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    Thread: Weird Lucid Dream Guide

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      Weird Lucid Dream Guide

      So I was in a nightmare of sorts.

      Build up to Lucid Dream:
      I was in a garage trying to run away from this evil semi truck that was trying to kill me. It was night time so it was hard to see.. I was with other people who were helping me destroy the monster.. So I see it turn around and try and ram the house. I hid but nothing happened. So I went outside and it was gone. I realized I was in a dream.

      Lucid Dream:
      (I am still fairly new to lucid dreams even though I have been having them on and off for about a year now.)
      I wanted to ask my dream guide how I could attain lucidity more often. But at the moment I thought that someone else came up and said that they were going to beat me to find my dream guide. So me and this other person race to a house that has a ton of people. I automatically knew my dream guides name. It was Sami, Sammy... said in that fashion not to sure about the spelling. So I spotted him out of the many people. I went up to him and asked... while at the same time the other person did too... I asked him how to achieve lucidity more often and he said " Stop being like other people".. What is that even suppose to mean?

      Am I suppose to find my own way of lucid dreaming? Or is there more too it than i'm seeing?
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      Your expirence sounds quite Awesome to be honest

      I'il try to write what i think your Dream Guide could've tried to tell you:

      Every single person is different. You shouldn't follow the straightly other people's ways to attain lucidity. One person can be good at WILD Technique at his first attempts other can even after five months struggle with WILDs and another person could just lucid dream by telling himself mantra few times before going to sleep.
      You know yourself the best, therefore you should be able to built your own ultimate lucid dreaming technique basing on two things:
      - Basic Method Fundamentals (Aka Tutorials, Guides, Tips etc.)
      - Your own experience & knowledge (You will earn it on every successful lucid dream induction)

      That's what i think this message could've meant
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      I would recommend inducing another lucid dream and asking exactly what that means. I've had that problem with my dream guide being unspecific the first couple of times.

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      Unespecific dream guides? I asked mine a few questions and he only asked me why didn't I have a moustache. Yep.
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      Dude, his answer is right.
      What you read as tutorials are nothing more than a description of what works for the one who wrote that tutorial. Are you the same person who wrote it? No? Then why are you trying to be like them?
      They are meant to be taken as not a step-by-step jail, but as a short-cut to finding your own way of becoming lucid. Work with these ideas, see what works best for you, change them to fit yourself better, etc etc.
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