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    Thread: What are your dream signs?

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      What are your dream signs?

      Because I think I've found mine. For the past few weeks, whenever I do a WILD or otherwise have a dream, usually one of the locations is in a subway station or on a train of some sort. What are yours?

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      My main ones are Main Street, the house I grew up in, places where I used to work, family and friends - especially ones I don't see anymore, and my former pets. Oh, and being in school again.

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      being on a highway, being at college not knowing my schedule I'm sure there are others, I have to work on dream recall and study my dreams

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      Dream signs that have been the most successful at making me lucid are:

      1. weird sky/stars
      2. deceased father in law
      3. dream only solutions (floating up over a crowd or obstruction)

      There are quite a few other dream "signs" that show up more frequently but are not very good at making me lucid.

      In case you are interested:

      If there is no awareness, even the best dream signs fail. But my 3 best dream signs above are quite effective at spiking my awareness even when it seems I had very little awareness before I came across one of those 3 dream signs.

      You could think of it like collecting crates that you can stack up to look over the wall to lucidity:

      (Very rough and maybe very personal estimates)
      Daywork ~1 to 2 crates
      Wake back to bed +SSILD or MILD ~2 crates
      Night work right before first going to sleep ~0.5 to 2 crates
      Powerful dream sign ~2 to 3 crates
      Galantamine+Choline ~3 crates
      Normal dream sign ~0.5 crates
      other things like diet, sleep pattern ~0.5 crates

      You might need 4 crates to be able to peer over the wall to lucidity.
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      My signs are:
      1. Lift. He is always strange. Goes without stopping.
      2. The bus. At the end of the trip, he rides in the air, and I fly.
      3. Train. Inside the train there can be a large room.
      4. Mirror. Strange reflection.
      5. Inscriptions I can not read.

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