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    Inner World حلم Gamma Waves

    Elementary School DILD

    by , 05-17-2014 at 11:05 PM (398 Views)
    It started with me walking in my elementary school door. I open the double doors and walk forward turning my head to see the cafeteria on the right side it look exactly the same as I remember it. I saw a few teachers eating as I walk more in the hallway and walk pass this boy who was about to enter the cafeteria, I assume he was happy because he has a smile on his face. As I walk more I began to realize that I was taller than I was in waking life then I just thought I'm always in depth with my dreams so I realize I was dreaming, once I said I'm dreaming I saw the whole place vibrate very quickly. I walk to another hallway knowing this will lead me out of school. As I walk I thought to myself this feels normal no spontaneous feelings or surprises, everything felt calm. I made it at the end of the 2 double doors and went outside, it was night as I run around the city lights looking at the sky. I became bored of this and wanted to leave elementary school again. I enter back in it running faster than usual and went through the school as I run on the road I began thinking about how I know my physical body is asleep. I then saw a huge green sign up on the road naming the streets which made me notice a large hill. I wanted this to be my final action in the dream so I ran as fast as I could to it and went up the hill and jump as I see all the cars and other roads below me. I make an attempt to fly however as I feel the air coming on my feet it was not enough. I went down feeling the wind pass through me rapidly as I get closer to the roads and cars. That's when everything went black and all I could hear is two voices that sounded like me they were both screaming at the same time. I felt like I was being spun around in a vaccum. That's when I woke up in my Father room and my father told me he was sorry for waking me up. I could still hear the faint sound of my two voices I felt dizzy and place my head back down. Then I saw my brother came inside the room as I turn around he tap me to get up so I did as he show me his new game stop card. He made me get a better look at it as I hold the card and thought it was nice. Then he show me his new game which made me question him because I already knew he had this game. That's when I truly woke up. Lucidity Time : 5 mins

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