bed and vanishes into the darkness.

      Thinking back I wish I had been a little more gentle with him and tried to get some better answers. For whatever reason this is a part of myself that needed some attention and I was a mean bastard. The whole thing was just so damned creepy that I couldn't take it. Maybe next time I can be more calm.

      I step out into the street. The scene was getting dark and I really had to try hard to maintain visuals. It feels windy and I feel like my eyes are drying out. Suddenly I realize that my physical eyes are open and must have been open for awhile. I can see the bedroom door. I don't panic but close my eyes and focus on seeing on the back of my eyelids. after some focus I DEILD back into the dream.

      I see the neighbor getting in a car but I ignore him. I start thinking how I can't remember any goals. The only thing I could think of is how I was thinking earlier in the day that it would interesting to fly into work during an OBE. I live only 7 blocks away in real life so why not? I start in that direction down the street.

      I see a long rectangular shape in the distance at the end of the street where it Ts off. (This still may have been my door) I focus on that spot and feel my body get light. I put my hands in front of me and my legs back. I get the strange focus effect and zoom straight there. Then I fly up over the houses and into the parking lot at work.

      For some reason there are several dumpsters in the way. I note four are blocking my path to the long walkway leading to the doors. Two are blue, one is red, and one is green. I weave through them crouched and sneaking. I stand up right when I realize there is no need to be sneaky. Now, I see the doors as I slowly fly to them. It is dark inside and only outside night lights are on. Let there be light. Let there be light. Let there be light. Soon I see some bright fluorescent lights flicker on. Alright thank you! I fly up to the doors and phase through the glass windows. I land upright inside.

      I take a look around and let out a loud "WOW!" The entire production area in this part of the plant has been cleared out. Instead of brick and steel there is sheet rock that has been taped and mudded but still bare with no texture or paint. Someone has built a stage on the left and down on the other side the break room has been opened up into a concession stand. I see Glen and Steve down there eating and walk to them. Glen is eating nachos and Steve has fried chicken. Before I speak to them I notice a guy on stage. I didn't notice then but can't help but think that he looks like anderj101. He is holding a black electric guitar and is standing next to a black baby grand piano. He seems messing with some equipment and waiting for people to show up. I ask him, "What am I supposed to do? I can't work like this." I don't remember his reply but it wasn't helpful. I jokingly ask, "Can I have sex on stage?" (menthol?)
      He laughs and says, "Hell yeah. I'll play Final Fantasy Pewter Shooter while you do it."
      I notice I am walking among tables now and I have a empty metal coffee can in my hand. I am tossing it up and catching it and beating on it like a drum. Just being fidgety like in real life. I get within inches from him and turn my left ear. Laughing, I ask, "Can you repeat that? Did you say Pewter Shooter or Peter Shooter?"
      He acts like he can't remember and mutters, "Hmm... Peter. Pewter. I don't know. I think it was pewter."
      "Are you sure because I want to remember this so I can look it up later." For some reason I don't want to mention that it's a dream. It feels like my great secret and a joke on the DCs.
      "I'll probably forget half this shit anyway."

      I freeze. Suddenly I remember how incredibly long this dream has been. I freak out that I will forget all of it. With this thought I open my eyes.

      I'm not entirely sure but I want to say this dream got on close to an hour. It's really impossible to tell though.

      I later had some non-lucids

      I was running a strange braid machine at work putting green nomex on a cable. It turned into a big confusing mess.

      The bar 5:58AM
      I was in some swanky bar walking out. There was a table with a big potted plant. I walk around it to be block by the only table with a yellow table cloth. There was an old man sitting with a young woman at a connecting table. I say, "Oops sorry" and side step them. He looks annoyed. Then I stop and suddenly want some beer. I turn back to the bar.

      There is a middle ages mixed race woman. I ask her for "2 Budweiser Lemon... No I mean Lime."
      She looks pissed off and hatefully says, "You want 2?"
      I nod
      With a smirk she tell me, "That's $18.30" She turns to get them and I start fishing in my wallet for a 20. I start thinking how much beer I could buy and take home for $20. I look down and notice she already has 2 bottles open and ready with a yellow label. Lemon?. I think about running away but instead I reluctantly hand her the $20.

      Much later I have a nice DEILD that I'll post separate.
    12. Nomage

      by , 04-05-2013 at 04:29 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #157 - 5:24AM - Alarm clock DEILD

      I hold still as my wife hits the snooze button. I feel a huge grin on my face as I get instant vibrations. I have you now!

