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    Thread: Experience with strange foods!

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      Experience with strange foods!

      I have dreams where I eat strange unusual foods from time to time. Not so much in lucids as I avoid foods that seem strange. Anyway, recently in a dream I had this chocolate roll cake made out of clothing fabrics. In the dream I'm trying it out because I'm told it's healthy. I felt sickly after eating it and the effects carried through waking most of the day too. What are some of your weird food experiences? did it have any effects on you? did the effects carry on to the waking? ^^
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      I remember one dream where I was stuck in some mideastern desert; I had to eat some dead goat/camel straight from the body. I pulled the meat out of it and it tasted pretty much like smoked beef, if slightly different in both texture and taste. The taste stayed in my mouth for the rest of the day actually.
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