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    Thread: JoshMcNaughts WorkBook

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      Found it difficult to get to sleep.i am at what seems like away from my home town. I am this unknown location. With some people I don’t know, it was rather packed in an corner that is is very small. I’m approached by these two girls and they ask me what I do, I hesitated for a moment and said “I do nothing”. They looked at me rather weirdly. I then said to them im no longer in college but looking for work. I then see a person who I don’t like or hate and he is shouting to let everyone out, it seems like a public toilet and everyone is just squeezes out. There was so many people coming out that more people where being squashed. So I’m standing in the corner with this guy now and he has some weird stick, and presses it against both sides of my neck, it hurts but at the same time it doesn’t, it felt like a pinching sensation. I’m unsure what it done to me. I felt high for a bit but I didn’t smoke any weed so it must of been whatever he done to me. He had weed but didn’t want to smoke any.

      I remembering being with my old pal Steven and we where in my old street where my father lived and Stevens father came running down the street shouting something at me while throwing fake money notes at me. I recalled saying back to him that someone already done that to me but I was unsure who.

      I’m in the local city center right now and it’s chaos. I have one of my old pals asking me to do something but I can’t remember exactly what, he keeps asking but I keep refusing. He then asks if I will do it for money, I say to him I won’t be bribed but he keeps saying if you need money just let me know. So we jump into the truck. This truck was very cool. It has the 2 seats in the front, it has 6 seats in the back and there was 2 seats on the outside so you can enjoy some air while travelling. It was rather cool. Next thing I know I’m doing some weird dance moves with some random people, everyone is jumping on the car up and down up and down and there is a sudden sense of police are coming so we make a dash for it. Now this is where things are interesting, I get into the back of the car, and the dream character sits on the outside seat of the car, I ask him the question “why aren’t you getting in the car?” He answered “because there are seats on the outside of the car”. This could of been a moment of lucidity, but sadly not, what he said made sense so everything went on as normal.

      It’s time to head home now. We’re on the bus, I had the feeling that I was suppose to meet up with my best pal Ben to go to his, but he’s not on it yet, we eventually arrive at the bus stop and see Ben talking on his phone, someone else gets on who I’m unfamiliar with and I was wondering why Ben didn’t get on as I was sure I was suppose to be going to his. I get off my bus stop and I wondered to myself why did i feel the need to go to Ben’s? I couldn’t come up with an answer. I then wondered if their was a bus to take me straight to my home, but sadly there wasn’t. I had to walk. I remember that I was living with my carer in this dream and was unsure if she knew I was away but then I remembered that I spoke to my support worker about going away so everything was fine.

      I’m walking down a familiar road. I’m wearing yellow shorts and sandles on and I feel ashamed. I’m buy the park and I now have a BMX bike. I tried to make my way through the park but I’m getting stuck, there are bees everywhere, I get stuck on spider web, hoping that there isn’t a spider on it and I come eye to eye with a bee.( that’s literally how close it was to my eye). The scene changed and I’m nearly home now so let me explain something. Yesterday I kept checking my phone because my WiFi kept on going off, checked how much data i had left so this is what I did in my dream, I was expecting to have lots of data left but when I looked it said I had +2 data left. I automatically assumed that that meant 2 hours left and then I wake up..

      This was the first dream of the night.
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      This quite good recall for the first dream of the night. Keep it up!

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