      I try to transition out of bed but I find it difficult. I relax for a second only to startle myself with a loud gasping sound. It reminds me of "breathing in the chemicals" from a Imagine Dragons song. I surge forward and press into the bedroom wall. I see static like on a TV with 3 colorful blobs dancing in the center. Red blue yellow. Was that real? Am I having apnea? I can't worry about it now.

      I am standing in my bedroom in darkness now. I have my eyes open and can see just fine but it's just really dark. I wonder if it is my physical eyes or dream eyes. It feels like dream eyes. This is not SP. I clumsily fumble out of my bedroom. It's odd because I am walking out but I can hear the box fan and the sound doesn't "move". I try not to focus on it and forget it almost instantly. I feel the door, open it, and step out. For some reason I aimlessly wonder into the kitchen. I hit a light switch and see a fading glow of light behind me. I turn to follow it but its gone. I wish for light and my vision is over come with it. It was like a bright light filtered through closed eye lids. Then, more darkness. I wait.

      I look at my hands. They are clear and bright. I want to taste them for TOTM. I lick. Bland. I start to bite and there is only a slight pressure. I bite harder trying to break a finger off. This ended up severing well as a stabilization trick.

      Suddenly, I am standing in my brightly lit dining/living room. (Our house more of an open floor plan and it's really just one room here.) I guess the light switch just took a little bit to warm up? I look around. And see a turned on TV on top of the bookcases. The image is blurry and I don't focus on it. The room is fully furnished with lots of oddities. I see some footed PJs that look like they should belong to my son. There is some sort of green and blue design on them. I stuff a "foot" into my mouth and chew. I feel like I have cotton mouth with a morning breath taste. Yuk. I feel I smack my lips in real life at this point and forget it. The PJs are gone. All of this almost wakes me up and the scene seems to jump at bit.

      I am sitting in the living room floor. I think about the advanced TOTM and want to summon some coal. I reach behind my back but come up empty handed. I try again and see a small ball of dark coal about the size of a marble. Good enough. I put my hands together and feel the coal crumble like dry mud. I wait a moment and sing, "Shine bright like a diamond. Shine bright like a diamond." I open my hands expecting to see a diamond but there's nothing there.

      I think about how CL sometimes asks for help from DCs but I never seem to have any. I look around and see my son lying sideways in the recliner. Hes smiling and cooing at me. I smile back and say, "Hey buddy." I mentally ask him if he has any coal and hold my hand out. Me puts his hand in mine but there is no coal. He seems confused. We try again but nothing happens. I give up and turn around.

      My parents old cabinet TV is setting were my entertainment center should be. I see that it is turned on and I hear Wade from sliders talking. She is standing on a dark street corner with Quinn and Rembrandt. I jump back, "Ohhh Sliders!" Without thinking I put both feet in the TV and the screen turns into a "Sliders wormhole". I pause and step out. Do want to enter that scene or make my own wormhole? I hear Wades voice again and I decide that I'd like to properly meet the Sliders crew. I kneel before the TV and slowly put my hands into the screen. I feel a little resistance but all goes fine. The screen is still displaying a wormhole and I can hear the electric noise of it. I am up to my elbows now. I pause, put my head in, and roll forward. There is darkness but I can still hear wade talking. I use my OBE technique and plant my feet solid. I feel like I grow from the ground up; from nothingness into my full self. I can faintly see the 3 of them. The professor is not there. Wade turns to me. I can see her face clearly now. She is surprised and says, "Hey! Who's that guy? The other two look at me in with mild curiosity. The dream fades to black.

      I DELID by rubbing my hands.

      I feel myself lying in bed with vibrations. I am not sure if I am really rubbing my hands because I am rubbing so vigorously that the bed is shaking. I have to assume it's fake. If it's not, then oh well it's about time to get up anyway. I listen and wonder how soon the alarm will go off again. I don't feel very grounded so I decide roll around in the bed. I smile and laugh at the dizzying sensation. Soon I can see something.

      I am lying in a bag of Fritos and I can hear a voice that sounds very much like a commercial. I think, "I'm in a Fritos commercial?" I laugh and start munching on the giant me-sized Fritos. Each one is about as long as I am. I note the crunch and the taste. My mouth seems a little numb like I've recently received Novocain and the taste seems very salty. I roll around in the bottom of the bag munching away until its empty. When I am done, I look up and notice the bag is sealed. I envision a giant plastic clip on top and wonder how I'm to get out. I am actually a little amazed at how tiny I must be and I begin to feel very claustrophobic. I have to force the thought away and I close my eyes.

