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      I cannot fall back alseep after attempting MILD.

      My current roadblock to lucid dreaming is trying to fall back asleep. Due to my schedule(i have to wake up around 5 each morning to pray), I end up getting 3hrs 50 min of sleep and i have to wash my face with water. I stay up for 5 mins and then try MILD. After, it takes me so long to go back to sleep, like maybe an hour and my mind wanders like hell(I have anxiety and worry about a lot of things). I was wondering, how can I deal with this?

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      Well, as you said, the problem seems to be your anxiety. While this is something, that can't just be fixed entirely by some tips you found on the internet, there are some things you might try.
      First, there are countless relaxation techniques, that would probably help. Just do them while you fall asleep. If you focus on something else entirely, you might just forget about your anxiety. Also you should consider giving meditation a shot. It really helps a lot with stress and such.
      Second, I saw an interesting idea on Youtube once. It involved that you imagine some sort of box or a chest next to your bed. Before going to bed, you imagine putting all your worries in there and afterwards you lock the box. I personally never tried it and it might take a few tries, but maybe it helps.
      Also a problem, I know well myself, is that trying to fall asleep never works that well. So focusing on MILD attempts, while you're able to sleep in might be a good idea.
      That's all that came to my mind at the moment

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      Try not washing your face unless there is a reason you must. Keep the lights off, perhaps using a night light for you your prayers. When trying to fall asleep use a simple mantra inside your head. This can help prevent the mind from wandering. You could alternatively try counting your breaths and start over any time your mind wanders, or when you get to a set number like 20.
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      Thinking about what Sivason said, is there a chance you could use your prayers as part of the MILD? As something to focus on to relax and not think about whatever is making you anxious. I would agree about not washing your face unless it has to be done as part of your prayer ritual, since that might be making you feel more awake.

      Quote Originally Posted by kamenriderbaron View Post
      I stay up for 5 mins and then try MILD. After, it takes me so long to go back to sleep, like maybe an hour and my mind wanders like hell(I have anxiety and worry about a lot of things).
      I'm guessing that normally it doesn't take that long to fall asleep when you're actually getting into bed for the first time in the night?

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