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      What's the first thing you attempt to do?

      When I realize that I may be in a dream, the first thing I always do is try telekinesis. My old reality checks don't seem to work anymore. I always look at my hands and ask myself if I'm dreaming, and they always look normal to me. So it's gotten to a point where even if I pass that test, I attempt telekinesis. Telekinesis has pretty much become my RC.

      But AS SOON as that telekinesis works, I take flight.

      I had a lucid last night where I was being confronted, I questioned the situation I was in so I checked my hands. Hands told me I wasn't dreaming. Then I tried telekinesis. I always try to be inconspicuous with it because I may actually be in the real world and I don't want to look stupid. So I do the finger flick, but I do it close to my body so no one sees.

      Dude went flying so far back, I knew I was dreaming at that point. Then I immediately took the skies, so fun. I wish I could do this every night. I was very surprised I even stayed in the dream, I usually wake right up. I stayed in that thing seemingly all night.

      RC = Telekinesis
      First thing I do when I become lucid = Flight

      So what's the first thing you do when you become lucid?

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      Most of my lucids begin in my own room, so I try to find somewhere more interesting. Then, I have sex. Or fly.

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      Most of my lucids start with me just realizing that I'm dreaming. Usually the first thing I do once I become lucid is preform some form of dream stabilization, but sometimes I forget about that and go straight to completing my goals.

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      First thing I do is look around, then after I decide what I want to do next since I'm still in the area

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      Flyyyy >

      Lucid dreams make your dreams come true!!

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