      I begin to think about the time. I feel like the alarm is really close and don't want to be jolted awake. I fear that I will forget the dream. I start thinking back with difficulty but remember most of it after a few seconds. Doing this wakes me up and I open my eyes just before the alarm goes off again.

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    13. Blindness, Sensations and Shorts

      by , 03-17-2013 at 04:25 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      Dream Signs

      No recall before WBTB though I felt sure I dreamed something


      Feeling that I had a long lucid. FA I was on the forum talking about an epic dream and feeling happy with myself.

      #147 Blindness and Sensations - 4:42AM - WILD\DEILD Chain

      I am passively watching hypnagogia while counting mantra "1. I am dreaming. 2. I am dreaming." ect. Suddenly I notice something that seemed super real. I am holding some small plastic bag. I vividly feel it in my hand. So I pay attention to my body and the vibrations start.

      I transition out of bed. The room is dark and I am half blind. I hope that eventually my vision will come to me if I just keep going. I feel drunk and have trouble walking. I stumble into the bedroom door and it feels like a cloth on my face. Instead of trying to struggle with it I decide to phase through. The door resists at first but I relax and focus on the other side verses pushing through. The door seems to pop like a bubble and I am free. The cloth lingers on my face for a few seconds. I can sort of see through the weave in the fabric and see light coming through. I slowly do a 360 and the cloth slides off me.

      But now the room is dark and I am totally blind. I stumble to the front door. I have to actually unlock the dead bolt to get out this time. Once on the porch I begin to feel my physical sensations disappear and the dream fading. I really don't want to lick the cement again so I just get on my hands and knees and feel the porch. My knees hit the porch so hard it actually hurts for a second. I let my stomach touch the cement. I keep repeating "I am dreaming" Now, I think I am getting stable. I push up to look around but I still can't see. Really, I just feel like my eyes are closed but I am afraid I will open my real eyes. *Sigh* I should have tried.

      I hear a car passing on the street and the road sounds wet. BTW it was raining in the waking world and I didn't know that it at the time. I though the sound was so unbelievably real that I must be sleep walking right now. I begin to worry that this is true and think how ridiculous I must look. I worry what the neighbors will think. The dream fades.

      I stay still and wait for DEILD. It doesn't happen right away so I focus on the back of my neck to start the vibrations. Seconds later I am transitioning out of bed again. This time go straight to stabilizing. I press against the bedroom wall and start licking. The orange peel texture feels vivid on my tongue. Then, for some reason I get really excited (Menthol) and start kissing. Suddenly, I feel like I am kissing on a womans neck. I think, "NO!" and push away. The dream suddenly vanishes.

      One more time I DEILD. I have to focus on my body again to get the vibrations. This I time I decide to wait it out and see what happens. I never transitioned out, but the physical sensations were much better than making love to a wall.

      I seemed to have cycled between sensations repeating each one over and over. First, I felt a surging sensation so intense that it caught my breath. I could see a bright white light as this happened and then feel myself tilt upright to a standing position. All the while the vibrations felt like a strong wind on my body. As this was happening I got the most beautiful feeling of peace and love directed toward me. All I could think was, "I am going to dream about Heaven now."

      Then that would fade and felt like I was slowly spinning on my back and levitating up and down.

      At one point the cycles broke and I felt like I was sinking down into my bed and through the floor. My first thought was, "Oh God, I'm going to Hell now." Then, "Whatever, It's a dream. If I can just get this thing going I'll be fine with it." I even made a swimming motion downward until I fell like I had traveled a long way. I am still blind so I open my eyes but I see the bedroom. I look around for a long time and realize my eyes are getting dry and I need to blink. I finally close them and the previous cycles continue for a bit.

      I don't know the length of time but it didn't seem super long. Maybe 10 min. Maybe less. My son is what woke me up coupled with my wife's snoring. I get back to sleep soon enough.

      In the next two lucids the hypnagogia turns into a full dream but not very vivid. The colors are dingy and the physical sensations are dim. I decide to ride these out, flowing with the dreams as they are interesting from the start.

