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    Thread: How Do You Benefit from LD's In Your Waking Life?

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      How Do You Benefit from LD's In Your Waking Life?

      Hey Guys

      I was just wondering if anyone wanted to share about how their Lucid Dreaming has impacted their waking life in a positive way.

      For one, I'm really curious about how useful it really is- there's no doubt Lucid Dreaming is a stimulating, often pleasurable experience, but how do we utilize the ability to Lucid Dream?

      I'm also asking this because I'm going to be using this information for a school project I'm doing about lucid dreaming. So, if you do not want your response in my project, please let me know, so I can make the appropriate changes to what I submit.


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      With my ability to lucid dream, I can potentially vividly experience anything I can't in real life. This gives me more of a peace of mind in my waking life than I otherwise would not have if I wasn't able to lucid dream. For example, if I had a desire to make out with a girl when I know no girl wants to make out with me in waking life, I can simply summon one in a lucid dream and satisfy that desire.
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      Peace Of Mind

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      Really think you've over done it on the dancing muffins there, NinjaBtch.. Lol.

      Back on topic, I think lucid dreaming is extremely beneficial. In ways we haven't even explored yet as well. Like Dolphin said, It's very easy to use lucid dreaming to satisfy desires seemingly effortlessly. Which is great in itself. Though there are many other things as well. One that I have took a particular interest in lately, with Exams and all, Is elongating time in a dream to review/study a subject. You can easily get that extra day or 2 of studying in, when really its only taking 15 mins! That's merely scratching the surface, though.
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      Once I got past the selfish desire phase, I went on to learn things about myself (greatest fears, aspirations etc.), in an attempt to use the knowledge in waking life and better myself. I will say that lucid dreams have given me a greater appreciation of both dreaming and waking life and I'm a much calmer and nicer person for it. (I hope....)
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      There have been several studies now being done on LD as a means to heighten performance in sports.
      I am a passionate darts-player - taking part in a dartsforum - so here from a post there, with which I wanted - and managed - to generate interest - there are links in it, which might interest you - and the study up front could be a good scientific intro to the topic for your project.
      Did I say already, that I find it great, your plan?
      Great project idea!!

      Hi guys and gals - I have a "new hobby" - rather I have rediscovered the ability to lucid dream.

      I have no idea how many of you have heard the term before - a lucid dream is a dream, in which you become aware of the fact that you are dreaming at that very moment.
      Once you are aware of that - you can manipulate your dream in complete freedom - like a movie director.
      Fly, visit Jupiter, beat up your nasty boss, transform into an Arctic wolf - have sex with your favourite walk-on girl - you name it.
      Aand - play and practise darts.
      Many many darts-players play darts in their dreams anyway - there is this dartaholics anonymous thread where loads of people say so on here already.

      Lucid dreaming is more and more prominent in science - esp. psychiatry and psychology.
      It is definitively no bogus - a lucid dreamer can communicate to the scientist, that she is lucid by doing certain previously agreed on eye-signals - the only thing moving for real in a dream being the eyes.
      At the same time - certain special brain-wave patterns can be observed - and most exciting maybe - certain brain areas light up on functional MRI.

      For the sceptics - here the cutting edge of neuroscientific ongoings - I copied over lots of text, because it explains it quite nicely: Lucid Dreamers Help Scientists Locate the Seat of Meta-Consciousness in the Brain

      July 27, 2012 Studies of lucid dreamers show which centers of the brain become active when we become aware of ourselves in dreams.
      Which areas of the brain help us to perceive our world in a self-reflective manner is difficult to measure.

      During wakefulness, we are always conscious of ourselves. In sleep, however, we are not. But there are people, known as lucid dreamers, who can become aware of dreaming during sleep. Studies employing magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) have now been able to demonstrate that a specific cortical network consisting of the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, the frontopolar regions and the precuneus is activated when this lucid consciousness is attained. All of these regions are associated with self-reflective functions. This research into lucid dreaming gives the authors of the latest study insight into the neural basis of human consciousness.
      The human capacity of self-perception, self-reflection and consciousness development are among the unsolved mysteries of neuroscience. Despite modern imaging techniques, it is still impossible to fully visualize what goes on in the brain when people move to consciousness from an unconscious state. ...

      Those so-called lucid dreamers have access to their memories during lucid dreaming, can perform actions and are aware of themselves although remaining unmistakably in a dream state and not waking up.

      As author Martin Dresler explains, In a normal dream, we have a very basal consciousness, we experience perceptions and emotions but we are not aware that we are only dreaming. Its only in a lucid dream that the dreamer gets a meta-insight into his or her state.
      By comparing the activity of the brain during one of these lucid periods with the activity measured immediately before in a normal dream, the scientists were able to identify the characteristic brain activities of lucid awareness.

      The general basic activity of the brain is similar in a normal dream and in a lucid dream, says Michael Czisch, head of a research group at the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry. In a lucid state, however, the activity in certain areas of the cerebral cortex increases markedly within seconds. The involved areas of the cerebral cortex are the right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, to which commonly the function of self-assessment is attributed, and the frontopolar regions, which are responsible for evaluating our own thoughts and feelings. The precuneus is also especially active, a part of the brain that has long been linked with self-perception. The findings confirm earlier studies and have made the neural networks of a conscious mental state visible for the first time.
      Okay - so - what has that got to do with darts?
      A lot!

