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    Wandering Aimlessly DILD

    by , 09-02-2023 at 08:17 AM (116 Views)
    The dream transition from a treasure hunting mercenary scene to a scene where I ended up tangled inside what appears to be recycled trash. The sky was grey and cloudy but without rain. I was having to maintain my balance as I continue walking on top of these spiral like vents in order to make my way out of this trashy labyrinth. As I'm doing so I begin to realize that I am dreaming and ask myself why I ended up here.

    Once i made it with the help of my lucidity. I began to think of what I should do as I could see now that I was out in the streets seeing a few other people wandering aimlessly. I decided to do the same right before I clench my hands together tightly and rub them together. I stated I am lucid dreaming a few times to not forget while stabilizing the dream. The grey cloudy sky had now become dark as night with a few clouds still being as clearly visible as they were in the beginning of the dream.

    I began to walk alongside the other dream characters. One of them being a woman dressed in yellow with flowers printed from side to side. She had spark a conversation between us and asked how I was and where I was going. I told her it is nice to meet her while we shake hands. When I looked into her eyes it was odd in a way where she seemed to have frozen in time and became unresponsive for a brief moment.

    I told her I didn't know and was simply exploring the environment. Her friends then laughed and the scene began to change again to a new place that seemed similar to a classroom hallway in school. When this happened I made sure to clench my hands together and rub them again to reinforce the thoughts that I am dreaming currently. I overheard a few people talking and followed the voices.

    It led me to a door and one student told me to open it. So I did then only to lose lucidity.

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    Tags: school, wanderer