      #148 - The Martian War Zone - WILD - 5:10AM

      I am on my stomach and I lift my head up to look around. Two soldiers are standing on each side of me. They grab me up by my arms. The one on my left says, "Welcome back." I laugh internally at this and smile at the irony. I follow them to what looks like a mine cart on tracks. For some reason, I hear a super loud motor. As we ride, I try to ask them where we are going but the can't hear me. It looks like we are riding through a narrow rocky path. Soon, the ride stops and we get out. I hear a Star Trooper like voice say, "Maintain radio silence." So I say nothing. As I creep around, I notice how red and Mars like the terrain looks. I see a path leading downward and a small bridge that spans across a dry creek bed. I feel excited and curious now. I realize I am holding some kind of rile in my hands. I feel it more than see it. We walk around a canyon wall. The enemy is set up behind some boulders. I fire my rife and it sounds like phaser fire. But unfortunately, at that instant I wake up.

      I wait to DEILD and again the hypnagogia turns into a dream scene. I am standing on some ancient stone staircase with 3 men in long flowing odd looking robes. Their robes are gray with black trim.

      I almost wake up again here but I focus. Sort of a mini DEILD.

      We are now standing at the top of the stairs. It's a platform that overlooks an enormous amphitheater. There are millions of people below. The man on my left is standing at a large microphone with with a large golden or brass ring around it. The diameter is probably about 18in. He begins to speak and the words sound very alien and a little like Russian. I laugh to myself as I have no idea what is going on. I wake up.

      I try to continue WILD/DEILD but I lose focus now and fall into non lucid sleep for a little while. Did my REM cycle end?

      #149 - I Meet My Doppelganer - 5:45AM - DILD

      I am with my wife in some adult play land. There is this big thing we are on and its seems really abstract. I push this seat thing along a bar and it breaks off and falls below. There is some strange inflatable thing below with arms that reach to were we are. I jump on one and slide down to the bottom. I see the broke seat thing and the casters that feel off it. I randomly pick up a football. I notice how real it feels in my hands and that triggers lucidity. I look at my wife and say, "So, this is a lucid but it's not." I feel confused why I would say "it's not" but before I can reason this out, I see that my wife is now my double. I say, "Oh you're me!" My double just raises his eyebrows and makes a face like I am just joking around. He waves me on. I'm not buying whatever he's trying to say. I am really intrigued. It is almost like looking to a mirror but not. The feeling was so odd. I probe him some more and ask, "What are you thinking?" But before I can get any response I wake up.

      6:58AM NLD

      I have a FA but feel as if I was lucid before. I can't remember it, however. I get up an get in the shower. The odd thing is that instead of there being a shower in the bathroom, the bathroom is one big shower with gray stone for wall and floor tiles. I begin washing my hair in the water and notice that I have a full on arousal and I am abnormally huge. I try to ignore it but can't help to want to relive myself. I look around and see that I left the bathroom door open and worry that someone will see so I refrain. Then I wake up.

      I remember another dream where I am an animal. I cheat on my dachshund wife and have babies with some other species of animal. One of the babies looks like a raccoon.

      8:08AM NLD

      Me, Wade, and Quinn, (The characters from Sliders) are half buried by some people. Our heads are exposed but they planted sweet peas on us. We were to be the fertilizer. Someone (I suspect it was the Professor and the Crying Man) get us out. We run away in the the cold winter night.

      There are some cardboard boxes that are made to fit each one of us. One is on a picnic table and Wade jumps in it and barrel rolls off, landing smoothly on a road. The road is covered in a thick layer of snow and ice. Wade and Quinn both sled away in cardboard boxes. The road is hilly and it turns into a fast roller coaster like ride.

      I check out of the story here and wander off into the woods alone armed with a crossbow. The other two vanish from memory. I hear a deep and mysterious voice say something like "The lonely hunter wanders off alone because that's what the lonely hunter does."

      The scene switches back to Wade and Quinn. They come to a huge barbed wire fence with signs posted all over a gate. One part looks hand written with cardboard and marker. It says something like:

      NO Ghostly Apparitions.
      NO Werewolves
      NO Mosters

      But I took it to mean that these things are inside there.

      The more official sign read:

      This state is comprised of
      80 people


      I hear cars passing and Quinn points to another road. There is a normal "road closed" barrier but cars seems to me passing right through it like ghosts. Quinn says, "There is another road right there!" I feel like a part of the story again and I really feel like we need to enter the barbed wire area but I am also afraid of the bad guys catching up to us and think the other way will be quicker. I feel really indecisive. I wake up.

      I try to reenter the same dream via DEILD. I see the sign with blue lettering clearly. This time is says there are 85 people. I focus on that but my son wakes me up again.

