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      Hello everybody, I'm jarjar and I very recently found out about lucid dreaming, so I looked at all the guides I could find and I have been trying the WILD technique for about four days now and I have been able to remember two dreams from those four days but I haven't had an LD yet which isn't that surprising to me, I've also been making sure I keep a DJ. But for some reason every time I try to go to bed at 11:00 and try to set an alarm for 4:30 I end waking up for no apparent reason at 2:00 or 3:00 Why does that happen?

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      Hi jarjar!

      I'll be happy to answer your question here, but it sounds like you decided to try WILDs and we here at DILD workshop know more about DILDs. (There is a WILD class in DVA also). It's ok if you try both at the same time

      It's normal to wake up many times during the night. One of the reasons is, that we wake up after each REM (dream) cycle is over. (Each cycle is about 90 min long, so you can expect to wake up every 90 min). We usually don't notice it, just turn to the other side and we go back to sleep. But if you wake up by yourself, you can take advantage of it and write your dreams to DJ while fresh in your memory, or try to WILD.

      It's usually best to WILD after at least 4.5 hours of sleep, but it's possible to have success after less sleep, although your dreams will be shorter. So you can either try to WILD or have a drink of water and wake up later for an attempt.

      If you decide to try DILDs also, please post your questions and progress here and we'll be happy to help

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      Welcome welcome, as gab said it is very good that you wake up earlier than the alarm, waking up naturally can help to get a DEILD, a WILD and to make more natural WBTBs, which also increase chances of lucidity within a dream greatly. Good luck!
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