      It is nothing new, that many athletes do visualization practices and use sports-psychology in many ways - but lucid dreaming (LD) has scientifically been proven to have a real impact - bigger than imagination and other methods.
      And funnily - there are at least two studies, done on people throwing things:

      Lucid Dreaming - Neural Virtual Reality As A Mechanism For Performance Enhancement
      The following is a quote from a sports-psychology blog - referring to the above paper:
      A 2010 study by Daniel Erlacher and Michael Schredl at the University of Heidelberg and the Central Institute of Mental Health looked at the results after practicing a simple task in a lucid dream state.

      Forty participants were recruited and asked to throw a 10 cent coin into a cup 2 meters away. This included a control group which did not have any practice or any lucid dream induced state, a physical practice group, a no dream practice group and a lucid dream group. Participants were asked to practice the technique the night before and the night after to measure the success of performance.

      The results of the experiment conclude that the lucid dream group showed a significant increase in performance by nearly 2 fold as opposed to the groups who did not. The physical practice group also showed an increase but was not significantly better than the lucid dream group. These results relate directly to already practiced and documented research of sport psychology techniques of mental skills training and imagery which have shown to be effective in performance enhancement.
      A very small study - they need follow up and more participants - but its not the only one - there is a Mexican one with throwing coins as well - cant get at the original now - anyway - the above should give everyone reading thus far pause!

      Even if it sounds alien to you - it takes some patience and determination - but everybody who wants to can learn it!

      As said - I rediscovered it - I had come across it, when I was much younger in these infamous Castaneda books - despite all the sorcery mumbo-jumbo - he gives quite a good method to reach a LD.
      Loaded with superstitions, though - and me having an overwhelming success on the basis of such books - I turned away being mightily afraid - it is weird to stand somewhere with all your senses intact in another world - while knowing you lie asleep in your bed at the same time.
      It is not dangerous of course - and shame that I gave up on it back then.
      Many people project a hell of a silly esoteric world-view onto it and believe in stuff like shared dreaming - just ignore these.

      Including only short lucid moments with waking up or "forgetting myself" and dreaming on normally - I count 13 episodes over the last ten weeks or so.

      I wasnt yet able to use it to practise darts - mainly because I only make my first lucid steps at the moment - but believe me - it is absolutely incredible and soo worth it - darts or no darts!!
      Imagine you have your own completely perfect virtual reality in your head - it is something to learn and practise to really have 100 % control over everything - but I'm learning and progressing and have loads of fun!
      It is all very overwhelming - flying, exploring, summoning things or people - interacting with dream-characters - letting it snow and build and animate a snowman - and many more things were what I did by now.
      I take part in a forum with an "academy" - completely free - and there are certain tasks to accomplish and get a pair of wings on your avatar..:rolleyesodf:
      Typical me - even dreaming competitively..:biggrinb::cheekyb:

      Anyway - darts-practice is on the menu for sure and hopefully Ill do so soon!
      And if I really do - maybe I get even better in an observable way!
      Will report.

      Soo - maybe somebody does it already on here?
      LDing alone - or maybe even lucid darting?

      Here a bit more of the sports-stuff:

      Application Of Lucid Dreaming In Sports
      Lucid Dreaming and Athletics: The Dreamer's Advantage

      LD is used by various sportsmen and women - there are examples from baseball over martial arts to skiing..

      People report, they are able to experience their activities in slow motion - so they really become aware of every single component of their actions - they can optimize timing, rhythm - every component like it is never possible in real life.
      Also - the brain being free like it is - supposedly tends towards optimizing the "gestalt" of an action.
      Something very interesting too - you can watch yourself in an LD in the third person perspective - it takes some practice - but many people report, they are able to do it easily. What you also can do is simulate your favourite pro and have him or her teach you - nothing completely new - but if you saw them perform - you got an inner picture to use for this.

      Oh yeah - and - very first step: Remember your dreams and write them down in a journal!
      I hope somebody is interested and could go on and on and on about it!!


      On a deeper level - I believe, one can tap into one's unconscious mind and - find out things about oneself, unravel unconscious blockages and understand one's problems - even probably change oneself to a degree - maybe work on changing habits.

      On a more superficial level - every time, I had an LD - I take over into that day a characteristic happiness - and indeed a feeling of peace of mind!

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      I am sure about illusion. I am not so sure about reality.

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      + I get to bed early
      + I get regular exercise and watch what I eat
      + I've got a smile on my face all day long after a good lucid.
      + I'm always looking forwards for the next dreaming opportunity
      + I have a serious long-term life goal now rather than just drifting along through life aimlessly
      + I am "lucid" during the day most of the time now rather than plodding along zombie-like.
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      FryingMan's Dream Recall Tips -- Awesome Links
      No amount of security is worth the suffering of a mediocre life chained to a routine that has killed your dreams.
      "...develop stability in awareness and your dreams will change in extraordinary ways" -- TYoDaS

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      -I go to bed on a more regular schedule

      -I get more B6 in my diet

      -It gives me a reason to meditate and keep aware of my actions and surroundings

      -It has provided me with artistic inspiration

      -I always awaken from LDs feeling refreshed and wide awake
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