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    14. Angel Falls TOTY

      by , 02-24-2013 at 02:23 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      WBTB @ 3:30AM 30min looking at Angel Falls picture.
      MILD - Imagained a OBE like dream since I was well aware of myself in bed
      Son yelled out and disturbed me briefly but he went back to sleep.
      I rolled from back to right side and switched to WILD
      WILD - Visualized a simple repetitive hand motion. This time it was arm flapping.

      Angel Falls TOTY 4:56AM

      I can't remember the first part of this but I don't think I missed much. Or maybe this is simply how the dream started.I am standing in my front yard just off the poarch. The dream feels dark and unstable. I have a hard time seeing. I get the weird eye opening thing again and I think I see the bedroom. I calmly close them and focus on seeing on the back of my eyelids. This seems to help. I can see the yard but it is really dark and unstable still. I hear a noise and I begin to listen. It is the fan in my room. This is no good. I remember a funny post of DarkMatters where he is basically telling someone to make out with the dream to stabilize. I laugh a little and throw myself face first on the ground.

      I start licking the sidewalk that leads from the street. I can feel the rough texture on my tongue. I am a little grossed out at how real it feels but I take this as a good thing. I go for more and I reach both hands out to feel the grass on both sides of the concrete. I grope and rub and feel and really make love to the dream. All of this helps a lot and I didn't even have to buy diner first.

      I get on my hands and knees and crawl around some. I see a small tree that is about 4 to 5 inches thick. For some reason I think "beaver" and I bite into the tree. It is soft but crisp like a peach. I note the taste but it is bland. I break the tree off and carry a chunk with me while I walk around the neighborhood. I continue to bite and chew as I do so. The sensation really helps stabilize the dream. I notice how I never seem to have to swallow. The tree just melts away in my mouth to nothing.

      I walk north a ways but feel bored. I think trying to travel at this point would really risk destabilizing the dream. Angle Falls will have to wait. I head back toward my house. I think maybe I will break into my neighbors house and see what I find. I begin to look for it but all the houses start morphing and changing into larger newer homes until I am not in my neighborhood anymore. I stop and stop a house that looks interesting to burglarize. I stare at the rooftop and I am about to make a leap but the dream gets wavy so I wait for it. Then, for some reason, I feel compelled to turn around. It was like could sense someone was starting at me.

      I see an old 70's model Ford truck parked in the street and a familiar looking young man in the driver seat. He is just looking at me expectantly. When I approach the vehicle he wordless moves over to the passenger side. I am surprised, "Oh you're going to let me drive?" I hop in.

      like this but tan color

      I tightly grip the steering wheel with both hands and floor it. I hear the tires break loose. I smile with excitement. The man next to me protests and says something about slowing down but I ignore him. I punch the gas harder. We make several turns and end up on a highway. I begin talking to him. I say, "You know what man? This is a dream. Do you know that? You're not even real to me right now."

      He looks really nervous and mutters, "Yeah, I guess so."

      I look him over again and realize that he looks just like LinkZelda. "Hey you're LinkZelda aren't you?" (I think, say yes)

      He's holding on to the o'shit handle. "Um I don't know."

      I am insistent that he remembers, "Yeah man. You get on dream views. We've talked a few times. Hey you know what? What if we are having a shared dream and you just aren't lucid yet? How cool would that be? Here's what I want you to do. When you wake up try to remember as much as you can about this ok? I mean you never know, right?" I start laughing like a lunatic and slap him on the knee. He seems totally put off. I just can't help myself I feel so energetic and happy.

      I look away at the road. I continue to stabilize visually. I don't look at him this time when I talk. I feel like I can't contain myself. I yell, "HOLY SHIT! I EFFING LOVE THIS. WE ARE TOTALLY DREAMING RIGHT NOW! WHOOOOOHOOOOOO! I am a little afraid that my loud yelling will somehow wake me up so I stop myself.

      I look back at him to see his reaction. The passenger side is totally empty. "Dammit he's gone!" I laugh and shrug it off. I begin to think about getting to Angel Falls now. I look around and it has turned bright outside. I am on some road and I see that I am at the base of what looks like Angel Falls. I look up to see the top but there is a thick mist hiding it from view. I feel like its time to get risky now. I know from past experience that I will have a hard time getting through that fog. I really don't want to end up someplace else; or worse, waking up. "Ah screw it." I phase out of the cab of the truck and fly up.

