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    Living Room to Father Room DILD

    by , 07-21-2014 at 03:40 PM (342 Views)
    Dream started in the living room where my Mother explain to me that Father and her would be in my Brothers play. My Mother and Father showed me the camera in the house and inside the garage however when I was in the garage I couldn't find any. I then went out in the living room and realize my Father was dying when he left America, I tried to hurry to prevent it however I was too late, I look at my brother who could've prevented it but instead he allow it. I grab a plant seed that's suppose to represent my Father now , I ask Mother for a bag to bury him in. She drops one bag down from upstairs as I catch it and went back in to Fathers room. As I seat there thinking what am I going to do, the door opens with Mother asking for me as I approach the door I see my Brother seems angry and was claiming I took his pink pencil so he couldn't draw and that he couldn't find it. I didn't know what he was talking about but then I look down and saw a pink pencil and realize this must be what he was looking for. I gave him his pink pencil but he was still mad and assume I took it so he tries to attack as I dodge his first hook, then he tackles me so I ended up kicking him in the face but very fast he grabs me with his arm and lifts me up and starts choking me. I was shock how incredibly strong he was and that's when I started thinking no way this can't be real , no one is this strong as if it were arms of steel. That's when I became lucid and realize I was dreaming I kick my brother which knock him back and I continue to remain up in the air , my Brother spiral in to nothing and my Mother disappear as well. I then tried to go through the walls but kept getting push back as I chose not to focus. That's when the lights went off and soon I couldn't see anything. I lost lucidity when another dream began to start. Lucidity Time 58 Seconds.

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