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    Thread: Waking up in a lucid dream

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      Waking up in a lucid dream

      Anyone else upon becoming lucid you seem to be on a bed or couch or something and wake up within the dream? I've had a few lucids experiencing that and it might be a dreamsign for me...
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      Yes that happens to me, but not always. That's a false awakening. If this happens to you every time you'll benefit a lot from doing reality check every time you wake up regardless if you are dreaming or actually waking up.
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      False awakening is a non-lucid dream. It starts with you waking up and going about your daily routine. Without knowing that you are sleeping or dreaming. Then you wake up, either into another FA in which you may or may not think that you woke up for real this time, or you wake up for real. And only then you realize you had a dream.

      If you become lucid and you realize that you are in your bed, that's how many start at least some of our lucids. In the bed or a bedroom. If the bed/bedroom is identical to your waking life one, you may want to entertain the idea, that it's not a lucid dream, but maybe something else. Out of body experience in real time zone. The plane which is closest to this waking world and it's either identical or very close to it. Or perhaps something else entirely?

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      I have lost lucidity because of false awakenings. I am doing my lucid thing when I feel the dream colapse and can feel my body. I am awake, or I think I have awoken. Perhaps I get up and tell my wife about the dream, yet in truth I am asleep dreaming of having woken. If you RC with in the first minutes you can regain it, but it seems almost designed to draw you back into a non-lucid dream state.
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      I have dreams where I think I've woken up but it couldn't be because the room lights are on really bright or the colors are different. Sometimes I catch it and sometimes I don't.
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