      When I reach the fog I stop. It looks like a thick and opaque object. I push my head in but I am engulfed in white with nothing to visually ground myself to. I fear the dream will dissolve so I back out. Instead I throw myself to the rock face and begin to climb up. I focus visually and tactilely on the rocks. The climb is easy. I imagine comfortable hand holds as I go along and the dream obliges. After a while I decide I am nearly there. Just then, I see the top. I climb over the edge but when I stand up. It is dark again.

      I look around and I see a small flat screen TV floating just above eye level and a soda machine to the right of it. I hear some random woman giving a newscast but pay no attention to the words. Its just muffled muttering. The soda machine is an Orange Sunkist machine. It is brightly lit in the darkness. I have a feeling of being in a building. I felt like I had gone to "The Bridge" (A place in my town with fake rock climbing). No this wont do. I push the enclosed feeling away from my mind.

      I realize I am on a small platform. I lay down and peek over the side. All I can see is darkness at first but I focus and everything clears up. It still looks like night time but I can see that I am indeed on top of Angel Falls. I see the small white line of the river far below reflecting moonlight and water is gushing out the side of the cliff.

      I push forward and fall head first. I flip around so that I am on my back. I feel weightless and light. I look around and see the water falling with me to my right. It looks like it is frozen in time but I assume we are just falling at the same rate. I reach out to feel it but I only get a mild sensation on my hand. The I hear the sound of diving into water and as I suddenly slash into it. I look around. There is light but all I see is just slightly brown river water with nothing around me. I reflexively close my eyes.

      When I open then I am laying on my stomach. I can see river rocks and realize I am lying in a shallow side stream. I feel completely wet. I stand up and walk forward. I am now in some small building. Again I see the TV and the Sunkist machine to the right of it. This time there is wall behind them. I hear the same woman say, "...Here in Venezuela..." I listen closer now. "T is for Turkey." I laugh and move on.

      I look around and notice the building is mostly huge glass windows, like some sort of zoo or nature center. I can see lush jungle outside. There is water from the water fall creating rain outside. I can even hear it hitting the roof of the building. I see an enclosed glass area with what looks like some sort of tiger/panther hybrid cubs. I open the glass door and reach in to pet one. They all look content and sleepy. Suddenly one of then grows large and snaps at my hand. It lets out a feline growl. I laugh and say, "Ok. I'll leave."

      I feel pretty content that I completed a TOTY and am not sure what to do now. I begin to think how long this dream has lasted and how much happened. I begin to worry that I will forget. I think I should make myself wake up soon but I really don't want it to end. I wait a little longer.

      I step outside and see that I am in some sort of gravel parking area. There are a few cars but no people. I can see a thick wall of jungle surrounding the area. I feel triumphant and powerful and I get the sudden urge to become a werewolf. I stretch my skin and feel myself change. I can see my shadow on the ground in front of me and watch as I transform. I look at my hands and notice that I have hairy werewolf claws and fur. I let out a howl. It sounds a little weak and unconvincing. I try again. This time it is a long and clear WOOOOOOOOOOOOO! A part of me thinks I am making a noise in my sleep. Then I remember. I really should wake up. And this seems like a good way go out of the dream.

      With some great effort I manage to open my physical eyes and fully wake from the dream.

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    15. FA's Brief Lucids and one Hellacious DEILD chain

      by , 01-27-2013 at 04:51 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      pre-bed 9:00PM
      2000MG Fish oil - (some posts suggest better dreaming)
      100MG 5-HTP
      Bed 10:00PM
      WBTB alarm 2:30AM but I woke naturally at 2:19AM
      2ish MG Galantamine (poured half capsule out on a dish and just licked it off. )
      250MG Choline
      600MG GPC
      0.5MG Melatonin


      +1MG Melatonin at 3:00AM
      +2MG Melatonin at 3:30AM

      Dosed off a bit brief DILD that I can't now remember. It was a crap dream anyway.
      Short WILD with vivid Rainbow colored static and geometric shapes. I haven't tripped that hard since High School!

      Finally fell asleep
      I woke up about 5:30AM from a NON-lucid. Something about me and another man playing with our sons. We have Lord of the Rings action figures and bicycles. Aragorn against a goblin, orcs, some shrimp like creature, and Uruk-hai. The funny thing is the action figures were actually talking to each other.

      #125 FA's Brief Lucids and one Hellacious DEILD chain

      I don't know how long this entire dream segment was. I feel it was probably around 30min. Maybe longer. I am not sure. There are a few memory gaps in the beginning but this is the best I remember.

      Ex in-laws
      I am staying at my ex in-law's house. My ex wife does not exist. My current wife and my ex's brother brother is there. There was some long dialog. Something about his birthday party. I sit and listen to the convo. I go into deep thought like I usually do. I feel dislike for this guy (I never liked him IRL). I think about why I am even here. I remember that I dream this a lot.

      I remember some SP but my focus was low

      Downtown event
      I have a FA. My wife and I are leaving the ex in-law's house. First we were driving now we are walking. My wife tells me that her "brother" R is going to give an anniversary surprise during his birthday party. I feel disgusted and want no part of it but say nothing.

      It is really early in the morning and still dark. It looks like we are downtown Webb City. There are a few curbside bistros open and large groups of people are flocking to them. Most of them are nicely dressed in evening dresses and suits. As we are walking through I comment on this to my wife but decide there must be some event going on and these are famous places to eat. Anthony Bourdain comes to mind.

      I sit in a folding chair next to some woman in a black evening dress. I look around and notice my wife went into a building. I just *know* that she had to use the restroom. This woman looks familiar to me but I don't know her. I felt an indescribably strong connection to her. Like a close friend or a family member. She is older with shoulder length gray hair. She is well kept and beautiful for her age. I get the feeling that she is ultra rich and well known. In spite of that, she is super friendly and down to earth. We have a really long conversation. I forgot almost all of it. I can only remember telling her that I was really confused. I told her that I had a brief lucid dream and I just woke up. I told her I wasn't sure what was going on. I felt really sleepy still. I don't remember her reply if any.

      I start missing my wife and look behind me. I see a bunch of folding chairs set out full of people and a woman at a podium. My wife is taking a seat in the middle. The woman at the podium says something about a church service. I feel annoyed. I just woke up. I am tired and I am in no mood to sit through some church service in the middle of the street. I march over to my wife. I sit beside my wife, put a hard hand on her shoulder and ruffly whisper in her ear, "What is this bullshit!?" The woman turns to look at me. It is some blond woman. She looks shocked an a little scared. I feel extremely embarrassed. "OH! Um sorry. I thought you were..."

      I run off to find my wife. The shock of this triggers lucidity. I remember that I took G and was trying to get lucid.

      I am in bed with vibrations.

      Memory gap

      I have another brief FA to lucid here but I can't remember enough to record anything.

      Blanket Attack

      I am back in bed with vibrations. This time I feel like a retard. I very quickly remember the dreams and how I was so close. Now I am more focused and determined.

      I transition out of bed but I am unstable. The blanket suck to my head and I can't see any more. I try to fight it but my hands can't feel anything. I give up and turn to leave blind. I am thrown back into SP.


      The Colosseum - Another failed attempt at TOTY

      I transition out again. This time it is better. But I am blind. I feel my way out of the bedroom. I try opening my eyes for a bit but I realize that I keep opening my real eyes. I see the dream and see the waking world. Finally I stop and focus seeing through my eye lids. Now I can dimly see. This time instead of heading to the front door I wonder what the back door will be like. My vision improves once I reach the back door and have a hand on the door knob. I try to visualize a Colosseum. I think of the line I used last time. I open the door but I see a moon lit back yard. I close the door and try again. Still the same. Not wanting to push my luck and wake up I walk out side. At this point part of me wonders If I am sleep walking. As a RC I try to float. I see me feet lift off the upper level of the back deck. Yep it's a dream. Now, I uncontrollably float over the rest of the deck and do a nose dive into the ground. I flip and roll end over end. Undaunted, I get up and brush myself off. (Brush myself off? lol) It is still really dark so I look up and ask the dream, "I need some light here" Oops I forgot to be polite. "Please." Nothing happens. "Can I please have some light?" I look around sort of wildly. I see a full moon and some stars. I try to focus on the moon but it is like looking through unfocused binoculars. It is really unstable and blurry. I look to the east and see the sun is just beginning to light up the sky.

      Encouraged, I decide to fly to Rome. I "feel" like Rome is to the east. My flying stinks but I remember a trick I learned from Robert W.'s book. I see the closest tall tree and focus on the tip. I go into warp speed. I see the small focused point of the tree but my peripheral vision is a blurry mess. I sort of lose vision for a sec but feel the tree branches smack into me. I blindly grasp and feel something small thorny branches. There is a dull pain but I don't dare let go. I see another tree in the distance. I repeat the exact same thing.

      Will.i.am is now 18!-tree.jpgWill.i.am is now 18!-mountain-warp.jpg

      I look farther out. I see a tree covered mountain range. The sun is rising behind it. The mountains look really far away. They are small and on the horizon. I pick a spot with trees and focus. I fly/teleport. Again, I grasp branches and hold on. I lose vision briefly again. I think that this has to be far enough.I let go and drop to the ground. I land hard.

      I pick myself up off the ground and notice the sky is dark again. I try to imagine the Colosseum again. A huge spot light comes on be. I begin to hear a roaring crowd chanting something. I think, This is it! I pretend I have a sword sheathed on my left side. With my right arm I make a drawing motion. I can hear it come out but I feel nothing. All I can see is my shadow on the ground in front of me. I am a bulky muscular man with a Gladius in my right hand. I am in a fighting stance and ready for battle. At that moment the dream collapses.


      DEILD back into bed. This time I give the SP a little more time. I focus on the feeling and relax. I just wait and watch like I do when I have HI.

      I begin to see a bright blue blob of color. I focus on it. It looks like some sort of animation on a computer screne. I sit up and reach for it. It becomes a tablet in my left hand. I continue to watch the strange blob. I ask the the dream, "What is this?"
      I hear a reply in my mind, "EVIL..... THIS HOUSE IS HAUNTED."
      I become afraid. I shout. "YOU FAGGOT! SHUT-UP! NO IT'S NOT!" (faggot? really? Sorry folks, I never use that word IRL) Then I realize that I pretty much just called myself a faggot. I think about stupid it was. The dream collapses.

      The Creep In The Mirror

      I DEILD again and remain calm. I sit in SP again. I am beginning to realize that if I give SP some time and not rush things I will be able to see better. After some time I can see the room. I get out of bed. This time I try to focus on using the bathroom door to teleport to the Colosseum. It is the closest door. I remember the non-lucid awhile back that when I opened the door it led to a park outside. I try to visualize the outline of wall again. I open the door. Nope. Normal bathroom. I try again and the room is a black void. I feel encouraged and walk in. I imagine a Gladius in my hand and try my WILD tech in dream. I make a repetitive chopping action with the sword and wait for the Colosseum to form.

      Suddenly the lights come on. I am just in my bathroom. I can see the sun coming from the window. The light is bright and warm like noon in the summer. I decide to just play around now.

      I go to the sink and look in the mirror. I notice the medicine cabinet is all wrong. It has a sliding glass door rather than a hinged one. I look really creepy and distorted. My body is all jittery and wavy like I an underwater. I focus on my face. My eyes look bloodshot. My goatee is gone and I look like I am 16 again. I gasp and let out a laugh. When I do that there is this strange zooming focus effect in the mirror with the background behind me. I am taken aback. I focus again on my face. I am making crazy faces at myself. I am still wavy and jittery. My reflection give me a half smirk. It looks like someone is photo editing my mouth in real time with a smudge tool. I realize I am not smiling. Then I notice that I have a black, smoky aura around me. I gasp and again the strange zooming effect. It was almost like reality bent and flexed around me. I focus on my face once more and it looks sort of normal. I feel really creeped out and decide to move on.

      I think about going outside so I look out the window. I pull back the blinds but find that I can't see past the screen. Its just really bright light coming in. I decide to head to the front door.

      I walk through into my son's room. And become distracted. I see him asleep in the crib. I lean over him and say "BOOOO!" He makes a face and puts his hands to his mouth. He looks like he is about to cry. I feel really bad that I scared him. I try to comfort him and kiss is forehead. Then I wonder if I am really astral projecting and worry that I am waking him up. Then I get an idea.

      I rush back into my bed room to try and see myself. I go back through the bathroom. There is breif darkness. Then I an standing next to my bed in the dark. My wife wakes up and half-way sits up. I see my body lying in bed in my right side with my legs slightly bent. I notice that MY HEAD IS MISSING. I jump in the bed next to me. It feels like a plastic dummy. It has a shirt and shorts on. I reach into the neck of the shirt but it feels like smooth skin. I remember the headless boy dream the scene destabilizes.

      Concentration is Lost

      I begin to DEILD again. I feel the vibrations buzzing my body. This time I become distracted. I realize that have had a long dream. I feel like I am going to forget is all. I try to think back while keeping the SP going but this much thinking fully wakes me up.

      The time is exactly 7:00AM. I feel a little confused because the room is so dark still. I swear to myself that I am still dreaming but after several clock RCs and awareness checks I quickly realize I am not. It is just cloudy outside.

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